WOK'CHOP: AYA MASE, aka Designer Stew

Hi! Im so excited about this weeks recipe cos its something ive been wanting to try out for a loooong time! Kai....have u heard of aya mase? if u neva chop am , dem no tell you? its the kind of stew that makes me believe in heaven. Small tin remain i go compose love song to this stew..should i tell you the origin of this stew? should i???? ok, now that you are begging me, i will. 

Do you want to know where it came from originally??? (drum roll please) from IJEBU !!! Dont be scared oh! i know some of you have heard silly stories about Ijebu say dem be winch or dem sabi snatch husband....lol....some of the stories na true. If u allow ur husband mistakenly go and taste this aya mase stew outside ehn.....before he will return to you again.....it will take the grace of Jehovah Jireh! 

So learn this recipee now  that im giving it free or else.... You don hear the yoruba phrase "Olo be lo loko" before? It means it is the good cook that has the husband....so if you want to dazzle ur husband, boyfriend...and whoever sha...just try this recipe....r u ready? lets go there!

Green Pepper
Red pepper (ata rodo)
Palm oil


  • Cut beef, chicken and all the assorted into a pot and season with thyme, salt, maggi, ginger,onion....dont put curry oh!
  • When its done, put it in the oven and grill (abi whats the word? just put it in the oven sha)
  • Blend your your green pepper, red pepper, onion ,, then add 2 or 3 seeds of tomato...the green pepper should be more because the stew is meant to be green.
  • Heat up palm oil, add onion and heat it till the onion gets burnt, and the palm oil changes to brown colour...( dont try this if u get fire alarm oh)
  • Take the pot of oil off the cooker and allow to cool
  • Sieve the burnt onions out of the oil and put the pot of oil back on the cooker
  • Add onion, and blended mixture, season it with magii n salt
  • Allow to fry, when almost done, add the assorted meat n stuff that was in the oven and keep frying
  • Add stock of boiled assorted and keep frying..
  • When done, take off the cooker and allow it to simmer.
Serve with rice and dodo , if you find ofada rice good for you...but it still taste good with any kind of rice except that basmati rice oh. Ehen.

This stew is intended for pleasure only, it does not guarantee that your waka jugbe husband will come back home after he tastes this as I cannot give a warranty that your aya mase will taste exactly like that mama put own, or mine. :) Cook at your own risk! (lol...kiddin)

Hope you enjoy your meal as much as i enjoyed mine....End of discussion.


  1. i wanna try this tomorrow but there's no red pepper in this dry part of the uk :( not to talk more of shaki!

    also, why shouldn't curry be added?

    must the chicken and all be grilled (m lazy joh...dats xtra work!)

  2. Just had this stew from a lady who cooked it at church and it tasted exactly like rice iya Ruka from back home near Ogba. As I dey chop am I dey cry as every spoon I ate meant the food nearly finish. Your post is hilarious and I certainly will be trying this recipe.

  3. LMAO...you are BADH!! but the disclaimer was highly necessary. He who has ears let him hear...lmao

  4. Madame you for don try put the amount of the ingredients there now.

    How many onions, green pepper etc haba!!

    Also what do you mean by tomatoe seeds? Will we take 3 individual seeds from a tomatoe or what?

  5. Designer stew? omg that's absolutely tantalizing...never heard of it before...am gotta taste it before weekend oh....nice one..keep blogging.

  6. Sisi, by ijebu u mean 'IKENNE' ogun state. I have had d opportunity to eat aya mase rice/stew and assorted meat all wrapped in leaves from its source and couldn't believe my ears when I heard she has a branch in *UK*.

    P.s: I really do enjoy your blog. Keep it up!

  7. loving ur blogs and u r making me consider startin mine..as for this aya mase av always wanted the recipe..neva tasted it to the best of ma knowledge..but i must cook it soon and ma boo aint got no choice dan to neva waka dugbe again after am done with feeding him dis stew looool!! and d curry part yea u be winch my mumc says i neva cook stew wiithout curry heheheeeee, so u were ryt there cos people like us if curry neva dey dia stew neva complete

  8. Your blog is fantastic and hilarious!!!

    I'm excited to get my eyes on your archives!!

    Great work!!

  9. Wow am so trying this recipe before the end of the week. Kip it rolling sisi Y.

  10. Great RECIPE but pls give amounts of ingredients......also, I have made it with iru ( fermented locust beans) and crayfish for added yumminess and it was fantabulous!!!!

  11. What does the name "Aya Mase" mean? Is this "wife do not cook"?

  12. Sisi darlin i love this new recipe..i have eaten it somewhere before but don't know how to prepare it. Thanks for sharing this,just a quick one...must i grill the chicken and assorted meat. Abeg...time no dey..shey i fit just fry or something?

  13. Nice one Sisi...Aya Mase actually isn't from Ijebu bur from Remo...Ikenne Remo. :)

  14. Hahahahaha at the curry part.................me and curry sha! My fire alarm will soo shout the day I try this, which one cosine me*straight face*

    please answer the comments na sisi cos this oven work nor be here o....no tym

  15. Do I remove the seed from the green pepper

  16. Do I remove email the seed from the green pepper


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