Fresh from Vivace Records. Just a song in time for the everyday hustling around. One of the first artists signed under the new and terribly hot VIVACE records has dropped. Oyinkanade releases his first single; 'Adura' produced by Vivace boss himself “Tee-Y Mix”.

"ADURA" is a nice blend of harmony and percussion that will get you nodding your head in less than 10secs. In the song, Oyinkanade explains how prayer has gotten him thus far and still standing. With this, we can’t but expect more from glorious VIVACE records. 'ADURA' is the type of song you can place on replay over and over again and not get tired. The song has been flawlessly mixed in such a way that it serenades you and at the same time you want to get on your feet and dance to every beat you hear. Download, share, enjoy every word and keep talking about it.

· Artist Name: Oyinkanade

· Song Title: Adura

· Producer: Tee-Y Mix

· Record label: Vivace Records

· Artist Facebook URL:

· Twitter URL: @Iamoyinkanade

· Producer Twitter Handle: @Teeymix

· Record Label Website:


  1. Adura lo mi duro o.... Lovely song..

  2. nice...would love to listen to it.
    SISIYEMMIE I loveeeeee your blog! :)

  3. Yes oh. Just the right song we need at this time. Downloading alredi.

  4. Have you listened to GoGo Baby yet? It was just released today by Vivace. BEAUTIFUL song!


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