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Carrying Last...

Can we proceed like I did not dissappear? LOL. I'm SORRY Blogfam!!!

Anyway sha, I have gist....I recently had some training at work and it was very long, boring and tiring. Some people don dey doze, their head just dey nod dey catch fish. Me, I kuku have short attention span so my mind had already traveled sef to the wedding list I was writing the night before...and then for some odd reason my mind went straight to the ogbono/okro soup I abandoned in the fridge because I was running late...should I eat it with eba? abi amala when I get home? tough decisions...

The trainer must have noticed that everyone had switched off, naim she say, oya make we play buzz games to refresh our brains. I don't mind playing games, I love games! Before I could think of games I liked she just call my name... " Sophie, do you want to have the first go at hangman?" She's probably given up on calling me by my 9ja name, she don destroy my name sotay she fell back on my English name...well I no vex. Hangman ke? ewo tu ni yen? I looked at her with my bb confused face and kindly explained I was not familiar with that game...she took her time to explain that it was a word game where you had to guess the right letters in a word, for every wrong letter, you draw a man and hang him. 

How violent! 

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