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I was doing my blog rounds this morning when I came across this story, a woman was set ablaze because she was suspected to be kidnapping some kids on their way to school. From the story it appears the kids were going to school and the woman stopped them to help get them to school but she was reported as saying the kids were hers, however when she was asked where the school was she couldn't say and the direction she was taking the kids was not in the direction of their school. To add sand-sand to the garri, when the kids were asked, they said they don't know the woman. That is how people descended on her , beat her to a stupor and set her ablaze...I mean...! This happened in Abule Egba.

This reminds me of an incident Nse Ikpe-Etim narrated a while ago about Jungle Justice on twitter, it was a Shocking True-life experience
“I’ll tell you my experience #JungleJustice. I took a night bus to Aba some years ago from Abuja to the fabric market…After I had walked around and seen for myself, I went back to the park and decided to have a beer.I brought out my laptop and started writing…trying to blend in so I don’t look out of place.I was scared but knew that in a few hours, I would be back home. As I took a swig from my bottle and turned to my laptop, in a flash…someone had lifted the bottle in pursuit of a young man.I heard screams of ‘onye oshi’ ‘thief’…that’s when I realized that the woman screaming had been robbed of her purse.. The woman claimed she had only N200 and an umbrella in the purse. They pursued him, caught him and put a tire on his neck.They poured fuel on him and all I could do was beg the officers there to help him. They looked at me funny and struck the match. My journey to the nation’s capital was no longer the adventure I hoped it would be, it was my worst nightmare.

This is so wrong, taking justice into our hands: I understand with the current crisis Nigeria is facing with terrorists, ritualists and kidnappers, this is not a good time to be a suspect and may we not be found in the wrong place at the wrong time. What if she was truly trying to help the kids and take them to school? I'm really sad about that story and it gave me chills. What if she wasn't even given a chance to speak and she was just killed innocently? Even if she was guilty it is not up to you or me to take a life, how does that differentiate you from Boko Haram? Even if all you did was say the wrong thing to convict the woman, her blood will be on your hands.

It could easily be you or me in the wrong place, imagine a situation where a thief is being chased and you're there standing and someone points to you as the thief...that is the reality of some situations. All it takes is someone to shout "Ole, Kidnapper, Ritualist " on your head. Wrong place. Wrong time. 

I think now I'm scared to help people I don't know.
This is not right. Jungle justice is barbaric. 
I just don't know what else to say.
Let's not forget ALUU4


  1. these are trying times for Nigeria, my heart is broken and i hope i dont fall apart from within

  2. Terrible,terrible..saw the picture.too much sad news around to be adding these to it..

  3. Sisi, I couldn't even look the the picture. I get deeply grieved when I read these stories. It seems like some Nigerians are so eager to pronounce judgment. Are we blood thirsty? It's really ridiculous!

  4. Nigerians are too quick to take action but thats because of the way the country is at the moment. it is well oh..

  5. I saw the story yesterday and to say that I felt bad is an understatement. My heart bleeds for this country. Too many boko harams ib disguise.
    Pls kindly visit my blog on www.makeupcubicle.blogspot.com. I'll really love to see your comments.

  6. This is just pure murder. The most annoying part is that there are always policemen at the scenes of these crimes who do nothing to stop this evil.

  7. You see the problem is the populace have lost trust in government and its agencies. There is no adequate reason for such gory act but we've descended to a state of anarchy and people will rather administer justice than watch it taken away with no retribution.

    The problem is deeper as we've lost our human heart and you won't blame them after experiencing violent crimes and heinous crimes from bombing and kidnapping.

    However, in strong terms, this act is reprehensible and must be condemned

  8. It is in our blood. You react now and scream jungle justice is bad but the next time you are in a market and this is happening you either stay and watch or hurriedly go away. Nobody raises objection. Na thief, kidnapper. Kill am! most of the culprits don't start out with intent to kill but we forget that if one person beat am, then two more people beat am, na all of us kill am.


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