Na So I See Am...

If you follow me on twitter you will know that I have been having hotblood for like 3 weeks now. But I have been encountering some major bullcrap in this Warri. I disgraced my tutor who taught me DIPLOMACY 101 .I will describe each encounter scenario by scenario.

Scenario 1 #GTB: I was referred to Customer Service. I reach there & gave the dude my 5000 megawatt flouriscent smile that i only reserve for special people.Na so this guy just look me dey bone like person wey swallow constipated ogoro (frog). Me sef i pocket my smile. He was like "fill that form"... and flung the form on another desk and walked away. I thought it was really rude (in my best british accent).

Scenario 2 #ETISALAT. I wanted to activate my BIS so one of the staff told me to stand in the corner beside him to watch what he is 'plessing' on my phone. Next thing i heard one akpu voice  "hey! you, comot from dia, go stand dat other side"...I actually didn't know he was referring to me. I gats look back twice. I said " but your staff said i should stand here"...he just screamed at me like a cow..."u nor dey hear word i say stan dia! he was gesticulating like a traffic warden wey drink 10 shots of kainkain for koro koro afternoon. Shooooooo. Onana trouble dey sleep yanga go wake am! I just pull my "eyeshade" and gave him THE LOOK!"

Me: are you talking to me?
Rudeboy: I no fit tell u somtin make u gree, u nor be woman?!
Me: you dey crase?! abi dem dey worry u? make i use slap cover your eye?!Shege!"
Small thing, everybody don dey beg, "sist, sist, abeg no vex. na so e voice be and he nor sabi talk to people" ...

Scenario 3#TAILOR: I give one male tailor my cloth to sew. The guy say na 2 weeks. I say it must not pass 2 weeks oh. He say he don hear. I pad him in full. 2nd week reach my cloth never even start. 3rd week, the guy never still sew am. 4th week...i reach there.
Me: Oga howfar where is my dress....
OdeTailor: I never sew am (with THAT arrogant look on his face)
Me: But you told me 2 weeks na, and ive paid you in full.
OdeTailor: Go comeback.
Me: I cant. I need it now.
OdeTailor: go siddon there wait for the cloth, if you nor fit wait then go....


Whaaaaaaat?All the english i gather from Obodo Oyinbo just vamoose... "na so you go talk to your customer?e nor good O.
 And the guy replies "how i go talk to u?u nor be woman? how dem dey talk to woman?i don marry ur mate for house"
....that was the last straw....Lets just say I almost stabbed the dodonyor with his scissors!

Why do most Nigerian men treat women as second class citizens? All of them kept referring to me as 'ordinary woman' this normal? have Nigerian men always treated women this way? or i just didn't notice before?Why do banks employ people who cannot smile in customer service roles?!WTH! Na me force dem go work? why will a customer service staff be scowling at me?!
Why do WE all accept these things as NORMAL?it is sooooooo wrong! <----THIS IS THE MOST ANNOYING BIT!


  1. Na wa o. I wonder if i can ever live in Nigeria again. I will be getting into fights everyday. What nonsense?!

  2. Thought provoking post.
    Make me think small before I drop my gbosa.

  3. customer service has always been zero and banks and telecoms ppl are d worst by far. nd oh yea, "i don marry ur mate put for house"....thunder fire their mouth. very stupid

  4. I've since concluded most people who hold jobs that entail relating with clients tend to have an inferiority complex (frontdesk/receptionists mostly)

    This is because they see themselves as 'servants' and automatically think that because u're paying them, u must be looking down on them hence their 'retaliatory' rudeness

    As for men who look down on women... a case of low self esteem, bad home training too! Why do u always have to say 'im the man'! Act it and see if people wld not respect you more.

  5. hahaha, I can relate with you. Had an experience similar to yours....that is when I conclude there is no such thing as customer service for Nigeria. You pay for service, but the provider will act like they are doing you a favor.

    Most businesses you go to, the staffs show no sign of customer service skills, I'm like if no one patronize you how can you be in business, they just don't get it that having a good customer service skills and training your staffs the importance of providing good customer service makes people come back to you. But I guess that logic doesn't work in Nigeria.

  6. I tot it was just me o! Last time i went back home it was like a constant battle, i could not believe the way customers are treated you would think they are giving you the thing for free!
    Reminds me of when i went to get a new passport, the stupid custom officer managed to mispronounce my name so badly that i didnt even know it was me she was calling, then she had a nerve to have a go at me!

