A few weeks ago I was invited to the LSA Company Online Store Launch and It was really fun. Immediately I got into the space it smelled of beautiful fragrances and that was the first the that caught my attention, I naturally gravitated towards the array of diffusers and candles. 

Do you know fragrances add character to a house, a room, any space? When people walk into your house, office, car you want to welcome them with a nice scent and thats something I believe we should all invest in. I'm a sucker for nice smelling spaces. 

I purchased some soy candles and also got a goody bag after the event which contained more candles and a big reed diffuser I was informed that the diffuser would last between 3 to 4 months and I think it will because I've been using it over  3 weeks and there's still so much content in the bottle. I had an empty bottle of an old diffuser I used to have , so I split my bottle in two, now I have on in the living room and one in my bedroom so you can do that if you're thinking of minimising resources.

The reed diffuser I got is called the Bergamot Tobacco, it is described as a "sultry blend of Italian Bergamot, Earthy Patchouli, and Tobacco Flower".  The Diffuser adds a decorative touch to any room and fills the home with several months of intoxicating fragrance.  

I always light up my soy candles when I get back from work in the evenings, it stays in my bathroom, so by the time I am taking a bath, I always feel so relaxed.  I got the soy candles in Mandarin Zest.

If you're looking for luxury items for your bed and bath you should definitely check out . They stock beddings, home fragrances, home accessories, gift items and so much more! Follow them on twitter too for enquiries
"To me, the bedroom and bath are our inner sanctums, the places where you get to truly be yourself and just like your clothes, every piece should be multidimensional, expressive and a gift you give to yourself”
- Donna Karan


  1. i have this lemon-scented gigantic candle- think it's called yankee candles. u r right, scented candles add character to the home.

  2. They have very scents and affordable too. Saw them at the GUIDE exhibition.

  3. It was great to have you at our launch Sisi Yemmie. We also do bedsheets, duvets, towels, shower curtains and much more. Check out our online store:
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