Fly almost enter my mouth when I see this this picture! Ewooooo! (Claps hands) So amother can flabberscatterbuster her own child like this?? The pikin be like wetin tractor jam! What manner of attrocity could this smallie have committed to earn this? In reaction to this story, people are asking boya it is right for parents to discipline (flog) their kids. Please note, this woman's case is different. This was clearly not discipline but witchcraft. I do not think a normal mom would do this. 

Don't get it twisted, children should be disciplined but not abused. I wouldn't say that a majority of us were flogged, I can only speak for my self. Me I was flogged! And it was good for me. The fear of koboko was the beginning of wisdom for me. Children need discipline sha, a little smack on the bumbum will not kill them, even a knuckle sandwich might actually do them good.  Parents also know how to give THE LOOK of which say THE LOOK only works when the child knows the Koboko waiting at home.
In fact, let me share with you guys the punishments i'm very familiar with.

They will be classified into three:
A - Quickee punishments e.g
  • 'Abara' this na hot slap on your back when go make you piss for body immediately
  • 'Pinch' is usually used in public places by mothers when THE LOOK hasn't worked.
  • 'Konk' aka 'iko' 'aka' knuckle sandwich. I received loads from cousins, uncles, came free!
  • 'Omorogun' aka wooden spoon for making eba. Omo! that thing flies!
B - Jeje punishments e.g
  • 'Ruff Ryder' na when you position yourself like okada man wey dey ride bike. E dey pain!
  • 'Pick Pin' please, don't tell me y'all didn't pick pin?bending and balancing on one finger and leg while raising the other.
  • 'Froggy even otondo corpers still do this one. Holding your ears and hopping like a frog
C - Heavy Duty punishments e.g
  • 'The belt'' No explanations are needed for this one. Na fathers dey dish am out pass.
  • 'Koboko' is the master of ALL punishments! It fit make you confess ogbanje, or things wey you nor do! The sight of the koboko alone dey make me comport! Shun sir!
At least you chopped one of these punishments if you grew up in Naija, I have no comments to the Aje burra's that grew up in obodo oyibo wey dey call police for their parents.SMH. Spare the rod and spoil the child. There is a difference punishment and Child abuse. I did not say people should go and injure their kids oh! Don't get it twisted. 

Oya how were you disciplined as a child? Share your own. You know you want to! lol


  1. It is rather sad that she went this far all in the name of...discipline?

  2. o my Goodness! that's just child abuse and she needs couselling.. many African parents over-do this discipline thing.. like d lil' boy looks like a criminal .. na wa o

    My father thinks flogging children is child abuse lol.. but as for my mom ewo! she flogged wella lol.. and ya, in SOME ways... it did me good sha

  3. Na wa oooo! to her own child???
    Heard there is a new law/bill to be passed in lagos state concerning parents/teachers /guardians marking their children/students/wards in the name of discipline.
    its necessary, but the punishmnet should not be more than the crime na...

  4. This one is just over the top. are right, she be proper winch.

    My mum is a good slapper, if she slaps u, u will be counting stars beause your eyes will just change to that of a microscope. My dad used belt, mehn...he will use all his energy. LMao.

    the worst one that both of them used is cAlled 'olomo ku'ya' basically 'stand up one second, bend ur knees the next second (kuru ga). that one was painful ehn!

  5. Eya poor boy..I hope parents learn that there is a thin line between discipline and punishment..

    Sisi I go all the above mentioned oh..I am glad cos my head correct at the end of the day..:)I can say mine was a case of discipline cos mehn my strong head was next level..

  6. This is sad. so so sad, she took it to a totally different level. e don pass discipline this one na abuse.

  7. omo, i had all of the above listed punishment typos ! i was quite a handful then :).
    mehn that woman sha no try at all, what sort of anger and frustration will make one go that far ehn?

  8. Any punishment that opens the skin and makes a child bleed is child abuse. Even if it doesn't do this, if it becomes too frequent, comma don enter am.

    My parents used timeout, kneeling, slaps and cane on the palms or buttocks. I hope I don't have to do the last two but I believe in discipline.

