I'm on Gidilounge Radio Tonight!

Oh yes I am. I will be co-hosting The Verastic Show today Saturday May 5th 2012 at 12pm U.S EST (5pm Nigerian Time) on Gidilounge Radio .

Topic? Battle Of The Cooking vs The Non Cooking Woman. 

There really is no battle because the fight has already been won! LOL. You can download the gidilounge app for free here 

See ya, catch ya, later!


  1. Hmm, sounds like its gonna be an interesting evening

  2. Just tuned in, love it! I caught you flirting with your "sunshine" *cough* I'm with cooking women mehn, cooking people in general sef. I don't care if you cook just once a week, provided you know how to and there is something ultimately sexy about making a meal specifically for the person/people you love

  3. Is that a mistake? April 28th? Ok.

  4. nne....you too much,you too gbaski!

  5. That was a great show, it makes more sense now I see the title has battle inside :)


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