BUS 80!

Im so sorry Ive not been blogging much! I gats apologise so here it is : I am sorry! Missed blosgville, and i hope i wont be away for long again. Oya on to todays gist! Well its not really my usual gist, this one is special from God.  Im here to tell u guys about BUS 80 with mixed feelings! I'm angry and happy at the same time at this BUS service, well more angry than happy to be honest.

 So I recently moved to this area, and the bus that takes me to my street gan gan is BUS 80. That bus service is soooooooooooo crap! National Express please take note! I feel the drivers are in their offices/bus stations/ wherever  drinking ogogoro while passengers are waiting angrily in the freezing cold, some missing appointments, getting late for work/meetings! Or  is it that there are not enough buses? There is nothing more annoying than a bus service that is never on time. If they are never going to be on time, why get a timetable in the first place? So the bus is supposed to arrive 3.15, 3.36,  3.50 within an hour but the 3.15 doesn't show till 4.36! Friggin frack! At this juncture I'm begging God, please give me money make i buy moto!

However my last encounter with BUS 80 was not the usual one. I got inspiration from above. I was almost at the bus stop when I sight the bus already leaving (a), so smart me remembered that if i go thru the train station i can block the bus at one sharp corner like that (b). Na so i pick race, running like someone that has to piss bad bad (c)! So I reach the corner and I no see the bus...i'm thinking , has the bus passed already? or is the bus still coming? I had the option of taking other buses however they will not get me as close to my street as BUS 80 will, BUS 89 pass, three BUS 87 pass, even BUS 82 and  BUS 81 pass, and i was feeling like a mumu standing alone at the bus stop (d). One mind say make i eneter all the other bus but another mind say make i wait...I waited 5 more minutes before BUS 80 came and I entered (e).

The moral of this story which I have decided to share with you guys out of the abundance of my kind generous heart is this:  Once God has given you a vision (a), when you sight your dream for front, make sure you make a plan (b) and chase it committedly!(c). On your journey there will definitely be other distractions and other routes you think you can take to get you to your destination quicker but remember they will never lead you exactly to your destination...how then can you be fulfilled? Be patient (d) and wait (e)! And your dream will come true! Always know when it is time to wait . . .

"Sometimes God does not come down and speak to us with a thunderous voice; sometime He uses situations to explain, teach and encourage us"
                                                                                                          Sisi Yemmie


  1. Am reposting this NOW..... nice one babes

  2. aah Reminds me of my own Stagecoach bus 31. The bus only comes twice in an hour. I was to travel and with all my luggage I tried to run to the bus stop to make the first bus on the hour and someone was waiting for me at the train station.
    tick tock, 5mins no bus, everyone thought I missed it, I thought I missed it, 10mins no bus, 20mins I see the bus, I was so pissed. and the lady driver still had time to take a fag break!!

    Anyways, thankfully I still got to the station in a good time!. You are right, patience is something everyone should cultivate and I'm still in the learning room.

  3. Wow, amazing insight!!! This girl you are good jor!

    I would have never thought of the situation like that...knowing myself I'd be too angry...God is good, he certainly uses everything and anything to teach us something...wow!

  4. Great lesson! That is so good. I won't forget this

  5. OMG dont get me started on bus drivers. The only thing that keeps me sane is they are people too but mehn! Cold is no joke here in UK kmt
    Anyways nice story lesson learned! xx

  6. hmmmm, av u tried waiting for bus p5 before???


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