  9. Kai! some parents sha. dis is 2 much abeg. reminds me of an incident in my estate. a little boy was kneeling in front of his house under the very hot sun wit his hands up n all. i thot he ws being bullied by some older kids or his siblings. i ws ready to konk somebody. omo wen d boy tell me say na im mama tell am make im dey dere till night. i jejely waka.

    but for real tho. some kids don't really understand punishment. my sister was rarely beaten as a child. der was something very fragile n 'dont touch me i might faint' about her. it annoyed me 2 no end. however if my sister was ever joined in d flogging..... e mean say death to everybody else. my father's floggin was SAVAGE!!

    n no you were not allowed to cry out. you had to 'jide onu gi aka' (hold ya mouth). woe betide u if u even attempt to run.

  10. Hahahahahhaa, LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!

  11. My mum used broom o,basin,comb,hand(pinching,knocking etc) anything she reach... But she never scared us and opened our skin abeg,this is inhuman.... Too many women pray to have a child but some treat theirs like they didn't carry for 9 months? Haba... Abeg oh!

  12. I'm all for discipline as long as it does scar the kids. my mum flogged us die but because I was a fear fear I just behaved myself 100%

    Some parents/ adults just use style carry out their frustrations on children in the name of discipline

  13. Ah ahnnn....this tooo much!

  14. lmao
    i went through every single one X_X
    i was a very stubborn child

  15. I was koboko-disciplined until I turned 14. But what this woman did to her son is beyond discipline. It is wickedness + witchcraft + hatred for her own flesh n blood. Na wa!

  16. I go with Ema Leecious on this one,the punishment shouldn't be more than the crime,ah ah,she should be arrested jor,maybe she's not the real mother sef.that is bad and wicked.i can't do this ,my parents didnt ever think of it.
    I don vex sef.
    lol at those yhur punishment

  17. ANGRY!!!!....6strokes of the cane or slipper on his hand or bottom is enough!....he should become Govt ward, so that she can have ALL the time for her new husband oshi!....mschew.... slept under the staircase???????.....what manner of heartlessness is that???.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. This is rather sad and un-called for! This Discipline went too far and beyond. Parents have to be careful when it comes to things like this. This child is physical wounded and even mentally wounded. I hope he doesn't resent his mother for this. Anyways...I hope the boy heals quickly.

  20. Pampered lastborn like me I only got a folde newspaper slap on the palm from my father, two slaps from my mom and numerous knocks from my evil (I still love him) elder bro.
    i think i faired batter than many of my friends :)

    That woman needs deliverance and that kid should be taken away from her. There are many who are kneeling and praying for children..smh

  21. This is wickedness, how can you beat your child to this extent?

    About the punished i received as a child... I received alot i mean alot of abaras from my mum.

  22. Hmnn. I still have some koboko scars on my thigh from my father's beating. Kai! All the punishments in this world, I did everything. But me sef ehn, I showed them pepper! :)

    But the woman went too far sha.

  23. I saw this pic on linda's blog too. wondering, why beat up a small child like this. I was also flogged as a child but i think that's as far as it went. Mumsy's shouting was enough to put the fear of God in me too. All other punishments were from being in boarding house

  24. Could this be real? If yes, is that woman a MOTHER? Haba! This is too much na! What rubbish? There are SO MANY ways of disciplining a child, the treatment this child got can not be classified as discipline o! O... I feel like flogging that woman...

    Although, I do not believe in flogging a child (I adapt other forms of discipline) my mother did not spare me o!:) She flogged when she had to; pinched me, gave me plenty "abaras" but she never left any mark on my body!

  25. This is pure wickedness!!! The woman is a winch sef!

    I've received THE LOOK (my mum's favourite - lol), whilst the belt awaited me at home if THE LOOK failed. And mummy didn't leave it to daddy to dish it out o. LOL!

  26. Yes, I got punished for bad habits when I was young but mine was never this horrible.. Mehn, this one is just threemush! haba!

