Hello lovely people! How body??? Hope you had an amazing weekend like me? *shines teeth :D . My weekend was hectic but overall amazeballs because it was my friend's wedding! Just incase you're new to my monday chit-chat, the first to leave a comment + email address wins airtime recharge! Just leave your name: someone complained that she received spam messages after leaving her email address on the blog, has anyone else received that? Please let me know so we can arrange other ways of knowing the winners.

Before I go into all of that, have you spied our pre-wedding photos? You can see them by CLICKING HERE Hashtag #YemYom14 #SisiBobo #PermanentSite he he he. These should be the official hashtag for instagram and twitter abi? LOL
Finally #BugoSomto2014 happened and I am glad I was there: we went to uni in Birmingham together. Ok, let me start from the beginning being thursday because that was when my weekend started! That was the bridal shower : the theme was Paris chic and it was in London. It was very nice, here are some photos: 
Brides besties : Nneka, Bugo and Adaku of ThirdWorldProfashional
Happy Bugo
Bride dey hungry
The beautiful invite
Customised table water!
The gang
Timi, Bugo and Kene
My actual friday was spent shopping, infact now I have waist pain and I need correct ijaw massage to bring me back to normal. I walked the whole of that Oxford Circus just merry-go-rounding and dilly-dallying! I stopped at mother care to buy some baby items and they were so cute!!! I love babies!
How cute!
Very nice pram
On Saturday again I went shopping in the morning before going to the wedding and this is what I saw on Oxford Circus....a parade! As I was parading too I saw these yummy honey glazed nuts and of course wacked the thing. I made my mind up not to miss eating from KFC, Nando's,  and McDonalds - just because. KFC in 9ja tastes different from this one. I prefer this one. I dreamed about going to Ming-Moon (my favourite chinese buffet) but I couldn't go because it's all the way in Birmingham and that is quite a journey right now.
Honey Roasted Caramel Peanuts
I finished everything!
Saturday was Bugo's wedding! More photos would be uploaded tomorrow of the wedding: I didn't want to overload this post! Aren't they a gorgeous couple?! 9 years of a sweet relationship finally evolving to marriage...I love that! I was overwhelmed to meet a lot of people I have only met on twitter or my blog. I love my blog readers, yes you! Una toooooooo mush! The kind of love and warmth you show me is just too bunz! 

Enjoy these photo's and look out for more tomorrow! Ps. This my new camera lens is giving me value for money oh-love it! If you want to watch moments from the wedding then follow me on instagram sisi_yemmie and search the hashtag #BugoSomto2014 to follow the timeline of this gorgeous couple from engagement till now!
Somto lifted her during the reception dance! It was epic! I need to eat less akpu for Bobo to do that.
Kiss Of Life after cutting the cake!
My fooooooooood
My fine friend Kene
Bimbo, sister of the bride Nwadi and Tosin
Sister of the bride, Uzo
Gorgeous family! Hot husband and wife alert with their cute 8 weeks old damsel!
Adaku and Nneka
Zitera's Bro-In-Law, Zitera and Sleekdemi
The gorgeous rose bouquet
Brain and wifey
The lovely Bimbo & Tosin (Remember the guy that proposed in the cinema? Yup, this is the couple!)
On Sunday I continued my shopping all day and I knew I couldn't leave tis london without eating from my beloved nandos, so I rushed there to go and have me some. Errrrmmmmm I was supposed to fly out on Sunday night but somehow I missed my flight! I have never missed any flight in my life. Chai. It paineeeeed me! After all the rushing. Oh well... *sulking
I always order 3 hot wings!
Nom nom nom nom
Yes, I finished it!
New love for mash potatoes
I chose the Koko Delight
This country and fresh fruits...
My large koko delight smoothie
Hope you enjoyed the photos? I did oh! I enjoy taking photos and filming videos and I know today's post is photo overload! Thats because I got a new camera lens and it was not cheap: it musto do the work I bought it for. Anyhoo, I know we all have a lot planned for this week and I want to wish you the same thing I pray for myself daily : happiness, favour, love and a sound mind! Go into this week and conquer!

Ps. Lets not relent in the #BringBackOurGirls campaign and let's keep praying for the Chibok Girls and their safe and hasty return. 


  1. Sisi you are having a nice time

  2. Yaay!!!

  3. Yay, first...

  4. You seem to have had a great time! My comment hasn't been posting! Lol.

  5. Sisiyemmie d londoner, tot u once said u were on diet

  6. fresh fruits...*sigh*!

  7. Sounds like a fun weekend! Now I want some spicy wings from Nandos 😳

    Nice photos!



  9. lovely photos.... congrat to ur friend 9yrs for be beans

  10. Choii, see hot couples all over, HML to the newest couple in town. Since u missed your flight, biko when returning bring me some fresh fruits, and the mashed potatoes, ehn u can bring the chicken wings to or the honey nuts...and I'm eating for two ohhh plus I live in Ikeja, easy to receive ^.^ M.C.J.

  11. Yes I have gotten spam mail about 3 times. Love that wedding IV

  12. You sure had fun dis weekend.

  13. Sisi! I av bn refreshing ur page since! U sha know how to enjoy!

  14. Wonderful pictures, I can see you had loads of fun. You are making me miss London with all these pictures.

  15. Sisi Enjoyment!!!!
    You look tantalizing in that blue dress:)

  16. Awwww. These people are so cute or is it your camera that's making them fine? I love your dress sisi...gorg

  17. Cute

  18. Gorgeous photos!!! which lens be dis sisi??

  19. You really had a fun weekend, I know keen too, very lovely gal.

  20. The wedding certainly looks like it was fun,the food looks so yummy. That picture of the groom lifting up the bride is soo romantic *sighs*.
    Sisi Yemmie I've received lots of spam mails too.

  21. Eeeek, you missed your flight?!?!? How manage?

    Nice pics btw

  22. Love the pictures. Which lens are you using o. I want to follow my passion for photographs and I am just confused with what lens to buy. When I ask the prod, the kind gbese of lens that they tell me don make me run. Please help a sister out, which lens did you buy. Thanks

  23. Love, love, love this post. Went to Lag with Bugo too and saw the pictures on Instagram. A beautiful wedding indeed. 9 years! waoh, love that.

  24. yummy pictures,


  26. Lovely pix, u rily had a fun wkend, wish I hide inside ur bag folo u

  27. Lovely pix, u rily had a fun wkend, wish I hide inside ur bag folo u

  28. Safe trip home

  29. Wow. Amazing photos you have got here. It seems you had amazing time during your trip. I am not sure my Nokia Lumia will take these photos these good.

    Good job girl. Always loving your blog. Forgive me when I don't comment as often as I should #closetFAN

  30. Sisi yemmie..see food. Kai!
    Looks like a sweet wedding parry.the pictures are nice, foine couple too.



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