I agree, it’s a beautiful day for so many activities but there  is one that will never make it to my list- sky diving or bungee jumping.  I’m not into sports, I think my best sporting is walking or running to catch the train! That’s the best I do. I was kinda bored and looking for an activity to do, someone mentioned boat sailing (good), surfing (I don’t know how to), but bungee jumping? (Oh hell noooooooooo!) - I’m bored NOT crazy!

I read in the paper’s a while ago about how two people (man n a young girl below 30 years) plunged to their deaths. The man was above 50 years old with about 30 years of experience in bungee jumping. Even though both of them were experienced in this sport along the way, their parachutes got intertwined during descent and they plummeted to their deaths. ‘Tis very sad and it happens often however there are people that still get away with this sport successfully.

As for me I don’t care. Extreme sports are what they are. Extreme.  Pezin fit break head or die. To me it’s as good as trying to commit suicide. Why in the world will I jump off a cliff or an airplane ? I’m having a hard time sitting in one anyways (you know my fear of flying and my phobia for heights). A wise yoruba saying goes 'ayo lo ma n pa yan’... meaning it is over joyousness that kills people.  It is only over joyousness that will make someone jump off a plane.  See rough play oh.  Na pesin wey don chop bellefull go carry theirsef  go trowey from plane. I doubt that you would catch a typical 9ja folk doing that, imagine telling those people wey never chop for 2 days & dey huzzzle (not hustle) to make a living make dem go sky dive? Or bungee jump? Even if you pay them 10 billion pounds, dem no go gree.

This thing is a serious something oh cos more people are doing it every day even though they are aware of the dangers. The risks include; eye trauma,rope burn, uterine prolapse, dislocations, bruises, whiplash, pinched fingers and back injury...Now why would I want to do that? What if my enemy (not me) decides to bungee jump and the rope cut or a mishap? Hmmm...it’s not even funny!

I once asked someone why they think people do it and the response I got was “for the high”...Hmmm...I normally would not recommend this but if you want to get high please mix otapiapia and ogogoro...or smoke igbo...must you jump off a plane? I personally cannot see what is thrilling in getting a feel that you are 285 ft above the ground and might die. *Shaking My Head in Confusion *.  I want to even ask, Is this a Christian thing to do? Is it morally or religiously right anywhere? I need answers please.  Will someone who dies during a bungee jump go to heaven? WWJD? (What would Jesus Do?)

Bungee jumping or sky diving is not on my ‘50 things to do before I turn 50’; I can’t even find it on my list of ‘100 crazy things to do before I die’. Shuo!  I know they say ‘NEVER say NEVER’ but on this one I say NEVER!!! . I won’t be begged to do it, I won’t be tempted and I can’t even be threatened to do it.  I can’t fit. I would be tied to a tree and taken for deliverance if my parents ever hear I want to try such a thing. 
Would you go bungee jumping?


  1. funny though,i have always thought of bungee jumping.it seems pretty exciting and risky and thats fun.

  2. Sky diving on the top of my list to do! I was actually going to do it a while back but it was a bit to expensive to afford on my student budget. I've tried paragliding and it was the most exciting thing ever!
    Bungee jumping i would never do cuz i hate being upside down and its a bit to risky for moi!

  3. Olohun maje! Bungee Jumping ke! NEVER! I no get that kind liver.

  4. Bungee jumping ke?...i no get liver o!...hehehe....

  5. LoL am actually going skydiving soon, stop trying to scare me!!! Seriously the adrenaline rush from extreme sports is amazing

  6. I'm gonna do it soon.. Its very common here in New Zealand but I havent got the time just yet...
    I saw a video on youtube how a lady got off the hook to hit her head on the neck. Its risky but I think it'd be fun.

    - LDP

  7. bungee jumping, sky diving... very scary things. it's crossed my mind once or twice, but when it comes down to it... i'd be scared, unless there was a way to magically ensure that i wouldn't get hurt.

    btw, Sisi Yemmie, just stumbled on your blog today, and i'm loving it!!

  8. My first day on your blog and I'm living it already!!!

    Thought I was the only person who called people who play extreme sports suicidal.....guess not! I have the same fear of heights too, I literally take a deep breath/pray every time I get on a flight

  9. omo,u are hell of a funny.i just stumbled on ur blog today and i'm already rolling on d floor wt laffter.i'm pregnant and ive been suffering from morn sick but ur blog healed me.

  10. lol heck yeah! I love heights, and I think bungee jumping would be the thrill to cap all thrills! I'd sooo go bungee jumping...in fact it's on my bucket list!


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