I love giveaways! LushDeals have been kind enough to offer a giveaway on my blog…*rubs hands together in glee* LushDeals is a one stop discount centre that offers variety of products and services to customers in Lagos, check out their page to see the awesome deals!

Two 5000 naira Gift Vouchers to spend on So there will be TWO (2) winners, isn’t that great?!

Anyone can enter but you have to be resident in Lagos, Nigeria to receive it. Therefore, if you live outside Lagos, Nigeria you can win it for a friend or family member that lives in Lagos! Be Kind!


Hello everyone! How una dey? Ehen these are the products I used in March and April that I absolutely love! Remember my last post where I talked about that my favourite lipstick? You gerrit!  Whenever I use that lipstick I get a lot of compliments! You cannot even imagine. If you can lay your hands on some of these products you will enjoy them! Now all you need to do is watch this video to see  why they are my favourites!

1. Maybelline 24hr Matte lipstain in Glamour pink
2. Maybelline 14hr lipstain in Ravishing Rouge
3. Original Source Shower Gel, Vanilla, Milk and Raspberry


Exactly what I have been dreading; Nigerian Police stopping me and asking for this & that. I’ve been driving without my licence (e dey warri) so I felt like a criminal already. I comot go somewhere (which is gist for another post) so on my way back naim I see the police dem,  I first form say I nor see the two police as they were waving their guns. “Abeg they should not stop me oh” …I was already praying. 

I had a pretty hectic morning and I never chop at all, it was about 3:00pm, I don’t need more frustration. I don't want provocation ;most of my wrong decisions have been made when I was hungry and I need to use this medium to apologise for whatever I've said to people in real life when I was hungry. I didn't mean it. LOL.

Anyhow sha, I stopped,  my heart dey tensh but I flashed my most disarming smile, the smile I use to beg for things, the smile I use to pose for photos, I’m sure you guys know the SisiYemmie smile already.

I was expecting the man to just start the process, asking for particulars, kini kan, kini kan…but instead of a frown, he smiled.  HE SMILED! I nor dey trust police smile so I increased the wattage of my smile. I kon wind the glass down…

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