Have you heard about TRACIES ? You might have from the Mai Atafo Dream Weddings event that took place a few weeks ago. TRACIES specialises in the following unique fashion accessories for any event : Hair/hat, Fascinators, Bouquets, Handfans, Boutonnieres, Beaded Jewelleries/neck pieces.

At TRACIES all products are custom made and strictly by order. TRACIES accessories have been worn by clients both locally and internationally and with TRACIES uniqueness is guaranteed. I recommended TRACIES to a bride in the UK and she delivered on time, I was impressed! You can scroll through the pictures below for more of TRACIES work!

You can reach TRACIES on:
BB pin:-29BA538f
Phone no:-08037859086
Facebook:-Tracies,Tonye Tracy Egbon


  1. Replies
    1. Oh, they are definitely lovely. Thanks for reading.

  2. I have known for a while that she would sort out this part of my wedding. I haven't really bothered looking for someone else cos her unique pieces are impressive.

    1. Don't forget to contact her for your wedding oh, and invite us so we can eat some rice!

  3. She has really improved her craft. Especially loved the pieces she did for the Mai Atafo show.


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