Hi techies, I received a new phone from TECNO Mobile Nigeria and this is the most anticipated R7! OK, so today I'll be showing the unboxing: basically the contents of the the phone back and soon I'll share the review but first of all let me say I'm enjoying this phone oh: the Tecno R7 smartphone is the first Tecno Hexa-core processor with HD display! Tecno R7 also comes with a 5.5 HD Gorilla glass screen( no more scratch-scratch) and proximity gestures that enable you move through pages with a wave without touching the screen! It is supported by a unique DOLBY sound system and 13MP Rear Camera, 5MP Front Camera. Awesome right? Oya, let's unbox this baby!

The Tecno R7 Box

Side view of the Tecno R7
The back of the phone
Responsive Smart View Cover
Power Bank
2-pin charger
White earphones
USB Cable
Tecno R7 User Guide
I'm so excited about this phone...it does everything for me and I cannot wait to share the review with you: look out for it!


  1. seems like a nice phone. mstomie@gmail.com

  2. I liked your review of the M7 and when I was ready to change my phone went looking for it. I didn't get it cos it was scarce at the time but got M5 which I love.
    Looking forward to your review for this.

  3. can't wait for the review. Sisi, you are enjoying oh. M7 to R7

  4. Hmm HD with hexacore on a techno
    ....these guys mean bussiness

  5. Sisi Ennjoyment.........Tecno find me me ASAP and let the unboxing begin:) lol
    The Beautiful Eagle's Blog

  6. You are really enjoying. Techno is really advancing o. Seems like they really want to take over

  7. This company really mean biz in mobile world.. i pull cap for them ooo.. #Thumbsup..πŸ‘✌

  8. This company really mean biz in the Mobile market;;they are indeed competing;; #thumbsup to themπŸ‘πŸ‘✌ #SisYemi na u oo;;enjoy..

  9. Me likey. Tecno mobile really tempting me big time.

  10. I waaannnt! Giveaway na! If I heaaar lol

  11. Replies
    1. Yes the flash player is working because it is working on Techno m7 and Techno m7 and Techno r7 are the same android version


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