What I'm listening to...

I heard this song on Gidilounge radio a while ago and couldn't figure out who sang it, fear of being tagged Last Carrier did not let me ask on twitter sef until today I saw this video and I was like  "na this same Davido sing this song?"

I'm really beginning to feel Davido, I bin dey form since but today I have succumbed, his dimples persuaded me. I always like a good Yoruba love song. I'm waiting for the day one musician will use my name and sing oh...hopefully I won't wait for long...LOL

Fingers crossed. xx



  1. I hear he is good and the new sensation in town...me i sha do not like the song oh.

  2. I love love this song. It has been on replay since the first time I heard it. Love his dimples..

  3. Nice song... I've been hearing about him from the scandal on twitter. lol. Never heard his song before.

    - LDP


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