I just finished watching the best yoruba movie i can ever remember watching and this movie made me cry (despite all my agidi-stronghead. I was fighting the tears, trying to give it odeshi). Which movie made me cry like this? hmmm the last i can remember is one bollywood movie like that, however we all know how emotional bollywood movies can get- with all the singing (sorrowful singing) and sad faces (i give it to them for being able to fetch emotions out of the wells called us). Well, this story is not about bollywood,but of the world we live in...Is it a man's world?

If you havnt watched any yoruba movie in your life I'll suggest that you start with Ohun Oko So'mida- Starring Sola Shobowale (many kisses and hugs to her....even smooches sef), Oga Bello and Pa Kasumu (erm....sorry google these names). Its the typical story we hear everyday, poor husband and wife, the wife forfeits her education to support her broke husband in school amidst many difficulties, he becomes succesful and when he don chop belleful he decides to take a second wife (I know some will say " what is new about this?"). Anyways, the ungrateful husband finally picks an ignorant okpelenge, divorces his wife, takes full custody of the kids AND withdraws every single kobo left in their JOINT ACCOUNT. The woman in question out of frustration (who wont be?) takes a gun and shoots the olodo okpelenge and her husband just days before their wedding and na so kata kata burst. You need to watch this movie to see the whole bruhaha unfold. I wish i could do one of those annoying adverts i see on tv.

First of all, this movie brought out two emotions within me, 1. Was pity for the woman and 2. Was rage- FULL-FLEDGED-ASS-KICKING-ALL-MEN-MUST-DIE-RAGE! I think im going to be on that rage for the next 24 hours or till i forget the movie. Someone said to me, that its a man's world out there and that the foolish husband is free to take another wife and that the woman is not the first that this is happening to so make she just gba kamu! in order words she should siddon. 

Well 'siddon look' na dog name and woman no be dog. Im  just tired of these generalisations that condone and promote such arrant nonsensical behavior. The next persom to tell me that its normal for men to cheat will receive uppercut,fatality and K.O from me! (I need to transfer some of the rage somewhere na lol).When a man cheats they say he's just being a MAN but when a woman cheats na ashewo dem go dey sing follow am, why? why naw?

Secondly i was wondering whether this JOINT ACCOUNT matter na better tin sef becuase from what i have read, or seen, or heard, it brings so much wahala. One person always trys to be greedy and the other is left hanging. Odikwa very risky. I dont know if i can do joint account oh. A wise person once told me not to mix business with money is my business oh. Abeg everybody keep your money in your account puhleeeze! I kent shout! After ive sufferred and toiled ke? ha! Olorun maje! It would take a miracle to do JOINT ACCOUNT sha, but i dont support it. Ive never heard a good story about it.

Thirdly, all these small small girls that will be following people husband, I hope they learn from this movie - they want to reap cocoyam where they did not even clear bush - na thunder go flabuscatter you, Oloshi, oloriburuku's! (Pardon my french). I pray that they will be jamming women like Sola Sobowale's character that will just give them Ibon !(gun)...pishaaauuuuuun!!!!! Let them go and meet God and let them explain their foolishness and make devil use dem dance makossa. Haba, its not follow a man when you dont know his history! or where he got the money from. They just want to chop. Awoof dey pourge belle oh! Nuff Said!

Fourthly, all these yeye men, that forget the days of little beginnings I dunno what to say to you. If God no let you prosper naw, you go say na your ancestors dey worry you. Meanwhile na dem dey worry demselves. You see fire and put your hand inside - you will get burnt ni. Shebi dem say if your hand cause you to sin cut it off?well if your joystick is causing you to sin- please you know what to do, if you cant I will help you (out of the kindness of my heart *evil grin*). If God has blessed you,better enjoy it hapilly with the wife of your youth and stop pursuing all these small small girls, awon boys are complaining oh. All their girlfriends don run follow aristo. Sigh.

I've seen soooo many women go through these things and its soooo SAD. Sooo SAD. I cannot empasize on the sadness and the sooooo! And it usually has a paralysing effect when the man has total control of which a major deal of the man's control is made up of finance. So women please empower yourselves. Reconsider JOINT ACCOUNT and please buy a gun (ermmmm just in case). I pray I dont go thru it, I pray no lady I know goes thru it. Its a nightmare! :( ....Oh the movie on youtube...its subtitled in english. 


  1. AWWW Yemisi...i just love reading ur blogs...uv gat a good sense of humour, and u make plenty of sense...i wish we were friends bk then in okada, cos i love to have friends that make me laugh (vice versa)~~~~x

  2. yemi u made me laugh i swear, but na true tlk u yarn so

  3. I remember watching the part one of that movie...where i had issues with the woman, depending on the man for her can open a joint account but we have to be joint signatory, so no money is withdrawn without my knowledge or consent. For me I will always blame the men
    lol@your joystick is causing you to sin

  4. lwkmd!!!!...A-M-E-N! to all your prayers for husband snatchers o!..

  5. Gosh this is so funny... All these for them? thunder flabuscatter, pishauun with gun, makossa with the devil... gosh this girl you won't kill me
    Nice piece tho, really nice!

  6. you will never stop to amaze...beginning to love ur literary talent. ur mind works in a wonderful and cute way. I am thinking ur other Warri sister should get some of this action as she has a very interesting mind too. hence me being publisher and editor and having a cut of 40% ...hehehe

  7. Wo Yemi, stop yabbing us because of one movie o. haba... lol
    I must go and see that movie sef.

    - LDP

  8. Hahaha! This is a very interesting/funny and SERIOUS post o!

    When a woman/wife slaves to "give" the man/husband an education, to make him become "somebody" and the yeye unappreciative man turns around to choose another woman/wife over the one who slaved for him, such a man is asking for serious trouble o!

    These prayers will forever pursue and over take anybody in that group.

  9. Lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yemisi you are tooo funny! I have learnt Yoruba today odeshi , agidi ...I always knew the term 'Oloriburku' dnt ask why!

    I ignored the 2nd paragraph because I didn't wanna know what happened in the story! Lol I shall try and watch it sha ...

  10. what do you do wit my comments ehnn you this girl

  11. poogie, this is so so hilarious

  12. Yemisi, i've been laffing my head off on al the blogs.. Real as these issues are you bring the reader into the picsho (picture). i think as NIgerians, we have a beautiful way of expressing one's self...abeg i want more blogs oo. Thes just made my day


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