I would like to say "awwww my wedding was perfect, nothing I would change" ...but that's going to be a big fat lie! LOL. I know all brides have been here, done that...looked through their wedding albums and wondered if they could have done things a little bit differently, maybe smile more, dance more...you know.  Well, after reading this article I decided to write my own little list of things I wish I'd done differently on my wedding days (yes, traditional and white wedding!)

I wish I slept: I was so nervous and stressed out the day before the traditional wedding that I just couldn't sleep! If I could go back in time I would probably tell my emotions to calm down for Jesus, lock my self up in a quiet room with Ice cream and popcorn and a good yoruba movie to relax. The night before the white wedding I should have left my bridesmaids alone, and gone to bed instead we kept chatting about random things that kept me up till like 2;00am! By the time I finally got to sleep it was like 3 and had to wake up by 5:30. What kind of bride does that? Get some sleep!
Me and my bridesmaids

I wish I did a trial: I never got to do a proper make up or hair trial -we just discussed and I was so busy that I forgot to even choose what kind of hairstyle I wanted for my big day. Imagine that! I spent the morning of my wedding taking out a weave that I installed the day before-poor judgement to fix that weave in the first place. I would have had bigger regrets if I didn't go "natural" for the day. It's always good to get a makeup trial before your wedding day-thank God for Banke Meshida, I left it all to her. 
My hair and makeup
I wish we didn't spend so much: Our wedding was sponsored but we still had to take care of other things. I have a box full of wedding invites in my house. I wish we didn't spend so much printing them...due to impromptu planning we purchased asoebi too in bulk. I have a box full of asoebi fabric. Souvenirs and random wedding itinerary are still in my house in cartons and it's not because we didn't give them away but they were just so much! We could've saved alladat money.

I wish ALL our friends came: That's unrealistic but I really wish they did, especially friends we have from years ago when we first started dating. Our wedding was on a weekday: Thursday and Friday and not everyone can take time off work for that...not everyone can travel just for a wedding. We are grateful, so grateful for those who came because we know it was a sacrifice of love. We love you!
Bobo and his childhood friend, Temitope

I wish I could change the weather: If only I was God. LOL. Oh Lawd! It rained on both days of the wedding and ruined the session we planned outside-I felt like crying but after a while I got over it. If I could, I would have changed the time of the year I got married. Don't do a beach wedding in raining season. Decide earlier on what time of the year you want to get married. In our case we had no choice and I thank God regardless because I took the rain as heavy showers of blessings! 

I don't want to go on. I did have a DREAM wedding-it wasn't perfect but I can't imagine anything better because it was ....a dream come true. Everything about it. Thank you again for voting for us to win My Big Nigerian Wedding-there's no day I don't pray for God to bless all of you and the organisers. 

Do you have anything you wish you could change about your wedding day? 

Ps. My Big Nigerian Wedding may be airing on DSTV 151 today by 5 or 6pm. (There's a mix up) but let me know if you catch it! 
See the trailer 


  1. Wow!!! I will just take the hair and makeup trial part, I think it is important you try different makeup to see which will be best for your big day. As for other things you mentioned, they are things we may not be able to control. for me sha, I nor sure say I go fit sleep the day before my wedding ooo. Finally Sisi, you were just beautiful on that day.

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  2. So on the day of my wedding Uduaghan decided he wanted delta state sanitation to last until 12noon and guess what, it wasn't the last Saturday of the month o. Well I wish that then groom and his friends stayed in a hotel closer than they did , that way we could have had some pictures taken before heading to church. Church service started at 1pm. Trust baptist Churxh , we left church at 230 got to the reception and the party started like 4pm. We didn't have plenty of pictures for our wedding like we did the trad. Sigh

  3. I love your sincerity.......... maybe you shOuld sell or gift out those remaining things to friends you love that could not make it to your wedding.
    The beautiful eagle

  4. I've always been a private person,wanted a beach wedding or one in the park but my fiance (now husband) disagreed and eventually had his way. Like 700 peoplr were in attendance all doing 'skelewu' but the bride (me) wasnt so keen about the party.

    I'm definitely gonna have renewal of vows to satisfy my desires

  5. I wish I had taken more time off work for my wedding. I had just 3 days and didn't have time to even gist with family and friends that came for the wedding, people I haven't seen in years.

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    Thanks :)

  6. I wish I had a choreographed dance with my friends on my wedding day.

  7. I really do want to watch this Sisi Yemmie - I'm off to IrokoTV to download.......

    Happy Easter

  8. I wish I had taken enough pictures. Was too tired after reception for exclusives. I wish I had done a choreographed dance and had a trial make up. I wish it wasnt so hot for my outdoor reception

  9. I'm not married so can't say what I'd love to change but I was really bummed I missed your wedding cos I was at work. Saw all the pictures and knew I'd missed a lot. I'm so glad you won and that it all turned out right despite the rain (gosh, I'd have fainted for sure if it was me, lol)


  10. I wish husband was not a bully never even thought I looked beautiful!!!


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