The last time I shared anything about Fairy dishwashing liquid it was about the catchy “one drop” song. The first time I knew about fairy was when I was in obodo oyibo-for some reason it was my dishwashing liquid of choice especially because it came in different varieties, had a nice fragrance and the packaging was cute. Fairy IS the number one dish-cleaning brand in the world and has been a trusted household name.

Oya fastforward to how many years later, now. Fairy launched in Nigeria and the first thing I asked is “is it the same fairy”? The contents of the bottle nko, will it be the same as the one I was used to in the UK? They said yes. However they have just two varieties, the green (Original) and yellow (Lemon) one.

To me, I have a couple of reasons that determine whether or not this Fairy is good enough. I checked if: 

Does it perform best: Yes it does, hence the line “one drop”. Just one drop is effective enough to wash a number of plates. I love the suds- to me if a soap doesn't produce enough suds then it is not working. If you buy a bottle of Fairy I will advice you to get an empty bottle and pour half in it, then dilute the other with water. 

Is it the best value for money: I went to Shoprite the other day and I saw that one bottle retails for N369.99 pere. That’s a fair price considering the worth of what you’re getting and in comparison to other products. 

And importantly , is it gentle on hands and nails? I love to keep my nails long, and sometimes my friends ask if I do any washing at all as per somebody wey dey wash plate often will not be able to keep their nails. But I do. Fairy is mild on the skin and nails. 

An extra reason I really like Fairy is that I can see how gradually the content is reducing because of the transparent bottle. LOL. I would say Fairy is good enough, even better. It performs well and it is great value for money but it will not wash away your sins. 

You know I love to do giveaways when I like a brand-so one of you gets to win a pack of Fairy Dishwashing Liquid from me! Growing up every kid wants to wash the plates but as we grow older it becomes  chore that people skip, so for this giveaway I'm asking, who should really wash the plates when we all finish eating? You don't have to do much-just leave your email address and answer the question: who should wash the plates after eating? Mummy? Daddy? Last born? First born? As led by the spirit? Everybody OYO? Who?


  1. I think each person should wash their own plate I.e if you're in your mates house. But in the naija setting, mummy and daddy won't wash their plates so the youngest or 2nd youngest might have to wash. (Infact there should be a roster) lol!

  2. Lmao @OYO.... Definately nt d parent, any of d kids can do it, ist born, second born etc, doesn't matter as long as d dish get washed

  3. Growing up, my dad implemented the everybody wash your plate rule. Now married with hubby alone in d house, I handle all the dish washing but if my family gets larger, I'll definitely draft a dishwashing roster for the kids/everybody at home excluding mummy and daddy. Email is ruby4eva2002@yahoo.com

  4. Except for mum and dad, there should be a roster for the children. You wash when it's your turn. No wayo

  5. Who should wash plates after eating? It's supposed to be the last born but if the last born is not yet of age, the second to the last or third to the last can wash them.

    There's a lot of responsibilities for the first born already (I am one) so you don't want to give them additional responsibilities.


  6. I think the first born should do the washing, as a sign of respect to parents and an example to the younger ones..when the 1st born is indisposed,anybody can do it.. Linanuelagbai@gmail.com

  7. Lol Sisi yemmie,quite frankly each individual should wash their plates after use. However within the 'Nigerian' context,I believe each child should wash their plates and that of their parents since they may not be contributing financially to the up keep of the household,so washing mummy or daddy's plate shouldnt be a bigy.

  8. I think it shd be wash as u go but d parent's shd be washed by d youngest or Whoeva clears d table... wash as u go really does help reduce rodents.olarindeamosun@yahoo.com

  9. Your question made me lol cause plate washing was always a big palava between me and my immediate elder sis, so cos of my remembered childhood beefing I would say let the older siblings do the washing and let the baby of the house be at peace,lol. Alas as a young married lady,i do the washing but hubby helps out once in a while. biimotola@gmail.com

  10. Lol...all the children should be OYO and also wash their parents dishes.stillrarebreed@gmail.com

  11. In my house , everybody washes their own plate oh and then whoever my dad calls to take away his plate will wash it. My mum washes her plate herself most times and sometimes she even helps us wash ours too


  12. I think everyone should take turns.

  13. I think whoever takes the plates should wash it. If you took yours, wash. If you brought daddy's, wash. If daddy took his plate to the sink, he should just wash it abeg. No issues there.

  14. Mum usually wash the dishes esp if the kids are not old enof and some mothers may feel the kids dnt wash dem as clean as they ought to...if there is a child who is a teen...den it shld be him/her {ridewithomo@yahoo.com}

  15. Anybody as the spirit leads. Bolatito.fashina@gmail.com

  16. Everyone washes their plate, then our second to the last born is a girl so she washes my parents plate because our last born is a boy and doesn't know how to wash, else I think the Last borns should do dishes

  17. Growing up I was the dish washer of the house, as the last born concern.
    Married now, still the chief cook, house maid, laundry woman,....,....,.... and of course dish washer of the house, wetin girl go do....lol

  18. Whoever takes the plates to the sink should wash them. If you take Daddy's plate to the sink wash them. If Daddy takes them to the sink himself, then whoever is on kitchen duty should them. If you cook, wash the items used as you go. That way, you have less of a pile at the end of cooking. When you eat, wash up after yourself (though I used to psyche my younger ones to wash my plates before)!

    I'm newly married. Le hubs will always take his plate to the kitchen himself, except when we eat together in which case I'll clear the plates. Whenever le hubs takes the plates to the kitchen, he'll drop them by the sink for me. Funny thing, when I'm out of the house and he eats, he will wash the plates himself but if I'm home, then "my wife" is official dishwasher, lol! I guess I should be going out more often!
    I actually enjoy washing plates sha. Provided there is enough water and dishwashing liquid, I can wash all the plates used by the 5000!


  19. it should be rotated because if everybody washes their own plates who will wash the pots and pans.in my parents house its rotated o!

  20. The last born should wash the plates ofcourse.
    Ah ahn. Lol


  21. Am I late to the party? Growing up, the eldest was made to do the dishes as my younger sisters were pretty young. As they grew older, we started taking turns then when the last baby grew to a reasonable secondary school age, she took over...with murmurings of course.

    I think everyone should wash by himself after eating, on special occasions though when you entertained, workload can be shared.



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