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Hey Guys! Hows everyone doing? Last day of September, are you excited??? I AM! You didn't know October is the best month of the year? Champions, celebrities, presidents, and so many great people were born in October, and Sisi Yemmie is on that list! My birthday is in October, so start preparing my birthday present oh, nothing is too small, nothing too big. I accept cash, gift certificates, recharge cards, flight tickets, movie tickets…in fact, list odikwa endless. I’m going to do something special for my birthday and it will involve all of us, ehn, me and una, so please look out for my update!

So how was your weekend? I was not in a good mood last weekend, only on Sunday my spirits lifted but I was quite sad, nor be everything I go fit talk. We all have those days abi? So Friday what did I get up to? I worked late, my company had an event and it didn't finish till about 8:00 pm, but I wasn't complaining because I had two nice bowls of stew to take home, you know what that means right? My lunch for this week is sorted! LOL. Go away jor, don’t judge me. Y’all will do “take away” too if it was you! I spent the rest of my evening in Lagos traffic!

Saturday was a blur… I did my chores. I went to the salon to fix my nails, painted it pink - these are my real nails by the way, it was wrapped. Later on, I went out to fill up my gas cylinder, bought fuel for the generator, bought a few food stuff, paid for my internet connection at home (the thing nor still dey work) and spent the rest of the evening picking beans and feeling blue… Sisi Yemmie, stop it!

On Sunday! Yes, I went to church, very late, sigh. I’m glad I went though because then I remembered that God loves me and I started to smile. The pastor that preached was a guest pastor, Pastor Kale, he’s such a funny man, the message I picked was this; Do Good, Be Humble, Work Hard, Obey God and you will move forward in life.  What stood out for me was DO GOOD.

After Church I went to Cool FM 96.9 because I had an interview with Shine! Olorisupergal and I were invited as bloggers on the twisted show. I’m sooo sorry! I should have informed you all, but I did mention it on twitter & Facebook  Please follow me on twitter and like my Facebook page so that we can extend this our friendship. The show was fun, I was asked a lot of twisted questions like : What’s your most complicated relationship? Have you ever done the walk of shame to which I answered, Oh YAS! LOL. Have you?

I have interesting posts lined up for this week, first is the video project I mentioned last week, it’s to commemorate Nigeria’s 53rd Independence and it will be uploaded on YouTube today, if you’re subscribed to my channel you can watch it there, but it will be on my blog tomorrow. I went around asking strangers, what do they like about Nigeria, What don’t they like and what changes they would like to see…

What have you got planned for tomorrow, as per Independence tinz? If you're not in 9ja, sorry oh. LOL. 

“Some people dream of great accomplishments, while others stay awake and do them” via Danielle Luedtke
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  1. Loaded week. I look forward to the project.

  2. yesso special people for october I am one of them am the 6th of october this sunday i turn 22 kaiiii....whats ur birth day sisi?

  3. sisi yemmie works with shell? did i guess right

  4. Sisi got me hooked! Love your blog!!


  5. Lovely nails SisiY, please where did you get them done?

  6. lovely nails, please where did you get them done?

  7. I thought you would post the recorded conversation or something from the cool fm program you went.

  8. AHHHH Sisi Yemmie, you just had to rub it in on the last line eh? lol
    Happy birthday in advance!!

  9. Lovely nails!#me likey!



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