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I will be updating my blog this week, wetin happen to me last weekend ehn, nor be small tin. Sha stay tuned...

Una do well oh!


Hello Blogfam, hows everyone doing?

Yours truly is a year older today and one of my new year resolutions is to update this blog and to take it to another level. So help me God!

Levels don change!

Video Below

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Carrying Last...

Can we proceed like I did not dissappear? LOL. I'm SORRY Blogfam!!!

Anyway sha, I have gist....I recently had some training at work and it was very long, boring and tiring. Some people don dey doze, their head just dey nod dey catch fish. Me, I kuku have short attention span so my mind had already traveled sef to the wedding list I was writing the night before...and then for some odd reason my mind went straight to the ogbono/okro soup I abandoned in the fridge because I was running late...should I eat it with eba? abi amala when I get home? tough decisions...

The trainer must have noticed that everyone had switched off, naim she say, oya make we play buzz games to refresh our brains. I don't mind playing games, I love games! Before I could think of games I liked she just call my name... " Sophie, do you want to have the first go at hangman?" She's probably given up on calling me by my 9ja name, she don destroy my name sotay she fell back on my English name...well I no vex. Hangman ke? ewo tu ni yen? I looked at her with my bb confused face and kindly explained I was not familiar with that game...she took her time to explain that it was a word game where you had to guess the right letters in a word, for every wrong letter, you draw a man and hang him. 

How violent! 


So I got my first Interview on FemmeLounge!!!

Let me dance the azonto I've been practicing! That azonto looks easy but it is hard! My body is just not cooperating at all. If you know an easier way I can learn it, please help a sister out!

 So If you want to see details about the interview, please click on the link---> FEMME LOUNGE  . Make una know me now oh, not when I'm on CNN you will now be claiming you dey follow me soak garri oh.

Sorry for the break in transmission, I dey write my dissertation and I nor wan fail, money must not waste: wish me luck. Expect a new post next week! Mwaah!

VIDEO: Look of the Day!!!

Wedding Palava...

'Heysssssss..... sssssss ssssssss' 
I pretend I nor hear and I keep walking...ever so briskly!

One woman shouts in the distance 'call that girl for me, the one wey wear yellow'... A guy taps me on the shoulder...'sist, that aunty dey call you,' he says flailing his arm behind him

I've been pretending I didn't hear her calling me. I turned around with a plastered smile on my face

'Aunty good afternoon', I said  curtsying, 

'ehen my dear, how are you? come and see all of us in this area have not eaten oh'...I glance around and see empty plates of demolished food.

'ok ma I will direct the ushers to you'  I thank her for coming and walk away.These people will not let me be sexy today. With all the gele skentele I tie, they're still disturbing me. Can't they see I am the sister of the bride ni ...

Fried Rice Recipe!

My mummy taught me this one: Most of my friends can testify to this fried rice...this is the rice I can cook with my eyes shut doing the Michael Jackson slide...wooohooo! *grabs ahem* Seriously my people, if I cook this rice for my in-laws bride price musto increase, another at least, 25kobo musto join!  This one i'm hailing myself, biko if you've got a different way you make yours let me know oh!

In 5 inch heels!

sisiyemmie 5 inch heels
On Sunday I wore these lovely shoes that have been decorating the rack for a while now, errr almost a year .Shoes always catch my eyes, the thing is that find it hard to wear heels, so I buy them and smile at them on the shoe rack everyday. I'm #teamflats all day every day! Anybody home? lol. However, I decided to complete my 'babe look' to church, no need ruining my beautiful animal print dress with a pair of flats-c'mon, its the first Sunday of the month.

As usual I wore my sandals and put my akpola shoe inside my hand bag. Typical. I always take back-up flats with me when i wear heels. My friend @poshbug says it's bad manners. My feet think she's wrong. Church is about a good 10 minute walk from my house, so I walk till i'm almost in church, then find one koro to change into my akpola. I've been doing that consistently for 6 months now. After church, I walk to the koro and put on my flats.

Back to Warri!! Kimon!!!

I miss Warri praise and worship nor be small!!! nor be like all these aje-butter praise that we are doing here, to clap sef dey hard some people, talkless of say make dem dance. This video below is how we do it! Abo Abo, kimon!!! 
You thought I relocated to Warri? no, I'm only there in spirit... @Sisi_Yemmie

What I'm listening to...

I heard this song on Gidilounge radio a while ago and couldn't figure out who sang it, fear of being tagged Last Carrier did not let me ask on twitter sef until today I saw this video and I was like  "na this same Davido sing this song?"

