Easter Bunny or???

Happy Easter guys....Im just alone(actually on skype with boyfie) and I could only see how alone I was. I shop alone, cook alone, and eat alone (the only part i like)...and when I do I never feel satisfied. Being a spinster doesnt really rock sometimes, at other times it does :) 

I miss home, and to while away time I decided to make a beautiful tray of grilled chicken...(ooops!, am i supposed to eat meat on good friday? dunno anymore and oh well, mummy isnt here) and yeah yeah, i know i have essays to write and all but I did want to wish someone Happy Easter. Jesus died on the cross just for us, so please make it worthwhile and let His deeds be justified. Isnt He the sweetest????

Ehen, gist oh! Isnt it amazing how every holiday now has a symbol ke? Christmas was for Santa, now Easter is for the 'easter bunny' and time for collecting 'easter eggs'... i have no idea what those are and what they represent, i just see those eggs in the malls- and it make me wonder if some one somewhere is trying to promote an agenda? a way to make people forget what these holidays are REALLY about?...hmmm....beats me...all i know is i no dey buy 'easter egg'....so many things to use my money for like....


  1. I decided to finally taste a creme egg. I wish I hadn't.

  2. lol....nasty stuff i guess...i doubt im goin to try it soon (or ever!)


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