The news has been filled with Ebola: Oh yes...the deadly ebola! Thank God it can be prevented if we are careful where we go and on point with our hygiene. Hmmmm....I bought hand sanitizers about a month ago, before the whole Ebola drama and the tiny bottle cost about N300. I was at a supermarket yesterday and that same tiny sized hand sanitizer had N1300 labelled on it. You could tell the price tag was fresh.
Just imagine that! 

Of course that gingered me to think about ways to make my own hand sanitizer because I cannot come and go and use all my salary to buy that small pangolo sanitizer. If you have the time you can try making your own sanitizer! 

I like senrenere so I used:
  • 8-10 drops of Lavender Essential oil (I would have preferred orange because I don't like the scent of lavender)
  • 1/3 cup of K-Y Gel or some people use Aloe Vera Gel ( KY GEL has glycerin so it will be moisturizing for your hands)
  • 2/3 cup of Rubbing Alcohol (methylated spirit)
  • Empty bottle (to pour in your sanitizer when made)
  • Glass bowl for mixing (because essential oils can leave almost a permanent flavour on plastic)
  • Daaazaaaal!
Essential oils have antiseptic properties, also rubbing alcohol (methylated spirit) is a great disinfectant and it dries up instantly (like ogogoro) so in actual fact, you can use any of the items alone to sanitize your surroundings.  You can add water to rubbing alcohol and that can be your sanitizer; it doesn't have to always be in a gel form. 

Method: Mix these items together, shake vigorously until it blends. Mine had bits of the K-Y Gel but after leavening it for  a few hours, it all melted and was a perfect gel! Try it! You can choose to watch the video below.

Ps. I couldn't update the blog yesterday because it refused to open...see me see wahala!


  1. Great ..since either the shops are out of sanitizer or overpriced.

  2. KY Jelly?!?!?

    *giggles* Just being naughty

    1. I did a double take when i saw that this was part of the

      Naughty Berry


  3. Nice Share Sisi. Imagine , Yesterday I Went To A Store To Buy Hand Sanitizer Only For Me To Get There And Hear That The Price Is Now #750 Instead Of The Usual #300..

  4. Definitely trying this at home...Nigerians and over inflation.
    Thank you for the lesson.

  5. Thanks for this Sisi, I'v been thinking of how to make one and as usual you have provided a solution.

  6. Nice video. The song had me nodding...
    Hope to try it...

  7. Thumbs up sisi Yemmie. Thanks for teaching us :)

  8. lol @like ogogoro, it a good diy

  9. 1k difference fa! What a rip off!
    Ky jelly? *cough* Sisi! :).... in whispers# So how do you want me to tell my people back home to get KY jelly nau?#
    Always innovative. Well done.

  10. Hmmm
    Truth, I am not buying any hand sanitizer
    I use liquid soap in the office and I use morning fresh at home
    All things being equal I am trusting God that the blood of Jesus will withhold the curse from me and my family.

    As crazy as that may sound, that is who and what I am living my life by.

  11. It is only in Nigeria that an epidemic will break, and the cost of the prevention will rise. In other countries, I am sure they would have been distributing hand sanitisers for free in every nook and cranny, and in public places. I am really pissed at the way we exploit fellow citizens in times of trouble.

    Abeg, if you can't make the hand sanitiser, come to my church. They are giving it out for free.

  12. Na only that Ky Jelly my okpolo eyes see oooo

  13. I am definitely trying this but i am not using ky jelly. I would get aloe vera gel. I have glycerine, citronella oil, lavender oil and jojoba oil that i use for my hair so i think that would be more than perfect. However i think i would have to conduct a microbial test to see if it is effective in killing 99.9% of germs....Hmmm, heading to the lab.....*scientistmodeloading*

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    Blog: Http://

  14. I buy mine online which is better than go to shops. But with your tips, I ll surely try it out. Thanks

  15. Lollll i should try this...super lazy buy i must :D

  16. Nice way of preparing home made hand sanitizer. I read about some sanitizer has demerits also. It is not good for skin and can cause reactions for allergic people.


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