    Loling at quickie... My parents don't do that cos they believe its not biblical. When they want to discipline you, they simply go ahead and give you the jeje... lol

    - LDP

  27. Some women do not deserve the title 'Mother', I tell you...what is this?Wetin dis kind small pikin go do wey ei go deserve the kind beating wey dem di give thieves in the market.THat mother doesn't just need counseling, she needs a taste of her own medicine! and maybe a jail sentence.

    I was a little hellraiser as a kid, so my parents did not spare the my mother was discipline mistress in a public secondary school where beating was allowed oh! So she knew all methods of using the cane to get her message across. Konk, pick-a-pin, pull your ears and do olomo ku'ya at the same time, kneel down, 'greet the president'...she used her considerable imagination oh! But the thing was I always knew exactly why I was getting a beating, and she somehow knew when to stop. Result? I turned out alright, I think...

  28. she obviously doesnt want to spare the rod and spoil the child. child abuse at its peak. nice write up @sisiyemi

  29. What an abuse mother!

    I guess I was a good a good kid (ha!) the maximum punishment I got from my parents was- a little twist on my mouth to make me shut up. But got loads of spankings, slaps and knocks from my big bros (i guess for telling on them)- not funny at all.

    As a mum, I believe in dicipline and uses what works best on my kids- 'the almighty naughty corner', yea a pinch in the public. you know, dont delay the dicipline, dish it out immediately hence you become a bad mum. My spouce loves the koboko, that scares the living day light out out me. God help my babies bombom. Amen!

  30. lol. you killed it as usual.

    I ran down when i saw the pictures o! gross!

  31. Its soo thinks she's probably going thru some stuff and is taking it out on the heart goes out to the little boy...Wat won't i give to wave a wand and have all this sort of stuff come to an end in this world of ours!

  32. ok! dis one is on a different level is the height of mutilation and grievous bodily harm.They need to get the poor boy out of her reach. My mum had dis sharp, fast, slap that comes when you aren't expecting (just one that she gives!..0) leaves you a little dazed/confused with stars floating round your medulla.

  33. Yo! I was a naughty child. I received all of the freaking above. Except the jeje punishments though. My own jeje was Kneel down, raise your hands, close your eyes.

  34. And they look alike o. So sad, a lot of parens still do this.

    My mum was a complete disciplinarian and her cane left marks o. I even sometimes think she overdid it but a lot of parents did, anyway.

  35. This woman is nothing but a PILOT wey dey fly for night! Abeg make una look her face well! How could u do this to your own flesh in the name of punishment? I guess she dey find Suya wey she and her gang go eat for night when dem take their FLIGHT!

    Yeap I was beaten by my parents but nothing like this!

  36. I think everyone agrees this is just abuse on top of abuse.

    For me, I got a stick (switch) to the palms (sometimes all over the body - reserved mainly for top offenses) or a dirty slap (very rarely though from mom).

    But I believe in discipline...not abuse.

  37. The woman must be frustrated to beat up her child like that. My parents never spanked me, but my mother can shout and she says all sorts of scary things to instill fear into us.I believe in discipline and I use timeouts on my kids when they fall out of line. I apply pinching sometimes when we are in public and they are misbehaving.

  38. i got corrected as a kid and its made me a better person today.but this is some ish mean this woman is just totally insane i can tell.

  39. Reminds me of 'A Child called it'. This woman should be publicly flogged. I rarely got disciplined as a child. I was unadventurous and rather timid. However, I came home at 6:30pm instead of 6:00pm from a party (I had to leave when it was just beginning) to find my mother waiting for me at the bus-stop with her lashing apparatus. I have never run so hard in my life!

  40. for real though, no matter how disobedient a child is, and I know some children who make everyone wonder if they are demons, no one deserves to be THIS abused in the name of discipline. These are the scars we see. imagine those we don't! (emotional, etc.)

  41. The picture of this child made me feel nauseous when I first saw it.

    Re: discipline....your descriptions made me laugh out loud. Yes, I 'chopped cane' when I was younger. However, it made me even more headstrong (I was not a conventional child) LOL

    With my kids, I prefer to use other forms of punishment. Smacking can be too easy and it can lead to unwanted injuries - especially when carried out in anger.

