I like my nose!!! How often do you affirm yourself???

How often do we affirm ourselves? I know i talk to the mirror alot but most of the time im not acually affirming myself, im probably looking for the new pimples that cropped up during the night, looking for the latest scars on my body and muttering to myself...."what is this now ehn?? look at this nonsense pimple, see my nose (i think so many people have issues with their nose as well ~)  see craw-craw, see my small hips, see my short hair, why i no be half-caste sef, which kain mirror be dis sef"....i dont say all these words sha but i do complain!

However on a very good day i look in the mirror  im like...see God's handwork!I do a little konko below and sometimes a little shakira dance and I try to just to affirm myself and speak positive things into my life. You should try it as well sometime,its not an easy road to travel but its a good thing to do.

Its not bad to look in the mirror and thank God for what you see, its not vanity.  Apparently the biggest problems we have today is because people dont accept and like themselves. Call yourself beautiful, believe you are beautiful, and act like it. Talk it and Walk it! Infact  with the level I have reached on my self discovery ehn, Halle Berry or Genevieve aint got nuttin on me!lol...Ehn yes! I get big feet, i gree- let it be.

How often do we see people with eating disorders because they want to be lepa? me i cant sha, ive given up the race to be lepa. Ive accepted myself for who I am. Leparism doesnt define beauty (Sorry leparians). I dont even know who started this thinigboko craze gan! I heard its Hollywood?Because my Nollywood actresses are nothing like them and they are beautiful. Whatever your shape, size, height...you are beautiful. Beauty is universal. Look, all you need is to believe yourself, c'mon! Ginger your swagger! I once met this girl who had the swagger of a multi-coloured peacock! and even tho she wasn't Miss World, everyone around her treated her that way all because of the way she carried herself.

Love yourself, love your life. Things may not be the best that they can be but you should be happy they are not at the worst they can be! If you're reading this blog you are one of the lucky one's out there BECAUSE some people never hear of computer talk less of seeing one. Some people are worse off than you oh jare, beta sope tie like Wande Coal croons. Be grateful and thank God. You have food to eat, be grateful for that. You have clothing, be thankful. You have had some education, be happy.

But life can be hard sha, its just tough sometimes and then suddenly you hate your job, you hate your family, you hate your nose, you just even hate your skin colour. E dey happun. But its just best to live life happy and continually affirm yourself! Its been said that our words create our realities, so if they do why not try and create something beautiful instead of wasting time complaining about your annoying sister?Affirm yourself with positive thoughts and positive words and things will get better.

Learn how to be your biggest fan and the funny thing is this, people will start treating you like a star. Carry yourself with dignity . Always act as though you are wearing an invisible crown. Forget all those people that are so called 'better off' than you -to each his own. Like yourself . Please love yourself! I take God beg you.

Below is an attached video of little Jessica affriming herself. I have tried to copy her and whenever i look in the mirror ill say, I love my hair (even tho its not as long as i want it to be), i love my nose,  I love my family, i love education (thats a hard one but ill try.lol),  I love 9ja! (chei...despite the current issues we have, its still a lovely country)...i love life!!!!!!

DISCLAIMER- Please Im not suggesting that you should be proud or full of vanity, just speak positive things into you life and reduce the complaints about yourself. Thanks!


  1. True.. if we dont feel God about ourselves, then we are saying what God has made and declared good is not good... nw, that's a sin.

    Good words.
    - LDP

  2. Sisi yemmie never a dull moment with you blog.

    when i tell people to say positive things about their looks they think i'm a joker. you've said it all "Be the biggest fan of yourself"

  3. We always fail to see God's handwork when looking in the mirror, at least i am guity of that...thanks for reminding me to always appreciate that which i have.

    First time here and loving it.

  4. Liking this...
    People often forget that their uniqueness is what makes them stand out,what makes them who they are-too bad society gets to dictate who's hot and who's not!

    Bottom line...love thyself and be grateful*

  5. hehehehe I loved the video at the end she was so lovely n cute! Sometimes we need to have that child in us!

    Amen to declaring positive words :)

  6. love your header picture ;-))
    lovely post...

  7. I was here.
    I read;
    I had total fun reading..
    It got me thinking.. So true ,you know?
    I'd be back..

  8. You know that saying about the lizard that fell from the tall tree? Yes oo, we have to affirm ourselves. The video got me laughing, from the mouths of babies...

  9. I wouldn't mind having a pointed nose sha o!,,hhehehehehe....Beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholder!..

  10. Wow all I can say is that you are a great writer! Where can I contact you if I want to hire you?

  11. Hi - I am really happy to find this. cool job!


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