[Opinion] Nigeria Senate approves anti-gay marriage bill

Gay sex marriage has been banned in Nigeria. Under the proposed law, gay couple's who marry face 15 years imprisonment, Witnesses and guests also face 10 years imprisonment!!! Other additions to the bill include making it illegal to register gay clubs or organisations, as well as criminalizing the "the public show of same-sex amorous relationships directly or indirectly".

What's your opinion? Yay or Nay?

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  1. Good way to show where our priorities as a nation lie.......*That's sarcasm, by the way***
    I dont know why they can't just focus on the important stuff...I mean, I don't think homosexuality should be accepted as normal but this bill is just overthetop.com!
    Whatever happened to passing a bill that doesnt give them any recognition whatsoever? Wetin concern the agbero witnesses and pastors with overload?!
    Nigeria, I hail thee!

  2. Definitely a Nay!

    Don't we even have more pressing issues in Nigeria?

  3. lol...this reminds me of when Nigeria launched a satellite into space when they are still battling to tar ordinary roads...

    I'm not pro-gay. But seriously there are more important things to be bothered about than worry about gay unions...our senators must be jobless...

  4. Hell NAY!!
    Nigeria's govt can be so hypocritical. This is the least of our problems. They need to focus on the corrupt politicians including themselves and focus on the fact that our country, my future is dying and its all because of them, not because someone is gay. Things like this just piss me off! How is anyone being gay disturbing them. So they can even sit down and decide on something, NAWA. Boo Nigeria Senate Boo!! We take 1 step forward and 50 steps backwards. They are only encouraging discrimination based on sexual orientation. Not cool! NOt cool............

  5. oh well for me its a big YAY! However I seriously didnt think our senators had this kind of time considering the BIG security and other life threatening issues facing us. But am I happy about the outcome of the debate and the bill? BIG FAT YES!

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  7. A big YAY from me. Now they should focus on more important matters like looking for a permanent solution to the menace called Boko Haram.


  8. I like that it is not legal>>> but really there are more pressing issues to deal with...

    mixed feelings YNAY!!! lol

  9. Iranu... talk about misplaced priorities. people cant afford to eat and they are passing gay bill.... with no enforcement of the rule of law, this is just a waste of time like everything else.

  10. smh! I understand if they reject marriage, or refuse to acknowledge gay people, none of that would shock me, especially since the US is still dealing with that. BUT to punish them with imprisonment because they happen to be gay, wow, so basically theyre saying that 10 years in prison will reform gay and they'll come out straight? what if that doesnt work *side eye* another 10 yrs?

    smh, i wonder if it's just a law that might not be enforced, or what type f proof is necessary before they throw you in jail. 10 yrs!!!! woah that's a lot.

  11. Hissss NAY! They just want to look busy doing stuff that don't matter, instead of tackling the real issues facing Nigeria.

    Muse Origins

  12. I think they laws are a bit too stiff. But I am totally against gay marriages. It's unnatural. Someone's going to call me "homophopic".But am I not allowed to have my separate opinion. This gay lifestyle is going to bring nothing but chaos among Nigerians. Very soon you'll be hearing of samesex child abuse and rapes. It's just a matter of time.Even beastiality will may become acceptable. NAIJA ARE YOU READY FOR THAT????? Una too dey do follow follow!

    1. but there are already same sex abuse way b4 this nonsense of bill that was passed... Just becos pple do not talk about it publicly it does not it aint there or not in existence... Having said that, its intriguing to know their logic behind the bill seeing that many countries used to be homophobic and changed dramatically.

      God will help us...

  13. You have inspired me! You have asked for my thoughts, please read them hear: http://mahoganycherrelle.blogspot.com/2012/01/thank-god-i-am-not-gay.html


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