Finding 'X'...

People who know me well know that I don't know maths...I no be olodo but I don't know shishi about maths. I have tried to learn, I even had a special 'lesson teacher' who did his best but naaatin entered. If any of my pikin no sabi maths I will know who e resemble. How I got a B in WAEC is beyond my tubu tubu I do throughout that paper. Don't ask me whether I pass JAMB. In fact, I do not remember any account of that day as I have selective memory which helps to blur out traumatic experiences in my life. Thankfully I have not had many.

I remember when I still dey primary school, someone came up with this brilliant idea that the headmaster should torture students every morning during assembly by randomly picking a student to the platform to recite a section of the multiplication table. Who that person was I don't know, I don't care and I despise them. Oh! the horror when you're pointed out and you dey recite 'two times one and two, two times teeree four, two times eleven that singing multiplication voice and you get it wrong!The headmaster go call another person to recite am and if the pesin pass am, dem go give am cane to flog you. In front of every gadaaadddem person on the assembly. Horror!

It wasn't long before my akpako brain started figuring out a way to beat it. I discovered that the students who were in the school choir stand on the platform and were never called out to recite multiplication table. So I went home and had this discussion with my dad...
Me: "Daddy, today the principal told me I had a good voice..."
He grunts then looks down at me like ...and so?
Me: He said I must join the school choir...
Daddy: "I see..." while he's still seeing biko make I just rush the whole thing...
Me: He said I must bring recorder to school on monday...
Daddy: "recorder? " he asks..."ngbo mama yemisi"
Why is he asking mummy na... did mummy follow me to school ni? 

Daddy sha bought me the recorder and on Monday I went to school and played the same scene to my headmaster. I told him that "my daddy said I must join the school choir", since the recorder was my passport, I was in. That was how I overcame that traumatic period. How I got through secondary school taking science classes is completely beyond my understanding. Even more baffling is how I got to 200 level in University studying Medicine. Orisirisi! Wonders shall never end... I finally quit and started with Mass from science at last! Free from maths! Freeeeeeeeee!

....So I thought! I don dey apply for job now. I'm lucky. I get called for interviews every few 200 + applications I send out. LOL. Is that good or bad? The dilemma now is Maths. Its back again. I have to go through these SHL numerical reasoning tests before I can proceed to the interview stage. I have taken 4 and have failed all four. *bows head*. Why should I be writing numerical test for a communications job role? wetin concern agbero with overload? who did i offend wey nor wan gree forgive me? Yesterday I glanced at the practice test and it read...

"If Prince has earned x dollars by working  3 days a week at a constant daily rate for  w weeks, which of the following  represents his daily wage"

I use all the people wey sabi maths reading this post as a point of contact. If I suddenly stop blogging and go missing, make una nor vex, its  because I am finding 'x'... 


  1. Daily wage = x/3w
    No vex, try biko. Say you graduate sef mean say something kuku dey the head.
    Laughing and rolling at your scoping of both papa and principal.

  2. Lolll...i know that feeling too o jare. I remember when i was to take JAMB, i looked through the whoooole brochure to make sure that i dont do any course requiring maths, but as d Lord would have it, I jam matimatis for It's all good though, at least i scaled through that and also scaled through d ones i did in school, even though i been carry over once or

  3. lmao.... go find x jare... I hear say e dey for market.

  4. lol,,,my dear no mind dem. I cant count how many of those Shl exams i have failed....

  5. hahahahah
    this is so hilarious!!!!!!LMAO!!!!!!

  6. hahahaha...yemisi you just dey feel me. Infact i just did one SHL this evening sef. which kain yeye numerical test, i did guess work for dem. When result come out i go see if i fit help you find X. But wait oh, you don't even need the maths ni for your mass comm field.

  7. Lmao!!!...We are in this together I tell maths is terrible...sistah you are a talent see as you scammed your principal and parents..chai na you biko!!...I can't stop laughing...
    Btw I also want to take a licensing exam and immediately I head there was quantitative reasoning involved my sister I steered my boat in another direction ni oo..
    And the real truth I no sabi where "X" dey ooo...*hehehe

  8. LOL
    I used to hate SHL tests but I got better
    To be honest the SHL tests are mote about speed and accuracy than indepth understanding of Maths
    My suggestions:
    (1) Do more Practice Tests: Go online and google 'Numerical & Verbal Reasoning Tests UK' There are tons of sites which offer free practise sessions. I believe SHL also offers free papers if you register with them. Use them for practise
    There are also practise books available.
    (2) Revise the Basics: visit a bookshop i.e. WH Smith and get a Key Stage 3 Maths practice book. This will allow you revise basic algebra, data manipulation, equations etc
    Once you have grasped the basics again, you can work on speed
    Best of luck

  9. pls find it on time oo...we wud also join in the

  10. LMAO....Sisi Yemmie o! Funny enough, I on the other hand like Math....I even minored in it sef. English na the one wey I no dey too gbadun....all that essay writing ish.
    Like NIL said, practice is the key...keep practicing.

