Have you heard about TRACIES ? You might have from the Mai Atafo Dream Weddings event that took place a few weeks ago. TRACIES specialises in the following unique fashion accessories for any event : Hair/hat, Fascinators, Bouquets, Handfans, Boutonnieres, Beaded Jewelleries/neck pieces.

At TRACIES all products are custom made and strictly by order. TRACIES accessories have been worn by clients both locally and internationally and with TRACIES uniqueness is guaranteed. I recommended TRACIES to a bride in the UK and she delivered on time, I was impressed! You can scroll through the pictures below for more of TRACIES work!


In June I  attended the Lagos Make Up Fair which I promoted on my blog and it was so much fun! Not only were there loads of make up to purchase, I met so many amazing people, especially those who read my blog and watch my videos. Abeg una to much! Chop Knuckle...! Thanks for the hugs, warm smiles and compliments. 

What ended the day was the dancing competition! You can take a look at this video to see the highlights, you will enjoy it! You can also scroll down to see some of the photos from the event.


Habatically, If I say the customer service in Nigeria is bad, I dey lie. It is worse than bad. Ah! Infact, make I tell you why I talk so... I experienced two scenarios a few weeks ago. One which is typical, and the other was totally new to me.

Scenario 1: Glo Office
I went to Glo Office abi Glo World, I wanted to buy a sim pack, the guy  manning the door opened the door, at least he knew what his job was. I was directed to one of the customer service ladies and she told me to siddon. So I sat. She smiled sweetly and asked what I wanted, I told her and I wanted a sim card so I expected a sim pack to be produced in my very before.

Brethren, the next thing, this lady picked up her phone, dialled a number and her conversation went like this… (I hope you can read yoruba?)

“Oga why naw?”


Zara Gretti needs our help in Battling Multiple Sclerosis!

Please lets help our own Zara Gretti singer of the famous Akobo ku

The artiste whose real names are  Margaret Mary Oluwatoyin Ejiro Joseph first got on the Nigerian music scene with her successful single “Aboko Ku” in early 2011. Later that same year, in October, she released the catchy “Teno”. 

In March 2013 it was revealed that singer Zara Gretti, was diagnosed and battling with Multiple Sclerosis, an autoimmune disease that affects the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system).


Nigerian wedding engagement
Abisola and Olu are mutual friends of Bobo and I...The boys both go a long way; childhood friends. 

I met Abisola at various functions and she's such a lovely girl, in and out, so I befriended her by fire by force... as you can see our friendship is blossoming that's why I was given permission to share these lovely pictures with you. She's such a pretty bride; lucky you Olu! 

May God bless this marriage with every good thing !
Email for vendor details

F U N || Naturals Hair Meet Up + Photos!

 Yesterday, Saturday 6th of July, I attended the Naturals In The City Meet up which took place at a beautiful gallery in Ikoyi, the ambience was beautiful and I got inspired by the many naturalistas that were present. Some I could grab are going to be displayed in the photo section below so check it out! I arrived half way through the event but that’s because I had to go pick up the lovely Bisola who was going to be my SatNav for the day…I never ready to lost for this Lagos. 


I have heard a lot about Yellow Chilli in Ikeja Lagos, and by the time I got there my mouth was watering.  They have two branches, one in Ikeja and the other in V.I. Yellow Chilli is an African Restaurant and they specialize in African and Intercontinental dishes.  Surprise surprise! Guess the people I bumped into at Yellow Chilli? Fellow Bloggers Gbemi from Gbemisoke.Blogspot, Hazel from 21st Century Career Mom, Tokunbo from Olatoxic and Sleekdemi on twitter! It was a pleasant surprise, I also saw Gbemi’s kids, such cuties! Fine fine children.


Free delivery for selected orders and Payments are made upon delivery.

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Since the establishment of the Nigerian Defence Academy in 1964, few changes have been as transformative as when in 2011 under the leadership of President Goodluck Jonathan, the Academy was directed to adjust its all-male-officer structure to include female regular combatants and give females an equal opportunity in the Nigerian military. And for the first time in the history of the country, females were admitted into the academy.

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