As a celebration of the 53rd Nigerian Independence day, a social campaign to support a Nigerian business owner in financial distress has been developed by Dudunorth.
To support this campaign, a few bloggers and entrepreneurs have donated funds to bridge the gap in a Nigerian residents’ business finances.  If you own a business and you’ve been facing major financial setbacks, they want to help you get back on your feet by investing in your craft.

There are only THREE requirements:
  1. You must be a Nigerian resident (i.e. Nigeria is your permanent country of residence)
  2. You are facing a MAJOR financial business challenge
  3. You make less than N160,000/month
To participate,
Visit DUDUNORTH'S PAGE to answer these three questions:
  • What is your craft (business)?
  • Have you started this business?
  • Why do you need financial support? Explain very briefly
Deadline to participate: September 30th, 2013
On October 1st, three individuals would be chosen for an interview (regarding your need).  Of these three, ONE individual would emerge as the winner and presented with a cheque exceeding $1,000 (N160,000)

G O O D L U C K :)

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Pink Pearl Foundation
The Kaleidoscopian
Shot by Shakes
M.I.M Chronicles
Omon Imo
Design Cook Love
Change and Revolution
Sh3 Is…
Tubi Films
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**p.s: you can comment on behalf of a friend, but the winning prize must be claimed by the friend 

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  1. This is a good idea. It's good to always stretch a helping hand.


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