  11. Dear X, u must be getting old of this game! Hide and seek is now so obld since computer games surfaced a yl ago!but bbz, u need to try to love X oh! Looks like there's no running away!

  12. LOl...pele...I feel you pain

    I pray that you pass the next time around by God's grace!!!

  13. hahahhahaha... u too funny Yemi. One can never run away from Maths. Its almost impossible. haha.Moreover, its not a bad thing to get called once or twice for every 100 applications sent out oh; I tell you. Some people dont even get called at all. haha

    So, to God be the glory. Shey u don find X now?

    - LDP

  14. This is hilarious! Pls do practise! GoodLuck!

  15. Dear Sisi Yemmie, u are not alone in this struggle, it clda bn me writing this blog. I still need a calculator for the most basic calculations. During my last Job negotiation, I asked for a calculator after I was presented with the package, I swear I cldnt calculate my monthly take home, I just used mental 'permutation and combination' and said Ok. I'll take

    Nice 1, I shld write mine too!

  16. *still laughing* Sisi, abeg make you no kill persin! I have never liked maths, never! i dont want to have anything to do with it sef lol, dont worry jare, you will do just fine.

  17. Eeya, sorry o. Looool

    Maths is actually easy. The fact that you have reached this stage in life means you know maths. Everyone knows maths.

  18. Sorry, I know you're quite serious about this, but this tickled me so. Lol.

    There are some good books you can use to help you prepare for psychometric tests, and all that NIL said.

    My friend you are toooooo funny!

    All the best in your quest for 'x'.

  19. A 'B'in Maths in WAEC???!!! Ok Young Lady you have some confessing to do.... Jazz or Giraffe, which was it? Lol.
    Sorry hun, i can't relate. I really do love Maths and Algebra and word sums and quantitative aptitude. Yep,I'm a geek like that. Now Calculus and differentiation is another ball game entirely.
    The Lord is your strength, so gbo.

  20. Besides the missing 'x', i couldn't help laughing while i was reading for all them numerical/analytical/clerical reasoning SHL type tests, na my food, we used to do them for fun only for me to see them again at job interviews *big grin*

    ...its too late sha to bother about not knowing maths, i was (&still am) a maths guru, sorry, i just had to add that part, & chemistry too x_x

    nevermind, you'll get that job, with or without passing SHL

  21. Eeya Sisi Yemmie, Maths might not be a strong core for you but comedy I think is one! LOL! Abeg, them no reash to make you taya jor.

  22. That was really funny. I wasn't so good in maths in secondary school so I made friends with some efico's, that really helped me because we did assignments together and I understood better when they explained difficult calculations to me.

    Anyways, all the best finding X, I believe if u practise more, then u sef go become genius.

  23. Sisi Yemmie, let's not stop at the person that told your headmaster to be 'blatantly picking on' people. Let's start from the person that invented Maths! I greatly despise that person. Maths as a part of life, I understand eg. I give you #200, you give me zobo of #100, you find me #100 change, Chikena. At what point in life would I need to use Pythagoras theorem? What ishoro in this life will come up for me to need to use BODMAS to solve it? Is it in the market or on okada? Maths stinks and those of you that like it, your ITK is too much jare (spoken as a person who was the maths arupo from JS2 till date)No worry ehn, my Sisi. The Lord is your strength. He will give you knowledge of all literature; maths inclusive. No iberu for omo Jesu!

    1. P:S: I tagged you in my Elevens. Please visit my blog for details

  24. ha i don't blame you o i have been asking myself the same question too.'who did i offend' this maths thing before job interview i really don't gerrit sha.we shall over come u hear?

  25. You are just a case...finding "x" ke?

  26. You have broke me head laughing. All the best in finding that X, e go better.

  27. Lol.math wahala.i wish I could say I hated math but there was physics and chemistry to torment me..anyway just practice sha,and overcome your fear ..

  28. E be like say we wey no like maths plenty o.

  29. rotflmho, babe you're hilarious! I can't even get over the quick one you played on your dad and headmaster, na you be badt guys!

  30. Sisi this is hilarious:D. But on a serious note, maths is d most hated subject. Its difficult yes, but if u practice solving 20 questions daily then it appears so simple. Speaking from experience as a teacher with over 8years experience. My Jss3 students just concluded their junior waec solving their maths alone including other subjects. Most of what they did were correct while the other kids in our host school waited for their yeachers to provide them with the answers. The point is that foundation matters. Keep it up Sisi.

  31. lwkmd! @ if u don't find me blogging, it's because i'm looking for x. I had the same horrible experience with maths while growing up and ended up studying English, so na me outshine ham.


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