Happy fathers day papa! sorry, "DAD"!

HA! Its 20th of june oh, father's day!!! If you haff not call your papa, berra call him now before the man go disown you. Me I understand and know how to give honour to whom honour is due;I kiss the right ass. Me i haff buy my daddy his father's day gift since, like 1 month ago. Na him the money dey come from now (I have not gained independence yet), and giving to your daddy is like paying tithe. The man has money na, me I don't have kobo except the allawi he gives to me, ehen, so on father's day I give him 2% and then he is very happy, but he don forget say na him give me the money wey I use buy am present. And the good thing is?give and more shall be given unto you, maybe next time he might add jara to my pocket money (fingers crossed)

Father's dey try oh. I sat down and I just wonder how do they do it? Daddies hussle to provide for their children, and the monther or mother's as the case may be (for those carry overload). They buy you christmas cloth every year, pay your school fees and try's their best to send you to the bestest school they can afford. He make sure say he give your mother garri money- and if he no fit kasala go burst. He will also send money for inlaws, and his extended family that want to suck him dry like parasite, as if they have shares in his salary. All these he will do while trying to meet up with societal norms and status quo.

It was recently I started appreciating my fada too much. I hail the man. All you gotta do is pay electricity bill once and you will respect parents! Me and my siblings bin dey time daddy salary, immediatley we perceive they don pay am, the demands will start. "Daddy I want to retouch hair, and relax it, and then blow dry it, then buy weavon and pay for fixing, it will cost me 10k".  Poor daddy not knowing the difference between relaxing and retouching will cough out the money sometimes grudgingly, sometimes not...never happily (lol...its not easy when u have to cough out that amount in a day for three daughters).

Dear daddy will send his children to school but they (children) will choose which school they want to attend. They want to go to expensive school, private university or travel to obodo oyinbo - which father no want better tin for their child?He wants his children to be butty not kpako, to be able to call him daddy not papa. For that reason he will go left, go right, sometimes borrow funds to make sure he pays your tuition in the process denying himself some luxuries. Imagine how he will feel if in the end you come back from school with big 'odo'  wey dem draw eye, nose and ear put on your report card!! I remember when I used to fail maths, was there ever a time i didn't fail maths? My father go load me double decker slap...and I used to think he was wicked, but now I understand why...na money matter. lol

Dear daddy will give advice you can never get anywhere in the world. My dad's favourite quote is "There is time for everything".Lol. That quote works anyday and anytime."There is time for everything" was the answer to world hunger, the answer to all my greedy demands...indeed , for my father, there is time for everything...the time just wasn't now! Imagine if he allowed me do everything I wanted? water for don pass garri be dat, I for don cover yam ripe.

Imagine that after all these toilings, sending me to school, after all his investments, feeding me till I grow full bobbi and all my bodi don round well, one bobo will spot the ripe fruit in his compound and demand to pluck it! Its painful. And not only will the bobo come and take me and go, to add pepper to injury the bobo will immediately remove his name and replace it. Its not fair. So my father work for another pesin to chop be that? All these upbringing for him to hand me out to somebody else?I think I will cry on my wedding day and I think he will cry too. Even though when I was younger I used to believe I will race on gear 4 abi 5 to my husband's house without waving goodbye to daddy. Imagine such thoughts!

When I was looking for something to my papa - oooops! sorry dad (yeah, im butty like that) I was confused. Do you know how hard it is to find a gift for a dude? how much more the old man? I considered getting him a grandbaby but that would mean me carrying belle (total disgrace as im not yet married)...noooo. Okay, build my dad a house? how can i afford that???? He will start wondering if Im following aristo sef if I buy him anything that looks expensive. Mother's day was so easy...a pink apron with 'BEST MOMMY' did the job....I can't seem to find an apron for my dad! Well, at the end of the day I sha bought something but I won't tell, amebor. And I finally figured that the best gift to give my dad was to be the best me and to make is head swell with pride whenever he thinks of me! That entails graduating from Uni, getting a Phd (well he might be on a long tin with that one), getting a high paying job, settling down (d sweet part) and getting him little granbabies. Well there is time for everything :)

In conclusion, Daddy's are the worlds greatest, and mine is the world's bestest! and even if i dont say it everyday - I love you daddy dearest! And to all my  friends who are  new daddies out there...the road is tough, but God dey! lol. The song below is dedidcated to my daddy and every daddy! Remember this song??


  1. I am very thankful for my father and all the good fathers out there!

  2. Awwwwww! I love my Daddy too, and I appreciate him even more! I paid for my own holiday for the first time ever this year, and I now have a healthy respect for the man that used to carry 6 people go holiday at the same time, on his sole pocket! God bless my father, bless Sisi Yemmie's father, bless all the good fathers out there, strengthen the struggling ones, and give those who are hoping children they can father...can I hear an Amen?!


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