This review is long overdue but I've been lazy! I've been to Ocean Basket about 3 times now and I can’t wait to share my experience with y’all! Have you been?Ocean Basket is a South African brand that franchised in Lagos late 2012: I think I heard about Ocean Basket through a conversation on twitter, and then one fine day I drove past it on my way to TerraKulture so I decided to stop by. I love seafood, not a lot of it but some, like prawns, crabs, fish. Not Octopus and the likes. LOL. Anyways I need to get on with this review before I start "merrygorounding and dillydallying".

I've been there with MissChic and Trace before but for this review I came with my pretty friend/ex flatmate in Birmingham Bisola, Bii for short. Fine fresh babe. I also came with Bobo, we love to do these reviews together, I need someone who is passionate and enthusiastic about food as much as I am. #foodies

I love the ambiance at Ocean Basket, there's an outdoor where you can eat, there’s also the inside of the restaurant, and they have a place to dine on the rooftop too where you can get a good view of the beach (well, what’s left of Bar Beach since its being sand filled at the moment). This time we chose to eat downstairs, outdoors. The toilets were clean, and this has been my experience since I've been going there. I love the décor too, very "seafoodish" and breezy( pardon my description) I find that I eat a lot more when breeze dey blow.
I love the service I got on my review day, the attendant was smiling and even had nice conversation with us. The guy try, he was open to taking pictures, with an ever smiley face . I likey. Our food was brought out in time too and served HOT! Thumbs up for hospitality.
We had a combination of fries, fish, prawns, jollof rice, fried rice, stir fry veggies and Calamari. I find that their jollof rice tastes like party jollof rice sometimes . LOL. The bread was hot, I love buttering hot bread. Who doesn't?
Well err, I think the total spent was about N10, 000 for all that we had. Do you think that's too expensive? *Scratches head.

Bobo: "The out-door setting with the cool breeze under the umbrella shade really sets the mood for relaxation whether it be with your friends or just alone, I give the ambiance a 7/10. Additionally , I found the service to be quite expedient and their meals to be simply all one would commonly request for in sea food although, I would have like more varieties of seafood. My favorite would have to be the shrimps (well- sized). For the service I give 8/10, for the food itself I give 6/10 (well, I'm more of a meat guy). Affordability: honestly not costly, considering the price of sea food, this is a bargain. This is a lovely place and a way to sit back and relax in the lovely outdoors on a sunny Saturday afternoon or sunset evening, extremely welcoming. Generally I'd rate Ocean Basket a 7/10."   

Bii: "The environment is cool, neat and welcoming. The restaurant can boast of good customer service as the waiter was polite and courteous ( he even posed for pix). My expectation of the food wasn't met as the restaurant's area of specialty is suppose to be in sea foods. My fish was bland. The lemon couldn't help revive the blandness of the fish. The king prawn was heavenly though- it was well cleaned and excellently cooked. I did not have to battle to remove the shell. All in all, I had a wonderful time as the waiter's politeness and professionalism made up for my fish. Less I forget, the jollof rice smells and tastes like party jollof rice. The aroma is killing. THANKS SISI YEMMIE & BOBO YOMYOM."

Sisi: I love Ocean Basket because I love seafood. That day I found the prawn to be a bit too salty and then not enough spice in the fish...but other times it was perfect. With restaurant reviews the experience can differ with each guest. I love the out door area, I love the brand, there's so much brand consistency. I'm a repeat customer. 


Have you been to Ocean Basket? What was your experience like?


  1. their fried rice make sense;; mere loooking @ d pics..Hmm the Attendants can smile for Africa;; if many eateries can look up into this lovely gesture.. una try ooo 10k for meal;;hmm una too eat;;shebe una get money;;enjoy;;is what it..

  2. Yekpa!!!!!!!!! Sisi, let me help you scratch your head.10,000 naira?? Okay
    the food looks yummy:)
    I LOVE. a thousand votes for Ocean Basket
    The Beautiful Eagle's Blog

  3. I love your food/restaurant reviews Sisi Yemmie! I've been to Ocean Basket a few times and I love their food and the ambiance too! Not too pricey either (for a VI restaurant lol).. I would certainly recommend it.. And yes, their King Prawn is amazing!

  4. I think the price is REALLY fair!
    The food looks great.
    Would love to try it out sometime

  5. N10, 000 doesn't sound too high for 3 people with all you had...I love seafood as well, Paella yum yum #Nicereview

  6. I laughed hard when I read 'I find that I eat a lot when breeze dey blow'. SisiYemmie, you're funny! Food looks sumptuous.

  7. Wow..10k is cool..I'm loving d food already

  8. h@Sisi_Yemmie absolutely love their jollof rice and yes, I love sea food. However, the last time I was there, was served stale, dried out shrimps. Never went back

  9. Hi Sisi Yemmie,
    pls any recommendation on places to host a 70th birthday party for abt 20 pple max?

  10. My first time at ocean basket was with a friend and I so loved the scenery and environment.I had prawns and fish ,twas divine 😗.

  11. What's the ideal price range for 2 people? I plan to take someone there this weekend.

  12. I was at the ikeja basket today. I had king prawns, calamari and mussels on the side with chips. Water and garlic bread too. Filling n quite nice. Not exactly delicious. Too much batter sauce. Cost just me 10k. Will have lobster, oysters and sushi next time.

  13. I was at the ikeja basket today. I had king prawns, calamari and mussels on the side with chips. Water and garlic bread too. Filling n quite nice. Not exactly delicious. Too much batter sauce. Cost just me 10k. Will have lobster, oysters and sushi next time.

  14. please is the 10k a buffet?


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