I spent all morning wondering if anything like that exists and I came to a conclusion that you could never get a 100 %. Especially when you are looking for a hundred percent in a prospective partner. I’m sure we have once written a list or two, mentally or for real, listing qualities we want “our perfect man” or “perfect woman” to possess. Some physical qualities, some character qualities. My perfect man smiles and laughs a lot, he loves to hug, always listens and gives a lot of gifts! (might as well be Santa). I've written a list too, not once, not twice cos as I grew older I had to edit the list. lol.

I tended to have a different view on things; I began to have different values. I edited “funny” for a “good sense of humor” cos honestly, I don’t want a clown! I took out “playful” and put in “mature”….and I’m sure I added “generous” and “God fearing” about a dozen times. lol. What was this whole list about? Finding the “perfect” man - One of the greatest journey’s on earth. We have so many books on how to find one. We have so many blogs about quickie ways to getting one (10 ways to get a good man, how to spot a good man, how to keep a good man). Your mum and friends might have chipped in a few, but honestly have you found one yet? Perfect man, Perfect woman, Perfect anything???

You are looking for a 100% on whose standards? Yours??? ha ha ha. If u look at yourself, you are nowhere near perfect. Take a good look at yourself, C’mon, don’t be shy….do you see that flabby tummy? or those short stocky legs? Or that big nose that just won’t go away? And here you are with a list from here to there mentioning how cute and handsome you want he/she to be like; the perfect waistline, perky boobs (pardon me),  straight legs…and  long hair that goes on forever…hmmm?.That’s for chemistry. 

How about character? you want someone who is patient, kind, generous, good sense of humour, intelligent, God fearing…..basically, all the things you are not! On your own scale, weigh thyself. Are you perfect yourself? Are you kind?  generous?  understanding? Are you all that and a bag of chips? Even if you seem to be perfect in front of people, what about that flaw you hide? Doesn't that dent your sleek perfection? Tut tut! 

If I was waiting for the man I listed in my diary, i'd be single till eternity, and posterity will never forgive me! That list was an error. Kind of. If I had THE PERFECT MAN, I wouldn’t be able to stand it. I wouldn’t appreciate it and my self esteem would plummet. Imagine someone who never goes wrong! Who you can never quarrel with? Who never annoys you? I’d go bonkers! Someone who is 100%? Oh no. That I do not need. I’ve looked at my flaws and all; I honestly cannot measure up to a 100% man. And I doubt that anyone is a 100%, not to talk of measuring up to one.

So I ditched perfect and went for the IDEAL man! I feel like he is 150% cos he makes me feel like i'm 150% too. He doesn’t do all the right things, NEWSFLASH! I don’t either. He has given me a new list to work on. He made my list seem incomplete cos there were qualities I didn’t know I wanted from a partner that I cannot live without and he does have flaws that I can live with, and I have some quirks that he can tolerate. Together we can create the perfect 100%!

If you feel you find someone that makes you happy but 80%? or 95.2%, go for it. You can get on your knees and ask God to help you add the remaining that isn’t there. And while you are at that, Pray for yourself too, for God to add your remaining (???) percentage.

ps. The question isn't whether you or he/she is perfect. The true question which you should be asking is, "Are we perfect for each other?


  1. hmmm Miss Yemmie! Another really nice one

  2. Nice one dear..very insightful

  3. lol - na to wait tire o... lol

    great words

    - LDP

  4. I met the perfect guy for me once and guess what I didnt want (Love0 him.I didnt know what I would feel if he changed or what I really felt for him. Love they say is loving the imperfect guy perfectly.

  5. I love this post!I'm just stumbling on this blog for the first time and I'm loving it. This post in particular struck a chord. We are actually who we attract and the most important thing is getting 'Mr just right for me.'

  6. Gr8 read.
    I once asked meself these same questions. I kept toting a mental list a mile long but the 'applicants' were just not it. Then I looked in d mirror and answered sum hard Qs which eventually helped in hurrying her along.
    I particularly love what u said abt taking a gr8 80% & asking God to add up the balance... & urs too (cos God knws I hv a lotta pending %s).
    More plz :)


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