  42. i got this at work ystdy & this was what i replied to all..."There’s a thin line between discipline & abuse, but for the case of this 10year old boy & his mother, I pray she is prosecuted and thrown in jail. Likewise all you women, our wives, mothers, sisters & people who maltreat & physically abuse their dependants (kids, step-kids, nannies/house-girls) alike, so it will serve as a deterrent to those coming behind"

  43. Babes you are clown o..I love this.
    You know the other day I was argueing with someone on this issue.


  44. very ridiculous! she deserves to be disciplined as well! see her face psshewww

  45. Her husband who allegedly declared that he did not want the boy around and then took off to SA until she dealt with the "problem" nko? When men say things like that, I wonder if they cannot make the connection that if a woman would treat her child by another man in such a manner she can easily do the same to your own child by her.

  46. Growing up in lagos especially with some uncles and aunties would definately qualify you for some of the highlighted purnishments. I can identify with a few number of them. "Knuckle sandwish" aka "iko" is my aunty's favourite, she would give you that for the tiniest mistake you could ever make, my mom's regular is a hot slap on the bag "Abara". When i look back at my growing days now i have a good laff cos' without those little punishments it would have been kinda boring... but one thing i do not advocate child abuse...

  47. I did an entire post on how my mother no dey take abara joke on my blog in 'abara toh bad'. My momsie na olympic gold medalist for abara and hot, dirty slaps. Yup, a two event champion. But nothing remotely close to this. She wan kill the boy? Na im betray Jesus?? This is much too much and she should be jailed. This has gone from discipline to terrorism.

  48. Wiccans are crazy nutters that believe in the existence of witches and wizzards and pray to the devil. They reject God. But what is less known and kept secret is their inclination to severely abuse children. They are just pedos that use any sick excuse to get their hands on defenseless children. And they torture animals too. The main group is centered in the New Forest, with secret trips to the Masons Hall in Godalming and journeys to the Isle of Wight (spooky, nutty fires in the smugglers cave on that island for example)
    Lots of cult members meet there, everybody bringing their children along, to be abused, drugged (some mushroom stuff, some other things) and tortured until the children pass out. They call that "training" and "programming". The children who grow up this way become later messed up sect members themselves.
    The great leader is a demented, old dirty guy by the name of N M. He lives in Minstead and seems like the nice old bloke next door. Involved in charitable stuff, incidentally all to do with children. Well, what with age and all, the pervert can't keep his mouth shut! He is apparently a high up Mason and called "Your Highness" in this Wiccan sect. He has access to children all the time, he boasts. He kidnaps children, using treats like sweets to lure them. He abuses children of friends, scaring them to death, so they don’t tell their parents. There were court cases where the parents found out, but he never got a conviction (no proof and because the kids are unknowingly drugged, they don’t talk sense in court). He is the "Highness" in his sick family. The self-proclaimed 33rd degree Mason N M is really called H L N M and lives in Minstead, New Forest, England.
    Other cult members:
    Angus Mackinnon
    Martin Eayrs (Lancaster)
    Alistair Banks (Lyndhurst, New Forest)
    There might be harmless cult members as well - I don't know. Maybe there are cult members left in the unknown. The guys above are criminals for sure. I imagine there might be some police members protecting them, because otherwise I wouldn't get why they could do this sick stuff for so long.

    N M is involved in an orphan home (Sundri Devi School Bataha) for children in India, with frequent trips over there. I cannot possible imagine him to do it for any other reason than getting access to children. The children are drugged, scared to death (they are certainly threatened with death) and deeply ashamed - so they do not talk. I would not be surprised if there is the occasional death (ritual killings, masked as drowning accidents for example).

    The above sect has not only men, there are sick females involved as well. So, do not trust your nice looking neighbour, just because you cannot imagine him or her to do such things. Be weary if your child changes in behaviour. Child abusers should be brought to justice.


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