  7. LWKMD....thIS IS A serious post but I cant stop laughing. how do you come up with these things???
    ANYWAYS..... customer service is non existent in most organizations in Nigeria... as in zero! and it's just sad.
    ...... re treating women as 2nd class... it's a cultural issue, that doesn't excuse it sha oo. pele hen.

  8. OMG my blood is boiling? what rubbish! Some people deserve to be bitch-slapped i swear!
    "I no fit tell u somtin make u gree, u nor be woman?!"
    "how i go talk to u?u nor be woman? how dem dey talk to woman?i don marry ur mate for house"
    This is just unacceptable! I always knew nigerian guys have a complex but i didnt think they were so brash. & to think of the illiterate men that said this jst vexes me even more. U made the mistake of paying the guy in full when he hadnt even made the dress yet though :/
    Customer service in nigeria is seriously lacking. & it's sad that no one relly cares bout it.

  9. Geez! Nigerians are rudee gosh! I am going back in few months, oh God give me patience.

    I remember the day i went to Nigerian embassy here in UK,i actually thought i was in Nigeria because of he way they spoke to me.

  10. #JesusTakeTheWheel for real LWKMD!!!

    Yes@ Customer service agents in Nigerian coys are so untrained,rarely smile and are unapproachable. At times, the burden of that job weighs them down...

    And about Naija men seeing women as 2nd class, that one na cultural issue in known tribes/religion!
    If na naija network, all have been a big issue this ‎​γεαr yet they spend so much advertising a product they've barely maintained....

    But Sisi, Koolo temper oh!

  11. Nawa oh.. Sisi dont throw your civilization outta the window because of this peeps..
    Take it easy abeg..

  12. Omgosh i just got a fit of anger reading this... i actually don't know what i would have done... yes, Jesus really needs to take the wheel there. Chei! Pele mehn. Just take it easy :)

  13. Mehn, it gets pretty gross sometimes - even for guys. This one time my soccer shorts needed a nu band, and I gave em to this 'hip-hop' hausa tailor. Bloody dude kept tossing me back n forth like a yoyo.

    One evening, many weex later, I got there and he still hadn't started! Choi, I couldn't take it anymore; I switched to ET-mode, no time!

    Mehn, when I provoke finish, na moonlight hin take finish am!

  14. Eeeyyaa, sorry o. Tailors are most times, very annoying. Though I don't belive most Nigerian men treat women as second class. You can say 'many', but not 'most'.
    Pele gaannn

  15. I almost died laughing when I read "#Jesustakethewheel" Hahahahaha.

    Hilarious! I never realized it myself, maybe cos I'm a guy, nut I'm going to keep my eyes wide open whenever I return home.
    Enjoy your stay. And tailor people. Kai, very unreliable!

  16. E pele oo, nah so 9ja be...we don tire sotay nah 'siddon-look' position we don take...glad you showed your 'red eye' to the security guy in the bank,everybody wan flex per the tailor?...advance payment is the best than full, my bet is that he had spent the money on something else and can't buy the accessories, so he is waiting to have money from another customer to do yours..when they say 2 weeks, x 2....all artisans are like that o!

  17. I feel you o... It's scary how warped some of our "uncle's" opinions of women are... Anytime they see even a slightly successful woman in a position of power- na to vex be the next thing... Classic example of disrespecting female drivers cos they just assume "one man bought you the car anyway...". Even my mom had issues with a driver one time who was still trying to prove that he was a hard guy. They don't understand- female or male, boy or girl, I AM YOUR BOSS/CUSTOMER. It's your job to serve. Don't be salty. Work hard and someone will serve you too. Eventually. :)

  18. Praise master Jesus! Thank God Jesus took the wheel! Lmao! U are just something else......

    Do Naija men disrespect women? Yes! I agree with enybees-hub....its a culture thing but also dependent on orientation, mindset, mentality n upbringing. It takes only secure (sadly, few) men to see women as equals. Most times, especially in coys, its latent but if u look a lil bit closer, its there......u would see it. I work for a Boss Lady, so I know what I'm talking about. God help them to see that He created us equal!

    As per that ur tailor.....u shouldn't have paid him in full, they take on too much than they can deliver n then begin to yan dust or they do rush rush n sow rubbish. I don't take it easy with them at all!

