[OPINION]: Queen cheats on King with his friend...whats your take?

The King of Swaziland, Mswati III evicted his 12th wife from the Palace for allegedly cheating on him with a former Justice. King Mswati III married Queen Dube, former Miss Swaziland when she was just 16years old. Under Swazi tradition the King is permitted to pick a new bride every year from the most beautiful ladies in Swaziland who come to dance 'topless' for him at the annual Reed Dance Festival *claps hands*

The evicted Queen Dube claimed that her husband, the King, has not seen her, talk less of of touched her in a year...I honestly cannot blame her right now considering the circumstances; body no be firewood,omode kekere are e. Plus the King has 13 wives in total...how can he satisfy them all? 14 women for 1 man!

What do you guys think?


  1. Please tell me this is a joke..... seriously? in the 21st century? o ga gan o.

  2. lol i'm sure she said her wedding vows..
    If she didn't believe in them, she no suppose talk am.

  3. You missed the "story! Story! Story! Once upon a time (time time)" in the beginning


    "that is the end of my story" at the end

    because this can not be real. Right?

  4. Are you serious?!

    In this day and age? Unbelievable. In my opinion sha, I dont beliv any reason is enough to cheat in Marriage #GBAM!

    - LDP

  5. Wedding vows in a polygamous marriage? hahaha.

    Well, the King doesnt have anything to lose does he? She's probably the one going to miss whatever advantages comes with being the 13th lady of the King. abg

  6. lmao! I would like to know what the wedding vows read (cos I still think wedding vows in a polygamous setting is such a joke)...I am sure there is a loophole somewhere. Cos somehow, those same wedding vows make it ok for King whatever-his-name-is (gives courtesy) to say it to different women every year!

    As for Miss-Queen, was she bound hands and leg and carried to the palace or she wants to tell me that she didnt see that one coming...
    Oh! I forgot, she was only 16.

    Wait, isnt that statutory rape? Forget it, Swaziland is in Africa, ko?!


  7. hian!! what shall our ears not hear! one time elimination actually feels good! abi na reality tv show dem dey?

  8. Hahaha...what did the king expect, even the small girl that wants to be queen with 13 other women?

  9. Hahahahahahaha! That's my take.

    LOLOLOL @ all that HoneyDame wrote.

  10. 13th wife, you say? 13???? in this say and age? Hian!

  11. read this story yesterday in the dailies with the picture of the pretty queen and i was like WTF!, cant blame her that much sha, like you rightly said...body no be firewood abi! lol

  12. Adultery is a sin...yes...but what do u expect from some1 who hasn't been touched in a year?! Mehn, it didn't easy o. Meanwhile, i will say straight forward that no matter d situation, whatever she did isn't the right thing.


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