My Friend: So how did you kill that rat?

Me: Na my dog catch am oh

Both of us laugh hysterically…..

My friend: he he he kif kif kif ha ha ha…YOU hehe THIS hehe GIRL snort YOU BE MONKEY OH hehehe…

All I hear is screeching tyres……say whaaaaaat?
Back to sender, you sef na chimpanzee...taaa!

If na joke abeg stop am! Shoooooo…! Me with you dey laugh and the next thing you jokingly say is “you’re stupid oh….this girl is a fool”…while laughing and knacking me small. Make una see me see trouble. I've noticed for a very loooong time now how when we joke with friends we just say things that we don’t pay attention to. Rememeber how you just randomly call your friend “ode, ure such a case”! I don’t know when that became a compliment or when it became funny. Like, would you be laughing with Oprah and say…”u be mumu oh…ure sooo funny!”

A friend of mine(one of my besties) in the "Amelica"once started a chat with me, and the first line was "Hello bitch"...ehn?!!! ki lo so? I asked..."why did you say that"? and the reply was "lighten up, its just a joke, i call all my female friends here bitch"...Ori mi oh.(my head o)...Is that how they talk in America niyen? I quickly requested for an apology and for the word to be taken back. I no dey like that kain joke...I don't know when "Bitch or Hoe" became a compliment...

I strongly believe that we can alter things with our words, just the way God said “Let there be light”….and then there was light! There is sooo much power in the tongue, my parents, my grandma, Pastor and all my days of watching Nollywood movies has taught me this. I will not now open my eyes and let someone be shѐ-ing ѐpѐ (place curses) on me while we are laughing ! Abeggoooo.

I know parents who bless their kids even when they are so pissed. Instead of yelling ”you stupid boy, with your head like coconut”! Its much more constructive to yell “you this blessed boy, with your head like that of a king”…I’ve heard parents say this, and believe me I laughed!!! Retrospectively, I think they actually know what they are doing….you can’t call your son Coconut head and then expect a coconut head to carry first for class!

I understand that we joke or are pissed off when we say these things, but lets not get carried away oh…hian! I used to be so guilty of saying “goat” to friends ..lol…but after a while I tried to stop it.  Sometimes it's at the tip of my tongue and i just swallow it. The next time you’re about to say “goat” "ode", "olodo" "idiot" "mumu"…to ya friend just edit it and put “fine girl” dia!

Abi am I paranoid? lol

P.S  A friend's mother has been diagnosed with stage III breast cancer. She needs $60,000 for the operation to remove her left breast. Please visit www.wepay.com/donate/92676 to read more and to donate any amount possible. Lets show some love here. Thanks!!!


  1. Hahahahaha! Haa! Ok, I haff laff finish.

    You raise an important issue. Really, I am someone who doesn't like curse words....but if a friend disses me or does something naughty, I could say....'u this fish' or 'yeye' I really did not attach so much imp to it until I met this gal during NYSC n we became friends n in my usual way I play with friends, I used those but she didn't like it n flared. I apologized n watched it henceforth.

    I believe the tongue holds so much power n so if ure telling someone 'ur head no correct' or 'u be mumu' it don pass play play oh! We av to be careful what we 'jokingly' confess abeg.

    Nice one!

  2. Na true o. I bin dey call people fish, ode, olodo, goat etc and I don't think anything of it. And when people call me names back we laugh about it and it is a wrap. Henceforth, I will watch it.

    The one wey bin dey kill me na, "wassup bitch"......"hi hoe" You dey mad??? You see me for Ayilara abi na Allen? I still don't get that. I'm not justifying the other insults, but we must admit those ones are a bit milder. In the bid to be modern, we import all these st-ew-pid things from obodo oyinbo and start to bandy them about. Call me those names at the risk of a serious and hot "igbati".

    This is a wake up call to be more conscious of the things that come out from our mouths. Ose!

  3. you are right o..i am so guilty of this...i call my friends egbe, ode, sikirat, sule...*covers face with shame*

    ok i need to repent for real cuz indeed our words are powerful.

