Thank u my God!!!!!

Easter is a special time to give thanks to God and it is my opinion that it should be more celebrated than Chrsitmas because the purpose of Christ being born was for Him to be crucified for our salvation. Thus, the essense of Christmas is Easter. I'm grateful to God for everything He has done in my life and I hope you are too. You should be. You are ALIVE. lol. I hope you enjoy this video from Kefee....thats the way we do it in the 9ja Delta!

Much love all! Hope you have a fab sunday!!! xxx!


  1. awwww they used to sing this song (the urhobo version ) in my church in those days .... She does break out the song but it ain't original though ..Nice one!!

  2. ok.... I love it!!!!!!! don't mind me Yemmi am supposed to be working from home today but am here spamming your blog

  3. i love the song tooo, cos its a mixture of some of my favourite urhobo songs.....sigh......i miss it. n yeah d son aint original but most people dont know

  4. Good morning sisi Yemmie. My name is Bolaji and I'm a new blogger and you are my greatest inspiration. I decided to check some of your start up post and I must say you've have grown and I hope my blog would grow as yours have. Thanks for inspiring lots of people most especially bloggers. I know a lot of bloggers that you inspire and I am one of them. Thank you sisi Yemmie. Please check out my blog when you are free and i'll love a little bit of constructive criticism and corrections here and there. My blog name is Have a fab day sis yemmie.


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