The kitchen is the heart of every home and keeping it clean is necessary. A beautiful kitchen is a warm welcome to any food that comes out of it. The misconception is that a kitchen has to be big for it to be clean, however, no matter the size of your kitchen, it can be clean if you are intentional about it. I will share tips that help me keep my kitchen clean.

1. Clean as you cook: The easiest way to clean up is while cooking not after; this will reduce the time spent in the kitchen. If you wait till after cooking and possibly eating, you will be too tired to clean up, dirty plates are kept until the next day and by then they would have allowed pests/insects to find their way into your kitchen – they always do if there are food items lingering. To make it fun, set a timer before you begin and try to beat it!

2. Clear countertops: Most kitchens have counter tops so busy that it is hard for the kitchen to look clean even when it is not dirty. It is so easy to dump so many things on the kitchen countertop; groceries, blender, pots, basket of onions, dishes etc. The only items on my kitchen counter tops are items I use daily i.e. kitchen towels, dishes, and mugs-I keep it simple. Keep the counter top clutter free and you will enjoy how airy your kitchen will become.

3. Organize storage: To be able to clear your countertop you need to have somewhere assigned to keep all of the stuff, so find a way to really re-organize your kitchen store (no matter how little the store is). Pinterest and YouTube are platforms that can help you find inspiration on organizing every space in your house. Set up easy ways for your foodstuff to be stored and invest in storage containers, canisters and baskets to store both perishable and non-perishable items. I like to transfer cereals from the packs to see through canisters, beans, garri rice etc. to big containers with tight lids, and I like all my canisters to be white. When all of this is organized, it gives a clean feel.

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