SUNDAY SPECIAL || Vegetable Stew With Spinach!

Hello lovely people, I'm starting this years posting with food update. I'm sharing my vegetable stew recipe which cooks in 20 minutes if you are multi-tasker like me; rice on one hob, beef on another hob, boiling water on a 3rd hob!

Scroll down for the recipe

Chopped peppers
Chopped tomatoes
Chopped onions
Chopped beef
Chopped Spinach
Vegetable Oil

  • Spice and boil beef till tender...allow it to cook till the stock/broth is very little and thick- like 2 teaspoon fulls.
  • Heat up vegetable oil and add chopped onion, add little knorr seasoning.
  • When the onion is soft and transparent, add the beef and let it fry a little;do not add water so it does not become runny, just add the teaspoon full of broth.
  • Do not cover the pot, use a WOK preferably, that's what I used.
  • Add the mixture of chopped pepper and tomatoes. Drain the pepper and tomato before frying it so that the stew does not get too watery.
  • Taste for salt, and add more if it's not tasty enough...I leave the salt till later because the broth is concentrated with do not want your food too salty.
  • Stir until cooked...
  • Add spinach and let it simmer for 3 minutes and viola!
Serve with rice or boiled yam...whatever you fancy really.
On some days I add smoked fish, prawn and ground crayfish but today I was craving meat. 


  1. you are eating well, you should do come dine with me

  2. after frying the beef, do you put the broth of the beef inside the pot or does the beef generate enough water

  3. @LALA i boil the beef to the point that the broth is almost dried up and really thick, like 2 teaspoon fulls. I add that after I add the tomato.

  4. That vegetable stew looks really good and i love the spinach still has the green color..its more tasty that way :D

  5. You have to cook this for me o *wink**

  6. Dis is my husband's favorite mine,I use snails nd gizzard.its easy to make nd time saving too.

  7. Hmmm...this looks tantalising...

  8. Tempt me not during this time of dieting. LOL...

  9. looks good and guess it tasted good too. I am soo gonna try this out this weekend. hope I get it right.

  10. This is def gona happen this weekend! looks very delish and yum

  11. Oh my, this just looks delicious!

  12. Mehn!!!! I did not know you cook so well. Ah you are owing me a meal in that case. iLove :-)

  13. Simply put, you are an excellent cook. I will be more than happy to visit your home eh! No wonder you like 'food'....

  14. Hi I just want to confirm can i use blended tomatoes/pepper will it come out same


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