A few days ago I was just taking stock on everything that has been happening to me, around me, the kind of life I'm living and something crossed my mind...I imagined all of this a long time ago! Forreal...although not everything is a figment of my past imagination oh but there are some major things that just hit me like ..."I said I wanted a type of this, I wanted that..." and now I have them. I said it. 

Some of these things I have and said I wanted back then seemed like they could never happen in this life time. But they've happened. Na God. 

I was listening to a programme on TV the other day and the pastor was talking about confessions-how the more positive confessions we make the more they will show up in reality and I agree because I have seen ALOT of things that I used to say come to reality-I cannot elaborate on them now but I know what I'm talking about. 

So now I am very very very aware of the power of confessing positively and I ACTIVELY do so. What you confess might not happen today, or tomorrow but seriously, it will show up eventually if you're continuously confessing it. I really just wanted to share this with somebody out there...instead of the negative talk, switch it up and say beautiful, positive things no matter how unrealistic they sound. I also will not allow anybody speak negatively about me...because what we listen to too can affect what we confess. 

Am I the only one who has experienced the effect of confessions? 


  1. You are not the only one o! Before I could be so negative even to little things- I'll say I can never get a cab for this amount to go home; I have to trek small and that's what will happen! Everyday until I began to say I'm getting out of this office by so and so time for so and so amount and it began to happen!

  2. Positive confession can not be overemphasized it should be part of one in every little conversation we engage ourselves even d bible says wen odas re saying dere is casting down we shld be saying dere is lifting up...

  3. There's a strong power is confessions. Therefore it's pertinent we make positive ones into our lives. oluwaseunoyenike@yahoo.com


  4. U re not alone in this.. I have experienced the power of confession more than anything in life. Thanks to my mom. I remembered when I was sitting for jamb and I got a course I didn't want. My mom said its because I said anyfin they gave me I would take she asked me to confess positively next time. I sat for jamb again.. Said I wanted my specific course and I got it. Confession is soooo powerful.

    Yep, I thought if I told the truth, my friend would look at me like I was the last banana left on the shelf. The one that no one wants to buy because everyone else has avoided it so you assume there’s something wrong with it. I wanted him to think that someone, somewhere thought I was pretty darn special.. Click I TOLD THE BENDED TRUTH to read more

  5. Hello Sisi,

    Very true. We are what we say/think. It's very important to always be optimistic. like attracts like. If "my enemy" thinks negatively, negative events begins to roll around "my enemy" :)

    It's good to know that you now have what you once confessed.


  6. LOL, NICE

  7. I agree oh... sisi, even when a negative prophesy or dream comes, I reject it immediately d person drops it... Anoda lesson is fear attracts dt which is being feared....ows yr week going? ve a fab one wit oga bobo

  8. I agree. I speak only the positive into my life and my existence.


  9. I completely agree even though some people take it for granted.I remember being in school and people will say when you speak the angels go forth and make it happen.

  10. I am learning to speak positively, I fink I grew up where people are so used to negative confession, I think it really affected me. But now I know better. Thank God for Jesus


  11. Mark 11:22-23 is one Bible passage that people should indeed take to heart.
    "Then Jesus said to the disciples, “Have faith in God. I tell you the truth, you can say to this mountain, ‘May you be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ and it will happen. But you must really believe it will happen and have no doubt in your heart."

    Emphasis on what you SAY.
    You shall have whatsoever you saith, be it good or bad.
    Our confessions locate us and the words we say manifest in our lives.

  12. Very true, I experience it very often that I get reminded by my loved ones that I made such positive pronouncements. Its the power of the mind, the universe agrees to our heart desires and God makes it come to pass

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  16. Positive confessions all day everyday..thanks for sharing..:)



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