I have heard a lot about Yellow Chilli in Ikeja Lagos, and by the time I got there my mouth was watering.  They have two branches, one in Ikeja and the other in V.I. Yellow Chilli is an African Restaurant and they specialize in African and Intercontinental dishes.  Surprise surprise! Guess the people I bumped into at Yellow Chilli? Fellow Bloggers Gbemi from Gbemisoke.Blogspot, Hazel from 21st Century Career Mom, Tokunbo from Olatoxic and Sleekdemi on twitter! It was a pleasant surprise, I also saw Gbemi’s kids, such cuties! Fine fine children.

Biodun, Funke, Tolani, Hauwa & Sasha. It was my friend, Tolani’s birthday the next day (Monday) so we decided to celebrate it early because we would not get to see her on the actual day. Underneath this post is a video of the highlights visiting Yellow Chilli. Please watch and subscribe to my YouTube Channel so you don’t miss out!

At the time I visited, the entrance to the restaurant was being reconstructed so it was difficult entering the compound to park. In the process, we scratched the bumper of the car on the wall of the narrow fence. It was not entirely the driver’s fault, the security man kept urging the driver to come, come come till we heard gbam!

The compound was quite small in my opinion, especially for the number of visitors they seemed to have. The outer part of the building itself was ok, the design could have been different and more inviting. If they ever think of revamping it, I would like to be hired. LOL. I have ideas! The interior was nice, AC pumping, good music in the background. Quite relaxing.

The waiters we had were very attentive and courteous, I liked them. They brought us our meals, hot! When we demanded for extra this and extra that, they brought it to us in good time… The restrooms were very cleanly and well maintained.

The experience I had when I went was so nice that I went back two days later just to have the chapman and my friend ordered for their peppered stewed snail…it was delicious! I know I’m an FFO (For Food Only) Emi niyen!

Funke and I had the popular seafood okra, okra is one of my favourites soups, I can eat it all day, everyday! My plate had pieces of fish, and 3 huge prawns. I had it with Amala toh feli feli!  I chose to wash it down with Chapman. Oh boy! That was the best chapman I’ve ever had, if you know anywhere else that can rival it, let me know so I can reach there oh. Biodun had the special Rice, Sasha had chips and prawn sauce. I tasted everyone’s food and it was delish!

The Seafood Okra cost N3300 Three Thousand Three Hundred Naira.
Chapman N750 Seven Hundred Fifty Naira
The price range for the meals Sasha, Hauwa and Biodun had varied between N4000 – N6000 naira, including drinks.


 35, Joel Ogunnaike Crescent Ikeja, Lagos.


ps. I love food and I hope I get to discover new places so I can eat and review! If you know of any lovely restaurant/bar/food place sha in LAGOS, let me know! SisiYemmie want’s to discover. Have you been to Yellow Chilli before? What was your experience like?



  1. Choi! Some mouth wattering sturvs on this post!

  2. Awww wish I could hang with some fellow naija bloggers :), I love yellow chilli, their food tastes great and I always have a good time there.

  3. You all look great, nice to see Gbemi and Hazel :)

  4. Awwwwww.

    I am jealous! You met all those people? It's always nice running into people you've only known virtually. Every time I run into a blog reader, I'm thrilled. Meeeehhhhhnnnn, the food looks awesome! Looking forward to coming to Naija and visiting all these places. So much to do!

  5. Please Sisi tor bad, what's the name of the yoruba song playing in the background? I like it.

    1. Its a yoruba medley by Sam Foli and the levites

  6. Awesome video! Thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a great idea especially for people that haven't been back in a while so we know the finest places to dine :D
    And awww, you met other 'twitterers'... So cool!

  7. To think that I drive past this joint and never go in, now I'm encourage to go in and have a taste. Thanks for sharing

  8. I did not realize there was one in Ikeja. When I was home in January, i went all the way to the one in VI. Their seafood okra is the business.. i had mine with pounded yam. I am definitely a fan

  9. I have to viist dat place, Check Out The Latest Nigerian Entertainment Gist HERE

  10. láfrique (vi), orchid bistro (isaac john)

  11. Blessings...
    Looks like you all had a grand time....
    quite a pleasant surprise running into your blogger friends.

    thanks for sharing.
    have a great weekend.

  12. Please what is the name of the Yoruba song playing in the background. Luv It. Calling from London, please. LOL.

  13. wow..Love it!

  14. Wow...Love it
    Check out:

  15. Hi, nice vlog. Been at yellow chilli too. Awesome place!


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