My Yori-Yori's Wedding!

2011 was THE year of weddings!
October 1st, 2011, my yori yori bid me farewell and followed man. *sigh*
I present to you Eyi and Toks Kolawole :)

I wish them a fantabulous married life! They shall live together forever! And the people say?...Amen!

Actually, I will share pictures of ALL my bestie's weddings, who wants to have a view?



  1. ds is beautiful dearie**cnt wait to get married*

  2. Very Beautiful, God bless their union.

  3. Congrats to them,and i know soon we'll come for your own.(Just say amen).


  4. All the best to yhem. They are beautiful together, and the pictures too. I look forward to more.

  5. awwww... the pictures are beautiful, i love weddings :}

  6. awwww... the pictures are beautiful, i love weddings :}

  7. Congrats to you yori yori...God bless their home.

  8. Nice pixs! Nice work babe! Can't wait to see mine here.

  9. nice! nice!! nice!! and yes! i would love to see the wedding pictures of all your bestie's.

  10. Hey Chica, so so lo-ver-ly! Can't wait 4 urs!*wink* Xxxx

  11. Lovely couple!! I wish them a wonderful life together.

  12. Seeing pictures like these makes one wanna get married. So pretty and her traditional wedding colors...speechless. Tis pureeetaayy! Happy married life to them.

  13. God bless the couple's union always.

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  14. aww beautiful!!
    May God bless their union

    Happy New year to you girl! have a blessed year... more blog laughs to come :D

  15. Your Yori Yori is absolutely beautiful and stunning.

  16. Lovely couple. Great pictures. May God bless their marriage.


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