-pieces goat meat/or beef
- chicken ( aka old layer).lol but if u cant find the old layer type use any other kind
-cow skin (ponmo aka showboy) or cowleg
-shawa/dried fish
-stockfish (dried cod fish aka okporoko)
-dried catfish
-fresh king prawns

-dried prawns
-chopped spinach
-palm oil
-red onion
-knorr/ maggi cubes
-1 bay leaf
-garlic clove (chopped)
-dried thyme
-blended crayfish
- iru (locust beans)


  • Cut up okro with a knife...I prefer this to blending because the okro will be nice and crunchy instead  of a smooth paste. 
  • Boil Shaki and Ponmo separately till tender with water, salt and maggi (45mins)
  • Boil stockfish also separately till tender
  • Debone the shawa/dried fish and soak in warm water, also soak the dried prawns.
  • Boil meat/beef and add seasoning...let the stock be rich. Ensure that the stock is rich. My stock always plays a major role in whatever i am cooking. I add thyme,curry, knorr,red onion, garlic, ginger,salt, coriander, blended pepper and green pepper.
  • when chicken/beef is cooked, Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Line a baking dish with foil, Remove meats /chicken from stock and arrange on foil.Let bake/brown for 10 minutes. Reduce oven temp. to 325 degrees. Drizzle one serving spoon of stock over meats and re-arrange. Let it bake/brown another 5 minutes, this will make it hard thus preventing it from scattering in the pot of soup later on.
  • Add palm oil, Iru, blended crayfish, prawn, dried prawns, catfish (deboned)  to chicken/beef stock and allow to boil for 20 minutes (till the palm oil is cooked)
  • Add chopped Okro to the boiling pot of orisirisi (the pot sha) an then mix till well blended.  Allow it to boil and do not cover or your okro will not 'draw'
  •  Add chopped and washed spinach to the mixture and mix properly. Taste for salt. Usually the salt/maggi in my stock is always enough for my soup so I do not add any more (hence the stock has to be rich!)
  • Reduce heat and allow to simmer for 5 minutes and voila! Food is served. You can serve with pounded yam, amala, eba, semo etc. Some folks eat it with rice (????).  
  • Bon appetit, Ounjẹ ajẹye o ,Yoo gba ibi re ...

      blended crayfish

      whole okro

      chopped okro

      dried crayfish
      dried catfish

      cowleg, shaki



      dried stockfish, okporoko

      meatstock and chicken/beef

      iru-locust beans

      adding spinach to okro soup

      All images are mine, so no copy copy oh! If i catch you....lol


      1. Mmmmmm...thank you sooo much for the recipe! I've been trying to figure out how to make ila asepo (shhh...don't tell my mom, she'd slap me!..lol)

        Good job!

      2. ohhhhhhhhyea! original wackis, n u cant do me anything, i ve copied it, its in my stomach now :)

      3. "Cut up okro with a knife...I prefer this to blending because the okro will be nice and crunchy instead of a smooth paste." --> infact u got me from the first point, "Ounjẹ ajẹye o ,Yoo gba ibi re ..." lol

      4. Wetin you mean sef?
        I have to copy it please o!
        Tabi won't I use it to learn?
        Thanks for the recipe..
        Have a great week!

      5. Chai, you don finish me o. I want some! LOL...

      6. See we are getting there with the whole recipe thing ;)
        Meanwhile am going to share YOUR efo riro one on my blog. It actually came out perfectly


        No, but why? This comment of mine is not a joke! Really why?

        You didn't have to! But why?

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      9. this is my most fav soup...sans the crayfish(i'm now allergic to seafood)

      10. You did not list the most important item on your ingredient list. You forgot to list Okra!


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