I'm really beginning to feel Davido, I bin dey form since but today I have succumbed, his dimples persuaded me. I always like a good Yoruba love song. I'm waiting for the day one musician will use my name and sing oh...hopefully I won't wait for long...LOL

Fingers crossed. xx


Antonyms of a Mirage!!!

Our dear Atilola wrote this amazing book, you should take a look at the trailer to get a feel and read a snippet! I have a free copy to give to a lucky reader, will that be you??? Leave your comment below!!!

A preview from ‘In My Pocket’

‘Goshe – A short form of Shokolokobangoshe
Scenario 2
Mummy Bobo: Olowo ori mi (owner of my head), how was that favourite food of yours that I made for you? I am sure you enjoyed it. I have come to tell you about Bobo, your son. He is about to write his SSCE exams. The other day, I heard my senior wife bragging to her cousin that kola, her son, made all his papers two years ago because he is hardworking and brilliant. She then said she is sure Bobo will do the opposite and fail woefully. Olowo ori mi, please, don't let my enemies laugh at me. I know you can help me get the exam questions on the eve of every exam paper. This is the only way Bobo will be able to prove her wrong and shut her mouth forever. Daddy Bobo, you always say you love me more than my senior wife and if you really mean that, you will not let her have the last laugh over me.

Finding 'X'...

People who know me well know that I don't know maths...I no be olodo but I don't know shishi about maths. I have tried to learn, I even had a special 'lesson teacher' who did his best but naaatin entered. If any of my pikin no sabi maths I will know who e resemble. How I got a B in WAEC is beyond my tubu tubu I do throughout that paper. Don't ask me whether I pass JAMB. In fact, I do not remember any account of that day as I have selective memory which helps to blur out traumatic experiences in my life. Thankfully I have not had many.

I remember when I still dey primary school, someone came up with this brilliant idea that the headmaster should torture students every morning during assembly by randomly picking a student to the platform to recite a section of the multiplication table. Who that person was I don't know, I don't care and I despise them. Oh! the horror when you're pointed out and you dey recite 'two times one and two, two times teeree four, two times eleven that singing multiplication voice and you get it wrong!The headmaster go call another person to recite am and if the pesin pass am, dem go give am cane to flog you. In front of every gadaaadddem person on the assembly. Horror!

WOK'CHOP: Yam and Plantain Porridge ...Without Palm Oil

I'm not a fan of yam, I rarely eat it....maybe once a month if I do and I like it sweetened with over ripe plantain. I know some other people like yam, so I will share my recipe.

I'm on Gidilounge Radio Tonight!

Oh yes I am. I will be co-hosting The Verastic Show today Saturday May 5th 2012 at 12pm U.S EST (5pm Nigerian Time) on Gidilounge Radio .

Topic? Battle Of The Cooking vs The Non Cooking Woman. 

There really is no battle because the fight has already been won! LOL. You can download the gidilounge app for free here 

See ya, catch ya, later!

What Can I do...

Brethren, this cool afternoon I say make I go grocery shopping, so I picked myself up, and walked to the shopping mall which is not far from where I live. The first thing I did was to enter a shop to buy suit, because I remember say the suit wey I get for house don shrink (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!), and this other suit was just calling my name, 'sisi come, see me, see me'...Clothes talk to me! So I spent about an hour trying on a few and bought the one wey hala my name pass. 

After the purchase I proceeded to Tesco, I picked some onions, no, this one is too expensive so I dropped it and looked for cheaper ones. I made sure everything I bought today was either half price or on won't blame me, I don use money wey I suppose use chop take buy cloth, so anytime i'm hungry I will just open my wardrobe, look at the cloth, swallow spit and bellefull.

Pregnant and Husband Loses Job! Gbese...

With tears in my eyes I watched this video, I can't imagine what it is like to get pregnant and your husband loses his job! Thank God for using people to bless people. I wonder what she's going to name her baby though....

...and while I still have your attention, I will be updating my blog soon cos I know say some people don dey vex for me. LOL.

Romantic Wedding Video!

A destination wedding is the solution to uninvited guests at weddings! Don't ask me what I'm thinking oh...

Stephanie Okereke's wedding was beautiful, I loved the editing of the video and the fireworks!
I now intend to save money for 'knock out' for my wedding!

Your thoughts?


sisi and bobo proposal
#LONGPOST: If you want to know about how Bobo Yomi proposed then keep reading. I'll start from the morning of the proposal. I woke up that day, we got dressed up for my sisters wedding thanksgiving. While driving on our way to my parents my eye just spy something in Bobo's left trouser pocket, the thing be like small box, my mind was spinning-I almost jam the trailer infront of me. I winked at my younger sister behind and showed her the shape of the box, she just warned me to focus on my driving. She wasn't ready to die. From that point my heart started doing ping pong ping pong ping. 

