Ways To SAVE MONEY On FOOD In 2022! Tips & Tricks!

In 2022 we say NO to spending all our money on Food. Here are a few tips on how to save money on food while still enjoying good, healthy nutritious food! #SaveMoney #SaveMoneyOnFood #MoneyTips #FoodBudget

GET MY NEW COOKBOOK : CELEBRATE! A Collection of Festive Meal Ideas !

Compliments of the Season (I feel only Nigerians use this greeting) I hope you are doing well…for real! Because there has been some kind of bug going around. A lot of folks around me are ill and I am even recovering from being ill (I lost my voice) and I feel bummed that this happened during my favourite time of the year and during vlogmas.


I love to meal prep on Friday because I want the weekend all to myself. Nothing annoys me more than spending my Saturday and sunday going to the market and sweating in the kitchen...my weekends are for ENJOYMENT and RELAXATION. 


If you’ve been rolling with me you know what TODAY (December 1st) is…

Its VLOGMAS!!!!!!!!!

Get The SISIYEMMIE Cookbook " A Time To Eat" at 1/2 Price !

It’s Black Friday all over and I must join in this parade!

My Cookbook : A Time To Eat is now 1/2 Price! If you’ve been stalling to get it, you have no excuse now! It is a Digital Cookbook and Downloads straight to your device :)

KIDS COOK FOR THE FIRST TIME! Favourite Pasta Recipe

Tito and Tiara cook their first meal! They always love this pasta in their lunch box so I decided to show them how I make it. We had so much fun filming this and we hope you enjoyed watching too! What did you do with your kids for their mid-term break?

5 THINGS I DO at the beginning of EVERY MONTH!

Happy New Month everyone! I'm excited to kick of the month of November by sharing 5 Things I Typically do at the Beginning of every month. Are you like me? I wish you all an amazing month!

My SMASHED YAM Recipe With Tilapia & Veg

Today 'm making Smashed Yam and Tilapia with stir fry Vegetables on the side. I will be using products the Tomato Puree, Curry Powder and Thyme from Sonia Foods. Enjoy!
#soniabringsyoutogether #cookwithsoniaTomatoMix

How to Cook Nigerian Fisherman Soup

This Fisherman soup is filled with lots of nutritious ingredients and it is a seafood delight. If you love #seafood then this is for you. It has Crabs, king prawns, giant snails, periwinkles, ngolo (whelks), barracuda fish...you will love it! #SisiYemmie #NigerianFood


Hello my loves! Another week, another exciting sisiyemmie vlog- all about my life as a wife, mom and content creator. If you are not subscribed, do so now as there's so much you are missing out on! Todays vlog is exciting because we have baby news, I visited IKEA in Lagos and we went for our first hospital check up :)

Going to England + August Visitors + New Cookware Unboxing πŸŽ‰ + Meal Inspo !

This vlog is filled with lots of delicious Meal Inspo's - basically what i feed my family and my special August Visitors. I got a fun activity for the kids and it was brilliant. Hope you are doing well? Mwaaaah!
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