  4. lol but as usual your post was funny :)

  5. Sisi Yemi, I agree with you on this one. While we look for the best for our friends or our kids, at the same time, be cursing them in the name of jokes or wrong deeds. As a christian too, I don't buy it.

    I can only imagine, if ur bestie that called u bitch said it to your face... haha

    - LDP

  6. lol... i usually tolerate it oo but naturally those words cant come off my mouth.
    $60,000 wow, i pray for the lady ooo but thats a huge sum of money to gather. wld do my best too

  7. “you this blessed boy, with your head like that of a king" LOL! I throw 'way salute for the self-controlled parents oh!!

    Makes a lot of sense!

  8. Nice post. We can create/ re create our worlds with our tongue.

    Also, the mouth can only say what the heart is full of. When we get the heart right, the mouth will speak right.

    Believe me, its very hard for parents, especially mother cos am one. But we have to try.

    Its my first time here and am glad that I stopped by.

  9. I dont allow such oh, jokes or not. Mbanu! i dont do such so why allow it.

  10. lol...couldnt help laughing as I read on.. its so true and common place now. My favourites, used by moi without thinking includes:

    - Idiot
    - You no just get sense
    - if you like no wise
    - You be real fool...
    - Witch

    I had to curb it a bit when I got a girlfriend recently wen no dey take such things lightly... she will feel personally insulted when such is said to her...and might even bone the 'sayer' for like one week...

  11. ha U are soo right! *self-check* My parents raised me to bless people even in my anger, I don't know where I picked up "joking insults" :$

    o for the donations:
    Ok people in Nigeria can donate to the save my mum fund. GTbank. Khafil Animashaun. 3262531861590. Reference: Save my mum fund.

  12. I liked, I laughed...

    A friend once corrected me when I felt sorry for someone and say 'awwww poor (person's name)'...Does this count? Am I declaring poverty on the person?

    I personally thought this was extreme.....

  13. I am guilty of calling people: Ode, goat, sule, solo...it is just depends on the people.
    Bitch, Hoe...these 2 nba, i no fit take am.

    I wish I could donate to the cause but my beloved incredible India only sabi collect money, but no dey allow us send money out.

  14. You don't even want to know how much I agree with you. As in, why do people think "abuses" are jokes? Like the B word especially...or Ode. Or mumu. Seriously though, there's power in the tongue...laff aside.

    Lol @ "In the 'Amelica.'"

  15. I feel you on this one, Idi ere la tin mon oto. Just let pple know you don't like it. I am guilty of it, I call my close friends "ode oshi" a lot, It makes me feel like we are close like that.

  16. Thanks for talking about this.
    In other words, if na joke, stop am!

  17. i see girls esp on twitter call themselves 'bitch' and 'hoe' and i'm lost.

    "you're a blessed boy....." that's got to be the peak of self control. lol

    been seeing posts about the lady with breast cancer all over fb. i pray she gets well even after the money is raised.
    i have friends who have gone through this with their mothers, its not easy, pray God gives them the strength to stand in faith in these trying moment.

  18. i do curse! later i regret it!& reject them in JESUS name :(

  19. You always manage to pass across an important message with humor.I totally agree; i guess people use some of those abusive names cos they are too familiar but it shouldnt be. Why call someone u claim to like/love such derogatory names. There is immense power in the tongue

  20. Who like curse? But it depends sha. I and my bestie say crazy stuff to each other and laugh about it but not really bad stuff. I have to watch it though. Which one be bitch na?
    Loved the post. Made me laugh seriously.

  21. I never believed in using insults or curse words as jokes or terms of endearment. Yes o, just stop am abeg.

  22. lol ur posts always crack me up! i am guilty of playfully insulting my "close friends" and they do it too all the time so i dnt even feel guilty lol.
    But i never ever call random acquaintances or friends rude names. So if i call someone a rude name, i probably fee; like we are super tight and she wont be offended lol. I berra start wochin who i call beesh lol

  23. LOL!! it is true sha,i also don't get when some people want to describe something very good but use the word "bad/sick/mad/crazy" instead like i just dont understand :s

  24. I use love, dear, goat as terms of endearment. Especially goat. But I also use it on those who return me the favor. B and H cant be found in my vocabulary nor Fool and Idiot.