Oya now after thanksgving and bridal excursion, I borrowed Bobo's phone to google some information and on his browser I saw links for 'How to propose to your girlfriend'...I quickly dropped the phone,it fell and the screen case broke-he was confused. Me sef I just code myself, pretending not to see anything. Shuooo....I don dey tench! So he WAS planning to propose? I went and retouched my make up, I didn't want to be caught unawares.


sisi yemmie engaged to bobo

So...the big news is that I am engaged!!!

 I'm in Nigeria at the moment for my sister's wedding and it HAPPENED!!! If you want to read the


Meet Okeoghene John Igwhiwotho, an ex-student of Federal Government College. What a fine boy no pimples! 

He's a diabetic mellitus type 1 and 2 patient and has been in this condition for 6 years after losing all the toes on both feet, due to injuries he sustained a while back.

This has prevented him from completing his university education (he dropped out from OAU). At the moment, his life is at risk and he is in need of surgery urgently.

 SO       HOW       CAN       WE        HELP?

Oke needs 5million Naira for treatment in India. His contact details are:
Phone Number - 08063255842.
Bank Details - Ighiwoto Okeoghene John (0012913007 - GTB) or Ighiwoto Okeoghene John (2054468076 - UBA).


Happy Wedding Anniversary to my friends Misan & Osan Rewane. Their love is absolutely refreshing! This time last year I was sulking in my apartment that I could not make it for their wedding. Chai! How time's a year already. Oritse modope! I missed so many weddings last year. LOL. Payback time is coming oh and hope all my besties will attend my wedding, make hall nor go empty that day. Who go kon chop all the rice wey we cook?nEnjoy the pictures from their awesome wedding in Warri!!! I'm looking forward to your 50th anniversary when you're both toothless, I doubt if Misan will be toothless though, she dey crack bone for state. Love you Photo's below.


There's a reason people fight for party jollof rice at events especially weddings! Everybody wan do take away, why? because home made rice is not the same with party rice. There's something. Do you know the koko? I'll show you the koko. This is easy to make and you don't need plenty senrenren to cook it. You don't even need firewood! I will warn you in advance to do your cooking with non-stick pans if not prepare to scrub your pot after cooking. Special thanks to my friend Dee who showed me the way...You can choose to read the recipe or watch the video by clicking this link HERE

Scroll down for recipe

I Will Always Love Yoooooouuuuuu

I have never been emotional because of a celebrity but I did  cry for Whitney Houston...I will always love her. Here's my Whitney TOP TEN. Whitney was my FAVE EVER, she didn't have to go naked for people to appreciate her music, that is TALENT!!!

Call Me Bond...

Hello my lovely people,how market? (don't mind me, just random, lol). So I have gist...story story...

Last Saturday I started a new course in Internal Communications (yay!) so  I had to go to London to take the class, when I reach there the tutor say make we introduce oursef, and he started with me-why oh why! I had that awkward moment where I didn't know what to say...and then i went...*gulp*My name is yemi so&so, graduated in so&so, working as a kini at so&so for the past 3 months. I cleared my throat and siddoned.

 The next woman started with "my name is Mary, CEO so&so, 23 years in the Comms Industry". Next dude, "hi, Alan, Director so&so, 15 years in the industry"..."Kim, Manager so&so enterprises for 25 years"...and na so all of them introduce demselves. My self esteem just drop ...the work wey I dey do nor even relate to the course, dem kon dey wonder wetin I dey do Even me I kon dey wonder...if no be me start the introduction I for don come up with something like...."CEO Gistdotcom, Manger so&so in Nigeria"...Oh well, nothing spoil. God dey.

STOP!!! Have you seen this video???

If you haven't, you should!


SUNDAY SPECIAL || Vegetable Stew With Spinach!

Hello lovely people, I'm starting this years posting with food update. I'm sharing my vegetable stew recipe which cooks in 20 minutes if you are multi-tasker like me; rice on one hob, beef on another hob, boiling water on a 3rd hob!

Scroll down for the recipe


Happy New Year everyone!!!

Better late than never *covers face*, at all at all naim bad pass. I was not in the mood to blog jor because of the condition of our nation, Nigeria plus I was busy relocating to a new city town. I bless God.

Now the strike is over, I can jejely sweep the cobwebs off GISTDOTCOM and get on with the year!Oh how I missed blogging!

Apart from the susbsidy issue, did everyone get off to a good start this 2012? Any new year resolutions? Plans? Trips? I pray the best of 2012 comes to us and this will be our  best year yet!


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