Monday, July 21, 2014


My people I don reach the permanent site oh|: there was no traffic, no was a smooth ride. A lot of things didn't go as planned but it was perfect!!! For example Bobo called me Oluwasophie instead of Oluwayemisi when he was reading his vows...and everyone burst into laughter. He didn't even know he said that!...when I walked into the wedding reception come see ginger! It was so fabulous!!! I didn't want the party to end oh...gbo gbo ara l'on ro mi but thank God there is husband now: we go dey massage each other noni. LOL.

Guess where we are right now? Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai!!! OMG!!! I cannot begin to describe to you how amazing our honeymoon suite is! We were received from the airport in a phantom and flowers and everything has been magical!!! Kai...see life!!! I am so excited I'm hopping on one foot!!! God is a miracle worker-I know about that. See some photos
Bathroom of life!
Fab shower
Our Bedroom!!!
Bedroom still
We are so overjoyed and grateful to God...thank you all for being with us on this journey and helping make our dreams come true...I would love to share loads of photos with you but I don't have a lot right now, I found these ones online but check my instagram @sisi_yemmie and you'll see more. Also search the hashtag #SisiBobo #YemYom14 and you'll see short clips of us dancing...and more photos. I go give una full gist after. Let me go and enjoy my honeymoon: the twins won't drop from the sky.
My fab bridesmaids!
I love my decision to be a natural hair bride and I LOVE my dress by Mai Atafo!!!
Oya sekem!
Bobo and Sisi
My gawjus reception dress!!!
Mr and Mrs O!


The morning rush hour was bad, very bad. I have been in Lagos all my life and I have seen traffic gridlock but that misty July Wednesday morning was simply soul wrenching. Not to say being stuck in traffic wasn’t my fault, you know what they say about giving excuses; especially if you are a corporate staff of a time-conscious org and you happen to have an appointment with the boss at 9:00 am in the same morning.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


The ministry is moving oh... na permanent site we dey see so oh. Going...Going... Hope you enjoy the photo's below and don't forget to use the hashtags #YemYom14 #PermanentSite #SisiBobo #Surulere . We thank you for your good will messages so far: we really appreciate it and for every blessing you pronounce on us, you get it back in folds. Continue to pray for us! There will be a post tomorrow, make sure you come back here o check it out! I'll be on EbonyLifeTV tonight about 6:30 pm and there might be a repeat at 10:00pm [ELNow]. God bless you!