Larrie Peniel: Redefining being a Wedding Compѐre / M.C.

Have you ever stepped into a wedding reception and you become a lot more confused than you were before you stepped in? Have you ever had to go for a wedding reception with the intent of having fun, only to get there and you had to endure the reception rather than enjoy it just because the Compѐre/M.C. was colourless, lifeless and very dull? Have you attended a marriage ceremony and the Compѐre's level of spoken English is comparatively lower to a Primary 4 student or he is attempting to rehearse jokes for his next comedy show, such that people are more irritated than amused? Ever gone for a wedding reception and the M.C. thinks he is the focal point of attention, rather than the couple? Well, if the answer to any or all of the above is Yes, then you are surely not alone in this forgettable experience.

Larrie Peniel, a Compѐre who has redefined the art of public speaking and emceeing, comes at a time when many guests would rather attend the church wedding, Nikkai ceremony or traditional engagement than go to the wedding reception because of the 'perceived' boredom and dullness associated with some receptions. Well, do not worry anymore, Larrie is the man to be associated with when it comes to having an enjoyable, memorable, lively and fun-filled wedding reception. Apart from his unique dress style, Larrie engages your guests and makes sure they are part of the reception, without taking anything away from the couple. He is witty without overly or consciously trying to make people laugh, yet he humorously ensures all the attention is on the bride and groom. A major feature of Larrie's fun-strategy at weddings is the Question and Answer session for Bride and Groom as they are made to answer questions about themselves. Such questions like spouse's birthday, shoe size, favourite fragrance and secondary school attended are not always easy to answer when all eyes are on you (duress). Aha! I got you thinking.

Through his engaging style, witty delivery, knack for professionalism and eloquence, respect for etiquette, time consciousness and appearance, Larrie distinguishes himself from the rest of the pack. He understands no two wedding receptions can ever be the same and strives to give a unique flow to your occasion. Larrie Peniel gives professional advice when necessary and assists you to develop a schedule/programme, where none is available.

With over 200 wedding receptions (including multi-ethnic weddings) to his credit, Larrie is ready to take the brief of your wedding reception and make it come to live, just as you have envisaged. He has a Masters degree in Management with specialisation in corporate communication.

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