    There is a clear difference between being abusive/disrespectful and playful banter.

  25. LOL!!!! I am very guilty of saying olowdow amidst other curses...#sigh! I will try to stop!!!

  26. I'm not really keen on 'jokey insults' because it can get out of hand..

    Re: the operation. I'll check the page out.

  27. I wish I could borrow this post but i'll probably link it.... this is my post of the week! You are sooooo correct! I once called my hubby imbecile jokingly and he laughed and said " sweetie u know thats not a very nice thing to say to ur husband".... I looked at the word again and almost called myself imbecile for sayin it to my lord and head. We take a lot of things for granted and like u my darling sister, i shall have no one call me bitch in the name of joke o! mba nu!

  28. So true. I always call my friends Ode, cow, goat etc. I will stop now. There's power in the tongue, Nice post.

  29. Words carry so much weight. For example, the Nigerian celebrity,IK, who is also a christian changed his stage name from Wild Child to IK, maybe he was already going wild, lol. Niways, I am guilty of calling people olodo and I am now stopping.

  30. LOL!! Honestly, we talk such crap to our friends it's unbelievable. You have a point oh! My friends and i do this sometimes (not as drastic as bitch or mumu oh but still). You've raised a good point oh. There is power in the tongue!


  31. I pray God sent helpers to that lady with the cancer.
    Good post sis, recently I was thinking to myself that I need to watch the kinda of words I use. Our tongue is very powerful, and one need to watch how it is use.

  32. This is a really good issue you raised on a light-hearted note. I've noticed this and I believe in the power of words. From a personal angle, I have tried to stop this and like all good things I'm sure it'll finally be well-entrenched

    Good luck to all of us striving for perfection...x

  33. I agree with you jor. How can somebody be shee-ing epe in the name of play. What somebody no go like when he become rich, na when the person dey poor he go reject am.

    I pray God send helpers to the woman that6 needs U.S.$60,000.00 to treat her breast cancer.

  34. lol....ok am done laffing.
    this is so true we jokenly insult friends and don't see anything wrong with it,i have been guilty of that...alot of people don't like it me included but yet we still do it.

    there is really power in the tongue sha,we need to stop.am trying to stop.

  35. LMAO. Choi, my pals and I are soooooo guilty of this. We may never go the whole nine yards and curse one another - but it gets pretty gross. LNGKM jor!

  36. I've always tried to avoid using curse words or such derogatory remarks on people because I'm highly allergic to them! I really don't know why anybody should even be comfortable being referred to as a bitch, ode, anu ofia, hoe etc

  37. I couldnt agree with you more, I have been guilty of getting carried away with saying stuff but I also proceed with caution these days wat I say to A might not be taken lightly with B RESPECT individuality.
    Nice post and i cldnt help laffing (Ori mii o)

  38. hahahaha! LOL @ u dis boy with the head of a king! na wa for positivity, i tire!

    lol, wetin dey worry you this *fine girl! which kain laff be kif kif kif? hahaha. LOL

  39. sisi yemmie oo!

    u no go take laff finis me!
    anyway mi i do it sometimes mk i no lie!things like mufu,hediot,mufutua etc!
    bt there is a point were such becomes insulting(i won't even take bitch as an insult sef talk less of a compliment)

    funny post(as usual)

  40. HeHeHeHe, you this girl you're just a clown.

    Seriously though, i try not to insult people, but i have been guilty in the past of saying things like "silly girl", "yeye Its shockingly shameful because i am a beliver and i do understand the power of the tongue. pikin" jokingly to my friends.
    From now on though, im watching it.

  41. lmao! funny blog.
    newest follower here :)


  42. This is a down to earth honest and factual post! Spiritually speaking na serious matter. Thanks for hitting on this point, it refreshed my knowledge on the whole issue.

    Interesting post!

  43. U should be on TV making everyone laugh :)

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