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 I was reading through STING'S blog and she wrote about this chic that decided to go natural whose boyfriend was not happy about it. I nor go lie. If I was a dude and my babe did one kind hair wey make am resemble wetin I nor know. I nor do again! Going 'natural' does not suit everyone. I will not even deceive myself to think it would fit me, that's a risk at this vain point in my life! Mba nu!  I'm too vain for that. Let's flip the coin shall we? Oya just imagine say your guy just come back one day with dada 'rasta' hair! Ras Kimono...ayaga yaga yaga yo!!! If na me, I go run leave am. For what na? Shooo! 

Another issue is weight; Body Magic is not popular for nothing. Many guys just dey hala "Nigerian girls are too lazy", "always blow up especially after marriage", "they always let it go".  It's not like all these men that are complaining have arranged their 6 packs oh...all they have sef is one huge akpu pack! So Johnbull started dating this chic when she was 22 and still okpelenge lepa shandy, fastforward 5 years later after many akpu meals, suya joints and many gbugudu gbugudu romps in the bedroom + contraceptives she goes from size 8 to 14...add the fact say she be 'after 1'. Guy don dey vex. Kilode?

RIP Amy Winehouse, dead at 27.

Amy Winehouse has been found dead at her london apartment. She was only 27.  Its not up to an hour since the news broke and I discovered that some of her relatives are on my BB contacts list and are already forwarding broadcast messages to me. Trust BB users na, dem wan kill my battery with broadcast!

In an interview in 2008, her mom said she would be unsurprised if her daughter died before her time. She said "Ive already come to terms with her dead. I've steeled myself to ask her what time she wants to be buried in, what cemetry. Because drugs will get her if she stays on this road"
Well, RIP Amy.
I liked her music and I'm going to celebrate her time on earth by sharing my favourites with you guys:






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Fly almost enter my mouth when I see this this picture! Ewooooo! (Claps hands) So amother can flabberscatterbuster her own child like this?? The pikin be like wetin tractor jam! What manner of attrocity could this smallie have committed to earn this? In reaction to this story, people are asking boya it is right for parents to discipline (flog) their kids. Please note, this woman's case is different. This was clearly not discipline but witchcraft. I do not think a normal mom would do this. 

Don't get it twisted, children should be disciplined but not abused. I wouldn't say that a majority of us were flogged, I can only speak for my self. Me I was flogged! And it was good for me. The fear of koboko was the beginning of wisdom for me. Children need discipline sha, a little smack on the bumbum will not kill them, even a knuckle sandwich might actually do them good.  Parents also know how to give THE LOOK of which say THE LOOK only works when the child knows the Koboko waiting at home.
In fact, let me share with you guys the punishments i'm very familiar with.


I need to express my immense gratitude to everyone that nominated me and everyone that voted and also campaigned for me at the recently concluded Nigerian Blog Award. Una do well! Most Unique Voice and Best Foreign Based is not a small something oh! Y'all are making me feel like a celebrity :D. 

Na now I know say politics nor easy! To campaign for even local government chairman position nor easy. Shooooo! So this is what politicians go through? hmmm. I need to congratulate the other winners too. Everyone is a winner. Keep blogging! I have not been blogging since I moved to a new apartment, no internet, but now i'm good! This is the 4th apartment i'm moving to with 2 years, I need to build my own house be dat!

Please don't forget to LIKE the GISTDOTCOM page on Facebook if not you nor go LIKE wetin go happen if you disqualify for my blog giveaway oh. E go do you like film trick! (LOL....threats!). Blog post coming soon! 

Gbosa to all my followers and to my old ones PUYAKA!!!! 20 Gunshots! I SALUTE!!!!



The gist of how a Nigerian man killed his wife and chopped her body like a mallam did not escape me. At all oh! I was in shock when I read the story because I nor understand the kind evil spirit wey enter the man.  Women have always suffered abuse since, no be today yansh dey back. But how can you do that to someone you love? Anyway I'm here to table this matter make una judge am! 

I was having a heated discussion with some people, some say the woman naim make we blame (egbami), say maybe she bin dey nag the man. Ok.  Some say na the man make we blame, afterall naim kill the woman. Let me dissect this matter the way I see it!

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