Pay me and my husband to 'DO'? Woohoooo!

I was reading Verastic's blog and I stumbled upon this Yotaro. Hmmm...I must to talk on this one oh. Well, this Yotaro is a robot that was created by the Japanese to create more parental feelings in Japanese couples and encourage them to decide to have babies inshort a baby stimulator. Apparently the Yotaro does most things a baby does except shit...and we all know that shit stink, and if you havn't dealt with baby shit before a Yotaro cannot help you understand one. Anyone that gets pregnant due to this Yotaro is going to have the shock of their lives when they give birth...babies can cry, babies just wont sleep at night, babies get sick, babies are not easily placeted with just a touch on the forehead, baby giggles dont come cheap-you've got to pull a lot of stunts to entertain them, babies wear diapers and we all no say pampers no cheap for market, babies need food...babies grow up. I dont see the Yotaro fitting into this bill.

It also seems like this Yotaro is a crippled robot baby cos he no go fit stand up...always laying down (Olorun maje!). Another thing I find with this robot is that the head is too big abeg...hammer head of me it does not look like a baby, it will not awaken any oshi mother tendencies in me - It simply will not werk for me. It looks like a toy I could give to my unborn daughter...but wait on second thot i won't give it to my child cos heaven knows the Yaroto is quite scary.

More intersting is the fact that Japan's birth rate is low hence the government is trying to boost the population of the nation, and they also pay you approximately US $150 just to born pikin and they will pay for the pikin school fees...Plx they should come and adopt kids from 9ja. Why am I not Japanese sef??? Nne imagine that they will pay me and my husband that money to rub bodi ... we won't spend money on contraceptives niyen. And that means my moni go multiply if na twins I born...better yet triplets? ahh see market oh. Japanese government go je gbese cos I would be popping out babies from my kini like a drunk Father Christmas.

I agree that this is a wonderful invention by the Japanese (standing ovation) but I doubt that this Yotaro robot will induce people to want to have just might make them tripple up condoms and take overdose of contraceptives...cos that tin be like winch...see as d tin be...its too big and doesn't look like a baby to looks like a cuter version of  Chucky. If I want to feel parental I get always get a dog-Barbie awakens more motherly tendencies in me jor.

Can the Yotaro awaken any parental feeling in you?


How the Yotaro works...


  1. I read this on Vera's too and I was just laughing. You hit the nail on the head jare.

  2. it can never awaken any motherly feeling for me, i'd rather have a cat lol. nice invention tho(thumbs up).

  3. You hit the nail in the head and you got me cracking up big oga was wondering if i have gone gaga. Japanese and all these their innovations. I think i need to deport myself to Japan, so they can pay me to born plenty for them jo. Love this

  4. lol @ hammer head of horror...
    i guess you are lookin at the fake baby with ur nigerian eyes...the thing is probably the most attractive they could come up with so . it might work for them..

  5. Aww, this is cute oh. But, where I come from, we don't need robot stimulation to want to have child(ren).
    Those buttons and wires look too complex oh for someone to bother about if they no sigh kids. Meanwhile, it's not an all together terrible idea. I guess anything at this point to help their aging population.

    But no, it doesn't stimulate me. It makes me awe at science! ::::|

  6. heheehehehe
    Una all be crooks! Lol..
    I had fun reading though.. Have fun..
    You could migrate you know? Lol..
    I fir come help you carry pikin

  7. Yatoro ... or wt did u call it sef?

    E be like say na to go put my 'kini' to use in Japan o since they will be paying money to ve kids there.

    nice blog!shld be here often!

  8. Where have you been all my life?!!
    Lol!!!!You are something else!!!
    Hammer head of horror!!!
    Laughing all the way!!!

  9. LWKMD OO!!...make them come 9ja come marry babes na ready to give them plenty plenty pikin o!..Some time past, i read that they had an overblown population that couples were restricted to 1-2 kids only & police were given permission to bust into people's home & arrest any couple having sex abi? Now there is prosperity but few 'new' generation to carry it on huh?..this is to tell people that you can't eat your cake & have it! People are now career oriented & enjoying their life to the fullest without worrying about pikin palava o!..To look after kids no be moi-moi o!..hehehe...all your activities is scheduled with them in mind..this usually affect some couples bedroom relationship..then other issues arise from it...Anyway sha, that hammer head of horror no appeal to me sam! sam! o! do have a sense of likey.

  10. I think this is cute. Whoever invented this is just awesome! I just lurrve technology.


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