Oliver don twist 2 by AREA!!!

Some weeks back, AREA released a comedy parody video online of Don Jazzy's Oliver Twist competition called 'Oliver don Twist' and luckily for them they didn't get booed off the web, people seemed to actually like it! As it happens they just released the sequel to 'Oliver don Twist 2'. Enjoy!

Here is the Part 1 if you missed it! 

Check out their facebook page HERE
This video is the "hot shit"..! Seriously... :-)


  1. Interesting.. They've got talent :)

    - LDP

  2. I couldnt help laughing through out part 1 AND 2...Nicely done

  3. oh mine! these guys just made my day. Jisos!! Naija has got talent joo

  4. i like the comedy video ...i love the work of these boys ...replica handbags


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