Happy International Women's Day 2016! The whole of March is for women back to back and I love it! I think I should do more posts directed at my fellow women this month abi? If you have anything in mind please let me know!

Last Sunday was Mothers Day, the UK one, and I'm not complaining at all that we have different mothers day all over the world. When the American one comes, I will celebrate it too. We cannot over-celebrate our moms! 

My mom was around last week and I woke up on a rainy saturday to the aroma of Ukodo-it was  a very good feeling and it reminded me of how awesome mothers her. The sacrifice, everything they do for the family to be comfortable at their own detriment sometimes. Nothing quite like a mothers love

This is why we should celebrate women always, celebrate moms because women really make the world go round. Hope you enjoy today's vlog ( a little short sha) Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel -I hit 19k subscribers last week and it made me very happy! I've been focusing so much on my Youtube that I neglected my blog a bit, I'm sorrrrrrry. Sometime's it's hard to balance it, but now I'm working on it. 

Ps. What do you think of the new blog layout? I'm trying to see if it shows well on everyone's phone/computers/tablets. 

Regular blogging will commence this week! Hallelujah!


  1. The layout is very okay.... You are doing a great job Sisi Yemmie

  2. I love the new blog layout, it's really bright and eyecatching, just like your pots and
    I must really commend you on the vlogs, you've truly gotten the hang of it and handling it all like a Pro.
    Aww, the part where Tito was laughing is sooooooooo cute,i was just laughing here o and my colleagues were staring at me like,i've gone
    Keep it up..m always looking forward to watching your regards to your hubby and uncle Junior

  3. I was curious sisi yemmie, what brand of sat nav are you using in Nigeria?

  4. The new layout is rily beautiful sisiyhemmie, I love u sooo much and im a huge fan, Tito rily makes me happy n reminds me of my baby everything I watch ur vlog, Sisi wat happin ooo i subscribed but i still dnt get updates

  5. Sisi yemmie if is possible for me to be watching it youtube video everyday I will am your no 1 fan love it and keep d good work going

  6. Sisi yemmie if is possible for me to be watching ur youtube video everyday I will am your no 1 fan love it and keep d good work going

  7. Am loving this new blog layout better than the previous one. Another interesting sisi weekly as usual. Sisi I love that embroidered pink abi peach top you wore it's very nice n ur make up was to match. Keep up the good work sisi n happy mother's day. #sisiyemmieblogaddict#


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