If you are wondering what all the fuss about this "GEBill" is about, I'll shed some light. E concern me, and e concern you! 

Today, the Bill aimed at elimination of discrimination against women was rejected for a second reading at the Nigerian Senate. This is heartbreaking because The Gender and Equal Opportunity Bill was aimed at promoting equality, development and advancement of all persons in Nigeria as well as promoting women’s freedom of movement, female economic activity and girls’ access to education.

How does this affect you as a Nigerian woman, your mothers, and sisters or even men? 

  • All forms of violence against women are prohibited, whether the violence takes place in private, family or public sphere, including unwanted or forced sex, or traditional, religious or cultural practices harmful to the health, well being and integrity of the woman.
  • All forms of trafficking in women and children, abuse and exploitation of women and children in any manner or way, and medical experiments on women without their informed consent, or on children without the informed consent of their parents or legal guardian, are prohibited. 
  • No marriage will take place without the full consent of both parties; and the minimum age of marriage for women shall be 18 years, GBAM, Women and men will contribute to the home, and women shall have the right to acquire her own property and to administer and manage it freely.
  • The elimination of any stereotyped concept of the roles of men and women at all levels and in all forms of education by encouraging coeducation and other types of education which will help to achieve this aim. I remember at my former workplace when a male colleague told me to change the water dispenser because "you are a woman na"...I made sure I spoke sense to him that day. Iran!
  • Elimination discrimination in the field of employment. Allow me to summarise, Women will have equal rights to apply for the same job that men apply for, will be given equal salary as their male counterparts, will have to right to choose any kind of profession they want, will have a right to be treated equally in the office. and very importantly the right to maternity leave or any such leave or concession relating to her maternity needs!
  • Elimination of discrimination on grounds of marital status. This means you should not be treated differently because you are married, you should not miss a promotion because you are single (this is A BIG DEAL) You should be protected as a woman during pregnancy in types of work and practices harmful to you. 
  • The Government shall protect the reproductive rights of women to terminate a pregnancy in cases of sexual assault, rape, incest, and where the continued pregnancy endangers the mental and physical health of the mother or the life of the mother or the foetus. I no need to explain this one.
  • Rights in matters relating to marriage and family relations meaning women should be able to choose if they want to get married and to whom, decide on matters within their marriage, make decisions for their children freely, decide on the number and spacing of their children and to have access to the information, education and means to enable them to exercise these rights;
  • No practices of law enforcement agency or body shall restrict or limit the legal capacity of women to undertake surety or recognisance on behalf of any person. 
  • Desist from denying or limiting any privilege, respect, advantage or benefit due or accruable to women only on the basis that she is a woman.
  • Give women equal rights to conclude contracts and to administer property,
  • Widows shall not be subjected to inhuman, humiliating or degrading treatment; and automatically become the guardian and custodian of her children, after the death of her husband, unless this is contrary to the interests and the welfare of the children;
  • A widow shall have the right to remarry, and in that event, to marry the person of her choice.
  • A widow shall have the right to an equitable share in the inheritance of the property of her husband and shall have the right to continue to live in the matrimonial house. In case of remarriage, she shall retain this right if the house belongs to her or she has inherited it.
  • Women and men shall have the right to inherit, in equitable shares, their parents' properties. 

Like me, you should be shocked that women/men don't have some of the rights mentioned above. These are some parts of the bill, you can read the entire document by clicking HERE.


  1. wow! I haven't even read the post o. Just scrolling upandan, upandan, upandan, this new look is just wow!

  2. The blog looks soooo professional.

  3. I support this bill. Of course men will not like to pass it.

  4. Haa, with the kind of people we have in the senate, this bill could never have passed. It would pass when we have younger and more enlightened people making decisions.

  5. The Bill is well written and self explanatory, if the bill is going to promote gender equality. I personally don't see why the bill shouldn't be cleared.
    I don't see it as a threat to men, women are not alien being. They deserve same right as men. we are all humans.
    FYI A guy wrote this.

  6. Am back, and am liking what am seeing, thanks for educating us more on the gender bill, women needs to know their rights and consequences of wrong actions. www.typearls.com.ng

  7. Beautiful blog. Insightful article. I would love you to take a look at this article though via: http://bit.ly/1R0M1UN on the same subject.

  8. When I heard it on the news, I was so sad,just tell me why it was rejected twice. Do they feel it's a threat to the men? Hmmm God help us all. #sisiyemmieblogaddict#


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