Share Your Boarding House Stories!!!

I came across this video and it was absolutely hilarious!!! and you guys know anything that makes me laugh I must share, laugh alone, cry alone. lol. I didn't attend boarding school sha but those of you who did, break it down for us!

PS. The Dude in the Pink shirt!!! LMAO!

BANIPRODUCTIONS, more grease to your elbow!


  1. never stayed in boarding house *sad face* I wish I did!!! maybe I should sue my (just kidding abeg)

  2. Ooooh for once,you fall my hand jare!!!This vid is stale now!But oh well, carry go!!!!

  3. Seen this video. It's cool.

    Boarding house was rugged mehn! (Shout out to all Kankonians!) We had this big chimpanzee in our school called Chaka, and every time he escaped from his cage and started running around it would be automatic public holiday. We used to pray for that to happen. Lol.

  4. Went to the Airforce Military school Jos the dark guy was talking about ... Mehn c suffer but dat was the best experience ever

  5. I stayed in boarding school for three years and I still brag that I survived cos it actually built my character. But it wasn't easy men!

  6. my brothers went to airforce military Jos, that school wasnt funny at all. But at the end they liked it and are happy they went there.
    As for me my father threw me inside a village convent (so i wont turn into those ashewo FGGC Abuloma girls)...the first 3yrs in that school was hellfire.

  7. I have mixed memories of boarding school, like everyone else. I've managed to convince myself with time that the good outweighs the bad.

  8. Boarding house wasn't easy mennn but at least its in the past now....Gosh the house mistresses and matron got on my last nerve gooodnnnnessssss....(you almost got me screaming there!)

  9. My boarding house experience was a mixture of all sorts. My sister was already a senior in school when i gained admission, so I didn't suffer too much. I hated doing the chores though and we used to have inspection every Saturday. Somehow, my house wasn't always as clean as expected and so after the inspectors have gone, all the workers will be punished severely under the scorching sun. Those were terrible times. Also hated the manual labour part. Mehnnnn, cutting the V-shaped grass portion was hell. I always had blisters on my hand. I remember the cases of people seeing "Ekuke: The 3 legged dog, Madam KoinKoin and all sorts. LOL. I also remember going to a spring that was downward sloping and slippery to fetch water (dangerous, but we did it), having senior girls collect a bowl of water from every junior girls buckets of water to fill up their own bucket. Also while in the dining hall, rushing to quickly take your empty pot after sharing food to the kitchen because if you submit it late, you will be made to kneel down in the full glare of everyone and carry the pot on your head. LOL. Ohhhhh, lots of memories. I could go on and on.....But in all, it helped to make me a strong person.

    1. Federal government girls' college ,onitsha! wink wink?
      you forgot to add waking up so early to train during inter house sports! like we were all going to be athletes! smh

  10. Why is nobody talking about having to pound shit? Yes Sisi Yemmie, I do mean poopoo, number 2 or whatever you choose to call it. I went to 2 FGGCs and it was the same in both places. All the spots on my legs are from dirty things splashing on me. Boarding house was tough. Not like all these 'ajebo' boarding houses of these nowadays. I went to the original boarding house and they didn't lie when they said it would be 'character forming' Now whether it is 'good' character forming is a different matter altogether. I learnt how to lie like a trained thief cos you have to lie to seniors, lie to teachers, lie to your parents sef. But it was an interesting experience sha.

  11. my sister went to went airforce girls military school jos... hell and some, but i guess after it all, most of them love it.

    ha, boarding school, i had some natural skills and a face to get me out of trouble... so lets say the good outweighs the bad :)

  12. I went to one of the Youngest FGGCs. Hmmmm I cleared V portion, I pounded sometin, I got suspended, expled, deboarded wat else??? I rushed for food in the dinning hall. Struggled to fetch water from well and Tap, pretended to have eye problem. I cooked Eba and Ga(Gaisha) or Eba and Sa(sardine) ate soaked indomie, dey told us it use to cause breast cancer. I did soak and travel for my Garri. I lay down under a seniors Bunk all nite.ehen youth corpers, I didn't friend any1 one o, but some pple had corper boyfriend. I had choko one time like that, but it didn't get to wat u re thinking.chai dey flogged me 12strokes on one palm,

  13. Boarding house...Hmmm. Memories, memories! Some good, some not so, lol. Still hate early morning waking, prolly due to my boarding house experiences. Still hate that term 'Ajebota'. I became an 'ajepako'. Had to be to survive! Then they called it 'Ajepaki', (as in paki-garri).

  14. Goodness! where do i start from in tellin my boarding stories.. i went to an fggc school in Osun state so i was a boarder, it was hell and fun at the latter part

    The lady my mom handed me over to was the meanest prefect ever, i remember her pouring garri on my head on sunny afternoon becos i wanted to soak before afternoon prep.. it was something. what about the labour, the dinning hall masacre, the sickbay and the crazy hurses that would give face towels injections, some teachers were shagging senior students!

    i had fun wen i was in ss3, i use d to play basketball so we had so many outing went to Akure for Milo competition, QC for federal games, played bball at OAU, it was madt fun and it really did shape me...

    i however don't miss the bullying. it was awful and yeah i did pound poop! esp times when i wanted to use the toilet and it was messed up, i would ask people taking their bath to help me do it in bowls, i d pound and clean up with their bath water, use tissue to decorate and did what i needed to do...
    What about our school farm that students turned to a bush toilet. no wonder our Okro's grew so big.... lol
    some fun..

  15. ​ :)) ˚°◦ see as laff. . won . comot my
    _\\_ waist

    I'm so lol at the okro part. wonder if all the feddie schools used to do some meeting back in the days on how to deal with boarders cos the experiences are virtually the same.
    The silliest part was when a senior needs someone to go on an errand and then calls out 'A JUNIOR GIRL' or the remix being 'I NEED A JEWIE!' come see as all of us go pick race like muturu cattle to be the first to reach the senior to! lol

  16. i don't like to share my memories to every one cause these are so valuable for me and i cant let them spoil i only share my well memories to my close relationshipreplica handbags

  17. I went to Air Force Girls'Military School Jos. It made me tough. And i cherish the memories. However i know its because i gave my life to Christ that makes the difference. Cos i would have been very mean.Js 2 was my worst year. We had very mean senoirs on our table.Interestingly these seniors were only one set ahead of me cos i was in the second batch of students to be admitted to the schoool. Coming to eat was one of the most difficult tasks of the day cos you do not know what can happen during that meal time.


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