I would love to specify just one thing I have learned from my mother, but that is ‘unapologetically’ impossible: my mum has taught me so many things and I can not list them all. 

Where do I start?

My mum is my biggest cheerleader, there’s nothing she believes I cannot accomplish. She encourages me to reach out for my dreams: “it is possible”; she insists and always goes to the word of God for back up. She is extremely hard working and every day I wonder where she gets her drive from… and she’s oh so determined!
I was there when she finished her secondary education, and I was in University while she was in University too! If there’s anything I have learned, it is HARD WORK!
I have learned more by watching her live life, by her doing not by her saying. She believes that life should be taken ‘je-je’ and I am not one for ‘je-je’ life, I am everywhere and try to control things that are beyond my capacity. She is ever the voice of reason telling me, “Calm down.”

She is the ultimate queen of ‘Keep Calm’.

My mum taught me how to multitask and be resourceful: nothing can go to waste if that woman is there. Yesterday’s white rice leftovers will be turned to delicious Jollof rice today, in less than 10 minutes. Lessons I cannot learn in school or from friends, I have learned just by watching her. If I ever get lost, I know she will be there in my subconscious, showing me the right path.

Thank you mum for all your sacrifice!
Happy Mothers Day to all Mothers out there!
What have you learned from your mom?

This was earlier published on for Mother's Day in March. 


  1. Aawww Iyaniwura!!!. Mrs. O

  2. Its the education part that got me. C'mon. Thumbs up to your mum mehn.

  3. She is indeed determined


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