    All in all, we can only control our actions n reactions, so we should't let peoples rile us so. Ndo provoke again oh :)

  19. Lmao! I so feel you on the poor customer service thingy, welcome to Naija. I once had a vegetable seller in the market ignore me for a good five minutes to fiddle with his phone(note that he wasn't taking a call o)

    And yes, there are some ignorant men out there that think its ok to talk down to a paying customer simply because of your gender. SMH. So annoying.

  20. O my God!
    I feel you on all! Most Customer care people are just NOT IT! Dem no biam at all! And I have come to the conclusion that they do not know their work scope!

    As for the tailor, he is just been a typical tailor...they are all the same!

    BTW: I have always wondered why people always say "you no be woman"? Now that is one phrase I detest... I'm I expected to take all sorts just because I'm a woman??

    In all sha let Jesus take the wheel!

    Thanks for the follow.

  21. Ehyah.....Sorry about the whole thing.

    Some companies just put people in customer service while giving the rudiments of what their job entails.

    As per the Etisalat guy, I trust you would wash him down with your look.

    Most of these guys looking down on ladies are not really guys in the real sense of it. They are 'bush' people who missed their way to the city.

  22. Really? This IS totally annoying. Lots of business people lack manners mehn


  23. Eya. I have drawn the conclusion that Customer Service does not exist in Nigeria or in a bid not to be too harsh, it is almost extinct. People who should be rendering service just talk to customers anyhow, treat them anyhow like they dont have anything to do. They forget that if we dont come for their service they will be out of job.
    As for the tailor issue, those ones need strong thing to perform. If you had "raked" for him and siezed one item from his shop him for behave.
    Over all that is Naija for you, they dont appreciate gentle people.

  24. I've been stalking your blog waiting for a new post *petulant sticky lower lip out look* anyways......yay!
    Number 1, you never...... I repeat NEVER give tailors full payment in Nigeria without having collected your clothes. They went to the University of Piss-Takers and graduated with a degree in Fuckery. They are horrid people. Apologies to any tailor who reads this but una sef know say you no well.
    Number b, Nigerian men for the most part are largely ignorant. This behavior extends outside the shores of Nigeria to societies where women are on a relatively equal footing with men. My aunt got told off by a man in Nigeria house in London because she kept trying to have "an opinion" when he was talking to her husband. And he tried to give my uncle advice as to how to handle his insolent wife who doesn't know how to keep quiet when men are talking. If it was a white woman, he wouldn't dare. Unfortunately my aunt is that terrible mix of Naija born, jand bred ie jand ideology, Naija sharp tounge. She finished his entire life in that office and raised such a stink that his colleagues had to come and beg her. Foolish people!

  25. Welcome on board! U'll get lot of that here.... I recently had a post on my blog on how rude 9jers can be....and yeah , most people don't question it, I do though, can't take it.

  26. I was patiently scrolling down to see your reactions... and u nor disappoint! haba no be Sisi Yemmie again?! Omoge-no- nonsense! LOL

    Seriously, men shdnt put women down for any reason... check the lives of the men who do, frustration coated!

  27. I don laff die, nearly piss for pant...i love you Sisi, you much

    Walahi, you for cover that guy face for the Etisalat office

    As for that tailor, na one hungry police i go dash like 4k to sieze down the whole shop & break him Singer machine, him dey craze well well, which one be i no get woman like you for house, make God punish am well well, him dey mad...

    PS: i dont know how&where you're meeting these kind of men oh, Nigerian men give women a whole lot more respect than that abeg

    As for banks, as man or woman oh, i no dey go, i no like to shout

  28. Its very annoying being undermined just because you are a woman.

    I once hard to manage a team of male employees and had to be very tough at it. I recall one of them grumbling in yoruba that women were meant to be submissive, sharp sharp I replied that SUBMISSIVE TO HER HUSBAND not to every man just because they possess a penis!!(I dey crase like dat attimes jare and he deserved the answer)

    I also blogged about it some time back and na so my head sparked.

    First blog on it was titled 'woman who buy this car for you: chimamanda spoke on her experiences being an unmarried woman of a certain age in Nigeria

    Second blog was where someNigerian men spoke happily about rape. My head bin wan scatter!

    So yes oh, we experience it,but I treat their f**k up immediately they do it!So I dey your back on your reactions jare.


  29. customer service in nigeria esp the telecoms sector is wack. just had a run down with mtn customer service personnels. i registered sim, did finger printing and eye scan a year ago. now they re requesting dat i should re - register. abeg have i changed my fingers or eye... wetin i go give them

  30. LOL, your words are so funny, but your comments are too true.


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