Mother's Day is around the corner (hope you didn't forget?) and there are so many, inexpensive ways to show your mama that she is the baddest ever liveth (basically the best!). Mothers are warriors, counsellors, protectors and a blessing. Why then would you want to miss a day(s) dedicated to appreciating the awesomeness of mums? If you don't have money to spend - she would understand, HOWEVER you can still make her day by depositing into her emotional account:

1. Serenade your mama! This would be epic in public, where she's not expecting it. Maybe as she walks out from Church, or as she wakes up disturbing the house. This is my favourite idea! I can picture my mom waking up to the sound of drummers playing the talking drum and singing "Iya Ni Wura" or "Sweet Mother"...it would be too emotional!

2. Give her the day off! Mommies are always on the go and barely have time to put their feet up. From meal prepping to laundry, to house cleaning and everything, and mommies get no day off. Immediately mumsy wakes up let her know that the kids are taking over, make her breakfast, lunch, dinner, do all the chores, ensure she doesn't lift a finger on the day.

3. Pamper her! Send mummy off to the Spa. How many moms have been? Nigerian mama no believe in that kain thing but they would love a pampering session. Massage, manicure, pedicure and a dinning out. This is great as a mom-daughter date thing. The whole experience would be memorable. 

4. Tell her why she's the best- Don't just say "Happy Mother's Day", tell her why she is. Describe situations, mimic her behaviour and pray for long life, prosperity and beautiful things for her. Mom knows you love her but TELLING her would be awesome!

Mothers sacrifice a lot for their kids, a day or two dedicated to appreciate is not too much (and I'm not saying this because I'm a mom). What gave you got planned for Mother's Day?


  1. I love my Mother so much and I wish her long life, she went through a lot for me.

  2. Sweet mother. Thanks for the tips sisi, our mothers deserve it n much more. #sisiyemmieblogaddict#

  3. nice compiled list sisiyemmie.
    Better late than never

  4. I gave her a simple gift but it definitely put a smile on her face and she's been using it since Sunday! We had a facial spa date in January and it was fab!!!


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