Can you imagineeee oooo.... just a little status on my friends page was the cause of an interesting debate. The question was this : WHAT DO YOU NOTICE ABOUT THE OPPOSITE SEX? and even the same sef. We may proceed.

I commented that i notice the physical first. This includes the person's height, cos the person can be short or tall, fair or dark, white or black , lepa or orobo, you know, things like that.

FURTHERMORE( Capitals for emphasis), i notice the guys outfit, the shoe, the SHAPE OF HEAD (my momma told me that boys with big head will make you have babies with big heads that will tear your vjayjay during labour), i notice the hands, i particularly dont like guys who (train their nails), i.e..keeping it long, especially the pinky one. It just doesnt 'werk' for me. I like it neat and short, and big hands, not tiny ones like mine...big hands make a man seem erm, well, capable innit?lol .Same goes for his physique, some guys just leaaaaaannnnn, some just be like arnold schwarzennn(cant spell it jor). For those that are very muscular it shows that they are either health conscious or very vain! (cos guys with muscles do like to show off, i lie?)

Okay, when Im noticing the hands shebi i will notice what the hand is holding, E.G. phones, car keys (u know). The type of phone matters oh, and I will not lie, if the guy is holding a BB, it shows that he is trendy, nothing more. If its an Iphone, then he is fashionable (im 'i'ddicted)...if he is holding nokia 3310-hmmmm...i reserve my comments! If he get car key, i go notice am as well, if na handkerchief (clean or dirty), i will notice it. Sunshades nko? designers or aba made(respect!), i will notice it. I will notice from crown to sole.

It was when i got to the material part(BB, car keys) that others begged to differ. Some insist that its a shallow way to assess someone, and not fair cos guys with long nails n mohawks may have a sweet personality. I agree that they may have sweet personalities but personally i dont like mohawk and i wont be attracted to a guy with one,chikena! He can keep his personality in his pocket.

This does not mean im vain oh, when i say i notice material things...i am of the opinion that how you look on the outside is a reflection of what you are on the inside and that is why so many people put so much effort into their appearances, and for those that dont care about their appearance and cant be bothered about theirs, it merely reflects that they may be 'careless or carefree' in character. 

If i notice a guy has car keys in his hands, it just shows that perhaps he can drive (lol...or he borrow him uncle, cousin, broda car)...maybe he cant even driveand he is just holding the key for the friend that has a nokia 3310(lol). When he starts playing with the key in my face which is a phenomenon known as "notice-me-or-i-die"...it simply reflects that he is either a showoff or very proud. As for the dude with mohawk, it just might mean that he either has good sense of self esteem or way toooooooo much! it can go both ways. If a dude is always sagging his jeans to show all and sundry his boxers, to me it means the guy still never mature. No boyfriend of mine will sag his jeans!!!! Point noted.

If i notice that a guy is 'too clean', it probaly means the dude takes his time in front of the mirror, maybe applying small powder here n there. This type of dude might be self centered (i heard my aunt whispering one that fine men are stingyyyyyyyy). Just my opinion sha. All this my analysis for what? just to show that one's appearance matters. And it is not because people are vain that they notice what others have on. Its just that what you show on the outside will help people make up their mind on who you are on the inside.

Some people are of the opinion that the outside doesn't matter, thats its the personality inside that counts. I DO NOT share that view with them. If i threw this personality question to men, they would scream that YES , OUTWARD APPEARANCES MATTER!!! Which man for this life wan marry 'ashewo' with a wonderful personality??!! (didnt think so). 

Your appearance matters regardless of your sex (male or female),
People will assess you based on how you look (fair or not),
And they will address you based on how you look.  More often than not. People may not be patient enuf to know your personality.

But, that does not mean IN ALL CASES that people are what they wear oh, they might have a wonderful personality underneath the surface. (who knows)

Or what do you think?


  1. Interesting post Yemi. Hmmm...i wonder how long it takes an average person to do all these analysis. Are you actually "noticing" or "looking" at the opposite sex? :)

  2. lol....no,its just something you notice...not like im purposely looking for these things. And im sure it takes less than 5 minutes to do this analysis...

  3. Speech first...oh LORD above! Speech!!! I need a guy who speaks English and not flippin' Ebonics or anything like it. And speaks WELL. And intelligence. I can't stand a stupid person. And the voice...because LORD knows you can't see shit when y'all are in the dark...deep coated with honey...sigh...then the hands...I'm with you on the pinky nail shit like WTF??? I LOVE beautiful hands...length and with of nails (and nail bed!) say about an inch to 3/4 - 1/2 an inch. Yes. I'm that precise. And I don't fair skin. Uhn. FAIL! I do really REALLY dark men...in other words, I don't do white men. Period. ANd I don't do men with foreskin.

    Next, smell...he must smell like a man whose clothes I want to rip to shreds and fling him on the nearest table. NO rhyme or reason, CK One and Gillette Cool Water both do it for me. I've no idea why. I'll ask my hormones the next time I catch a whiff of my husband.

    The rest is hazy. I like height, and that's where it stops. I'm not particular about what he looks like...oh ok, good teeth. That's it.

    How random...

  4. lol....well said TITAN....guys do not believe we can notice these things in less than 5 minutes and im like 'really???????'

  5. Interesting.. ..
    Am learning from the ladies .. ..

  6. Theb OUTSIDE matters cos I need to like the outside to get to know the inside.... "It doesn't werk for me"... WORD!!!!!

    Meanwhile I notice his shoes first , then height, smell, diction, all the vain things

  7. lol...Bennie...shoes?? u notice the shoes first??interesting

  8. hmmmmm
    whether anyone likes it or not the first attraction is the looks before the other vain things hmm i cant help but notice his shoes, wristwatch, belt etc what designer they are made of lol

    dont care much about his kinda phone


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